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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ok, so, perhaps a bit cheesy to post, but

i just can't help it! maybe it's that i'll be on a plane in 12 hours for some fun in france. or maybe because my body is aching from boot camp. both got me thinking about the good and bad of getting older. the good being able to jump on a plane with little notice and the bad being that it took 40 yrs for me to finally master a true push-up sans knees.

i came across this picture today, while reading the new york times. ok, so it was but really, it was purely research on what the kids are doing these days. one of my favorite pictures of me (rarely do i like pics of myself) is when i was 17 and packing for my first trip to europe. johnny was on the cover of rolling stone magazine, shirt seriously unbuttoned (usually not a fan of this) and what i am sure was the biggest fan known to man to get that perfectly tousled i don't care about my hair look. in the photo, i am holding the cover up to my face with the most ridiculous look on my face. truth be told, the pimple on my forehead was even more ridiculous, but that isn't important here.

i loved johnny when i was 15. i loved him when i was 25 and i'm 40 and damn it i still love him. why? my best guess is that somehow, all the things i usually don't like on men: jewelry, greasy hair, that soul patch (lord how i loathe those!) are easily overlooked with that grin and the scruffiest boots i've ever seen.

i love scruffy scuffed up boots. i like them with dressy clothes. i like them with scruffy clothes. i think it's all those sayings: roads traveled, walk in my shoes, paths chosen...etc. so, to me, beat up boots mean moving and not being stagnant. love them! fyi, i don't feel the same about scuffed up shoes.

so, in getting older i think if we're lucky our favorite boots & great crushes will always remain.

cheesy i know.....but true.

off to pack.

Monday, January 18, 2010

off to france

off to france to soak in the rain (no i don't get enough of it living in portland - i love rain!), grey skies, steak frites, lots of wine, even more pictures and a french dog treat for billy.

meanwhile, if you're in portland, check out the store thursday, jan 21 from 4-8 to see my favorite spring cashmere pieces: lydia, astrid tank, donatella.......and.....

if you've got an itch to buy something, swing by the store before jan 31. i am donating 20% of ALL sales to aid relief in haiti.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


we have all seen the images so there is no need to add any here. i've just heard on the news that possibly 100,000+ people may have died in the earthquake yesterday. 800 doctors are missing from doctors beyond borders. a 13 yr old girl, after 18 hours trapped was pulled out alive and put on a cart, to find she is sitting next to the body of her aunt who died. devastating.

in honor of those who have died, are lost or wounded souchi will be donating 20% of it's sales from january 13-31 to aid the relief efforts.

i welcome any suggestions to you from your favorite organization.

please send good thoughts for haiti.


Sunday, January 3, 2010



what a year with lots of pictures, travel, memories, food, wine and souchi! this year was a whirlwind that seemed more like a month than twelve.

travel went a bit like this: new york, miami, new york, los angeles, chicago, miami, frankfurt, tunisia, healdsburg, new york, petaluma, palm springs, san francisco and now to the midwest to visit family. thank the lord i love to travel though lately, the airlines are not making it as fun. but, it's a new year so no complaining about them until february when the traveling starts up again.

thank you all for making my job/business/life fun, exciting, challenging, overwhelming, beautiful and some stress thrown in for drama. i love the amazing people in my life, my family, my business my sweet billy brown, the fantastic stores that carry my line and the talented designers whose creations i get to buy for the store....and steal for myself!

best wishes for 2010 and all that it will offer.


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