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Monday, November 29, 2010

pics from oh baby, zeldas & souchi party.....more gift ideas???

it was friday night, november 19 at oh baby on nw 23rd. 
i love lingerie. i love the colors. i love the fabrics. i love how it looks with cashmere. i like how lingerie can easily change your mood...and create a mood.
what's a better idea or more luxurious than to merge souchi knits & the trinkets at oh baby?
well, throw in some shoes from zeldas and we're set.


ok, well it is always fun to combine shopping, cashmere & lingerie with bubbles and sweets! 

souchi's madame butterfly and tiffany rib leggings paired perfectly with bubbles.

souchi's wild berry l/s monica wrap dress, tied a bit looser to show off a silk slip dress & goregous purple
bra by huit (available at oh baby)

fabulous gift idea? truffle getty turban AND a lilac bra from la perla! yep, i had to take this one home myself. i love all shades of brown and how great all shades of lilacs look with it. so pretty.

please note link is from neimans, but you should support oh baby...i just wanted you to see the set.
pretty right? retro briefs or skimpy bottoms?

and black silk with ivory lace details....can be worn with any and everything

and then pretty.....antique ivory lace camisole which i'm thinking with beat up jeans (your call old levis or your favorite skinny or straight legs), cp cardi and this truffle/chanterelle wrap! if it's extra cold throw on the tara perfect cardi in chanterelle.

yes, souchi + oh baby + zelda's  is pretty & perfect.

check us out on nw 23rd

happy holidays


Saturday, November 27, 2010

more gift ideas......part 2........

it's almost december and that means more gift ideas from
let us know what you think of our choices.
these are my ideas of things i know i'd live in (or already do!) and think you will too. we are all more aware with our purchases. if you're living in it it is worth the investment.

souchi's lara rib catsuit in cashmere!
yes you and your love will appreciate this gift.

souchi's lydia cashmere dress, tiffany rib leggings and getty turban
comfy, cozy, sexy, fun & so cool.

patch nyc candles! the illustration is by don carney and the calligraphy is by john ross
the genius' behind patch nyc. 
the candle makers are soap and paper factory.
wonderful for you or your man.

souchi's cashmere monica wrap dress that is perfect for the office or a night out...or dinner in.

mike gonzalez zoe wool zip moto jacket with removable scarf.
beautiful color and fit....a waist cincher!

mike gonzalez military fleece coat dress in a pine green. love love love this military look.
it is super fitted so we suggest sizing up.

so what do you think?

happy holidays


Monday, November 22, 2010

Souchi Says Thanksgiving Clothing Drive

Hi friends, we wanted to remind you that this month we are collecting new and gently used clothing for women, men, and children at the souchi store.

At the end of the month, we'll donate all clothing to Grace House, a non-profit run by suzi's mom in St. Joseph, Missouri. Souchi will also donate 10% of November’s earnings to the charity that allows families down on their luck to “shop” for clothing.

We will accept donations of clean, gently used winter clothing -- no stains or holes, please. The goal is to provide comfortable, usable clothing to the less fortunate.

Fall is a great time to clean out closets and give items you don’t want to someone in desperate need. So get started! We can't wait to see you at the souchi store with your bags of new (and old) loot!

p.s. another great way to stay in touch is to join us on our facebook page or find us on twitter @suzisouchi. There's lots of fun stuff happening, so stick around!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

SOUCHI + ZELDA'S + OH BABY = The Total Package

souchi + zelda's + oh baby = the total package!
Discover how souchi, zelda's shoes, and oh baby lingerie create the total package.
Friday, November 19th, from 5 to 8 PM at oh baby nw 23rd (722 nw 23rd, PDX)
join us for champagne cocktails, a fashion show, and a special drawing from each store.
Bring friends and see you soon! xo, souchi

Monday, November 15, 2010

this weeks holiday gift ideas from souchi..............

scary, but is it almost that time to start thinking about the holidays and that means
gift giving and gift receiving. 
i thought i'd do a series of gift ideas to help make your busy life a bit easier.
i love one stop shopping because it frees up my time around the holidays to spend with my friends and family and sweet mr brown. not to mention i absolutely LOVE to gift wrap. yes, a glass or two of wine, tons of vintage ribbons, hand painted paper.....ahhhhhh
so here are my pics:
bethany moores hand hammered copper bangles and cuffs & souchi's cashmere bottega 1 ply scarves
bangles/cuffs $42-$68
bottega 1 ply hand loomed cashmere scarf $188

souchi's hand loomed cashmere madame butterfly in chanterelle!!! 

souchi's hand loomed scarlet mini dress in shiitake

triian large pacific drift necklace $386 (one of a kind!!)
souchi cashmere classic wraps from $358

 triian complex nova necklace made w/ swarovski crystals $308
souchi assorted cashmere scarves from $202 

winifred grace sunburst necklace $298
souchi hand loomed cashmere mina e/s crew $386

page sargisson 10kt gold charm necklace w/ pink sapphire $234
the AMAZING thing is you can custom order your initial
and choose either a pink sapphire, blue sapphire or a diamond.

what do you think of the choices? what do you like to receive for gifts? and what are you hoping for this holiday season?


Sunday, November 14, 2010

HOLY SMOKES.....souchi welcomes studio deseo.....................

patricio $156

brunier $160

chouquer $170

pierre $180

poupre $180

sacre 2 $180

i am in love with studio deseo! the collection is beautiful. it is all hand made by aleishall maxon girard out of her studio in berkeley, california. the attention to detail (check out the mini pom pom signature), color and tiny, tiny sequin, bead, glass choices is amazing.

a friend introduced us and truthfully i just loved her right away. when we walked thru the garden to get to her studio, past the ghee (yes, she makes it herself, and no, i had no idea what ghee was) to the tables of incredible trinkets i was hooked and had to steal some pieces from an order she was working on for a cool store (i also love this store) in brooklyn.

so check it out and call the store if you have any questions.


*oh and stay tuned for a spring collaboration of souchi yarns and studio deseo!

Friday, November 12, 2010

souchi now has............winifred grace!!

i am in love with this line! brass, african trading beads & multi colored waxed linen thread. so pretty. so simple. so easy. so cute.
we think you'll love it too.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


yes, it's COLD (37 when i went to exercise this morning) which made me think that we NEED to do a coat sale at the store. here are some of the styles we have that i believe you'll be happy to trudge thru winter in.


for one week only starting today, november 11-18 we will be giving you 20% off our in stock coats.

we want you to stay warm and cozy.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

rainy days and tuesdays.......lounging at home.........

LEFT: truffle getty turban, new putty stella cardi, cocoa lydia dress  
RIGHT: salmon julia and banana tiny cami dress

photographer, marie saturn, decided to grab some luxurious cashmere pieces that put you in a mood for lounging at home with friends. i loved the idea because, though i know souchi is a luxury item and often referred to as 'investment pieces' i design the line with the intention of you living your lives in these pieces. they are built to last so no need to think of them as precious. yes, they are luxurious, hand loomed and many times less than 20 being made. still, enjoy, wear, live, play & lounge.  xo suzisouchi

thank you marie!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what fall means for souchi..........................

souchi LOVES fall!!!!!! i am annoying to most portlanders when the first rain of the season comes. why? because i have a big grin on my face. the smell of rain, wet streets, crisp air and the necessity of something cozy, soft and fantastic. i want camels, rust, olive, cords, suede, cashmere, texture, hats and if i can combine all these and become a walking landscape then watch out!!

here is my interpretation of turning the above into some fall must haves:
gorgeous caramel boots from chloe.....forever classic
incredible knit dress i saw in florence................................WOW!!
my trusty squash slub souchi cashmere and new fave rag & bone hat
souchi's trina cardi cape and mina crew in pate
souchi leg warmers & my new rag & bone desert boots (so cute BUT way heavy!!)
ahhhhh yes i know i always mention the lydia dress, but i LOVE it! and it's so casual with my desert boots.

what are you excited to wear for fall?