the souchi story

Sunday, April 17, 2011

new souchi store coming soon...........................................................

after months of thinking about where to open my next store i was still indecisive. so many great cities & so many places i would love to live part time, yet still not sure where. then, this last week i spent 4 days in aspen and fell in love with the mountain. cold weather, blue skies, sunshine & fresh air (i am leaving out the 36 hrs of altitude sickness) and decided i wanted to open souchi's second store in the aspen area.
so, i spent a few days looking at all the spaces available (not much) and nothing was quite right. then, a fantastic opportunity landed in my hands, i took a drive, checked out this opportunity, smiled, said yes & signed a lease. 18 minutes down valley from aspen is a small mountain town called basalt. it is known for trout fishing, is 10 minutes to snow mass & less than 20 to aspen. it is tiny and charming and the perfect place to bundle up in cashmere, grab your trail bike, tennis shoes or ....... and just clear your head.
if you're in or around aspen, come check us out. we will be opening about may 20.
thank you for all of your continued support!