the souchi story

Friday, August 19, 2011

basalt sunday, august network party......

i was invited to a party at the new viceroy hotel in old snowmass. the view is fantastic and above the pool are the chair lifts leading you to the mountain. the party was for, 'the next food network star finalist susie jimenez'. she is a celebrity chef in aspen & is hysterical & so much fun. she was the one of the final 2 contestants so she threw a party, invited tons of people, cool cover band & while eating & drinking we watched the final episode to see if she becomes 'the next food network star'.

sadly, she didn't win but, hell, she came in second and is so camera friendly that i'm sure a show is around the corner. congratulations to susie for being so cool that she threw a party for coming in second! love that.

meanwhile, the invites said cocktail attire & here is what i spied. now, meanwhile, i was thinking about not going because i found out that morning that my 'insect bites' were not bites, but in fact some version of a poison plant allergic reaction so my legs were beyond hideous. so i opted for the new sea wool (oh lord, but it is cold in the mtns) overalls, thea grant charm necklace & a souchi sheer organic tee & fendi heels with a souchi beret. j'taime paris!

however, with the looks of the evening (ok, these aren't my favorite) but more discussing that wow, the question isn't how low can you go, but more how high can you go and how tight???? ladies, this is not meant to be mean, but more informative. imagination is the art of sexy & sultry & tight does not make you look skinnier.

mostly my disappoint in this younger crowd were the shoes. granted, admittedly i am a HUGE shoe snob, but i could not always splurge on expensive shoes & STILL i can't have all the shoes i want so i have to choose carefully. ladies, young & old, invest in a great heel, boot & flat sandal. that's it. these 3 will get you through.


basalt........early august with the tulio girls.........brick pony

about 10 days ago, the souchi basalt girls (ok, melisa & i) decided we needed to have drinks at the new pub in town, 'the brick pony' with the basalt salon tulio, cashmere, cocktails (tons of vodka concoctions!) sweet potato fries, pizza, calamari & sunglasses were needed. and not to mention talk of boys, boobs, waxing & scissors!!

these girls are hysterical. meet some of my new girls:
linda (in souchi 'kehle' stripe cashmere), melissa (in the shiniest hair ever), molly (aka 'legs'...ok that's my nickname, but still, they are amazing!), kelly (the best smile and laugh!) and lil melisa (our new souchi girl in colorado!)


and well sweet jack because if he's not with me i'm thinking about that lil boy!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

late july........dinner in portland at bent brick (yum!!!)

OUT WITH THE GIRLS after the souchi party. we decided to go to the bent brick which was delicious. bent brick is at 17th & nw marshall is the second restaurant for scott dolich who is also owner and chef of park kitchen. his food is incredible & the atmosphere is fun & did i say the food was delicious?? yes, it is!

here are some of our favorites & they also do wine on tap....try the bent blend rose

quinoa & kale fritters with carrot cream (yum!)

pork, carrots, root beer glaze, almond yogurt (yum!)

crab, louie sauce, cucumber, gooseberry, sorrel

and the girls who joined:
tracey, mary & christine

LATE at souchi in portland...........

it was such a good time to see old friends, our fave customers & the souchi girls. the party was so much fun and really the insane sale was just ridiculous but i wanted to thank our loyal customers. plus, seeing the new souchi, sonia rykiel & genetic was so fun.

thank you to margi for the yummy food that we had with sparkling rose & bad margi for introducing me to chocolate covered potato chips (bad bad bad!). 

and, oh, jack, do i sense a future problem? he is now being dubbed by the souchi girls 'jack daniels'.


late july.........souchi spring 2012 photo shoot.....behind the scenes

we were so excited to work with the talented kimberly brandt, chelsea parker guidry & rachel konty and the beautiful natalie morris for our spring 2012 look book. here are some behind the scene photos that were shot in oregon by the falls. so pretty. and look at cute jack checking things out.


LATE AUGUST......basalt to pdx with jack

truly, my sweet jack must be the best car dog ever! at the end of july i had to go back to portland for our store party & to shoot the spring 2012 collection. i decided to drive so i could bring my baby jack. it's an 18 hour drive through colorado, idaho & utah. we had the best time and got very lucky with the weather. 

the amazing thing about jack is he sleeps for the first 4 1/2 hrs and then does a slight whimper and mini bark so we pull off the freeway for him to go to the bathroom, have dinner & then boom he's back to napping, looking out the window for another 5 1/2 hours with a few minutes every hour of intermittent playing with his toys.

he is the best co-pilot. check out his posture while looking out the window. or is it cuter his snuggling with his 'stuffie' (a stuffed puppy).