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Monday, October 31, 2011

suzi on portland vs. basalt, what to wear, and more

The last time we did an interview with Suzi it was March and she was headed to Paris. A lot has changed since then: A move, a new souchi store, a new sidekick named Jack. Isn't it time we caught up?

We already know about her favorite pieces in the 2011 fall collection. Still, we want more -- we always want more.

souchi now has two stores: the flagship souchi in Portland and souchi basalt. How are they different -- and what's this rumor about a third location?
the rumor is true! souchi aspen opens nov 5!!
all souchi stores will have similar collections and brands that cater to the city the stores are in: pdx has a more urban casual vibe, souchi basalt has is casual and outdoorsy. aspen will be loaded with luxury: cashmere, one of a kinds, gold, diamonds & hard to find specialty lines. aspen will also have a rack of one of a kind knits that are labeled and marked so that you know they are limited edition.

I imagine Portland and Basalt are pretty different (rain vs. snow, city vs. mountain lifestyle). What are your current favorite travel pieces -- the ones that work anytime, anywhere? 
i have so many great travel pieces. right now I love the lil madame butterfly & a pair of skinny genetics & johnny farah belt & bag (not matching!!)

Kim embraces several of suzi's go-to travel pieces, including the lil madame butterfly

How has Colorado inspired your design aesthetic?
personally, i am more active than i've ever been, so it's fun to push the fit & snug look of souchi. i am outdoors all the time & running between both stores, going to yoga, and playing with jack. once winter hits i'll be skiing! it's challenging and so much fun to get dressed every day.

i now live in the most beautiful place. i am constantly surrounded by luxury: amazing  homes, art, and natural beauty. i am enjoying designing things that cater to people who enjoy the very best.

I'm cleaning out my closet and getting ready to purchase some new things. What the must-haves for the autumn season?
a textured fitted crew neck sweater (see the daria crew from souchi), a long skirt or dress (see bruce ruffle dress), cool coat (see sonia by sonia rykiel), a striking piece of jewelry (see thea grant howard necklace or the embers lane necklace AND something cozy that you will live in by wearing casual or sexy (see all things souchi)
AND an amazing pair of shoes that need to be textured or color....NOTHING BORING HERE.
Bruce long wrap dress in the perfect gunmetal grey.

Thea Grant Howard Avenue Necklace
Nothing boring, indeed! Have questions you want to ask suzi? Let us know; we're sharpening our pencils and posting another Q+A next month.

Friday, October 28, 2011

early october...........dinner & impromptu dance party on reudi...........

delicious food, new friends, great music and a medley of cocktails, wines & bubbles.....impossible not to be a good time. our host, david, decided to throw a dinner party for 'the general' who was visiting from cambodia and show him some mountain fun. so, the crew was invited and asked to bring nothing but smiles and a good time.

so, the girls dressed to impress: souchi, missoni, thea grants, sassy shoes & red lips. we were cute :) i, felt like it was 1988 and decided to chanel a lycra dress (the malina at, philip lim leopard booties & thea grant bow tie necklace & black smokey eye! yep, 1988 with WAY better hair!! the boys brought skills at bartending (margarita's, tequilla shots, martini's....ugh, it hurts to just type all of that!) and the host made an incredible cajun feast! yep, shrimp & crab were flown in from new orleans and the sauces he took 2 days preparing: remoulade was devine! it was indulgent and delicious and ending with pear tarts! yum yum yum

the drinks were pouring, sound system on and the dancing began!! yes, a good time impossible not to smile, laugh, crack up and indulge. 

thank you to our host!


la part, flower mart & inspiration....................

quick post with faves from LA market week & the flower mart pics.....always make me happy.

faves from LA market.....soon to see at souchi portland or souchi basalt or souchi aspen


la in mid october part 2.............................

more time in LA meant: a souchi trunk show at a private home, an afternoon with my friend whitney & a short trip with becky to the flower mart where i am on overload with all the colors and shapes. 

for the trunk show:  i met julie & jamie in basalt, colorado over the summer. my friend, karl, invited (well forced) them to come check out my store. they obliged with both husbands and 5 kids under the age of 6! so much fun and shows what good friends they are. i was a bit nervous as jack was still a puppy and not quite sure how he'd handle all the kids. the kids & jack were perfect and at the end of a 2 hour shopping session he was asleep in a dressing room with the 2 youngest kids. LOVE. 

lucky for me, both jamie & julie liked souchi & decided i should come to LA & do a show at their home for their friends. it sounded like fun & why not? it was so much fun that we decided we had to do it again.

thank you ladies for a great day & helping to spread the word of souchi.

souchi cashmere + johnny farah + christina lehr makes for a happy lady

souchi head scarves, berets & beanies & thea grant baubles, serafina feathers & super cool studio deseo necklaces!

lunch with whitney was fantastic! though, surprising from our old days in venice beach, there was no pinot grigio as future mama whit surprised me being 8 1/2 months pregnant!! i went to there new home and fell in love with the style and the pretty plants outdoors. i love the simplicity in the landscaping and the super cool stuff inside. i should have taken pictures of her custom wood doors from mexico, loved them. i loved the lil picket fence protecting the pups and MORE than anything fell in love with the wallpaper in their bathroom. yep, i stole it and am putting it in the souchi aspen dressing rooms. love.

thank you everyone for a great time in LA...yeah, i said it! i usually don't like la.


in LA for mid october...................................

la in mid october for me meant: private trunk show at a home in, market week (new lines for aspen!), meeting with the press office and lots of food, wine, bubbly & catching up. i was surprised to find out how many people were surprised by my decision to up and move to the mountains. then, sweet becky says, 'what that's totally suzi'. so perhaps i do get up and go but that's fun isn't it? granted, i knew not a soul in colorado except for sweet jack who i had for 3 days. what an adventure it's become.

sweet becky who has the best facial expressions ever

sweet milly who has the best 'serious tone' when asking questions. it always cracks me up!

delicious pasta with veggies & scallops

sweet consuela tracy

vegan cupcakes that were so so so good

what meal is complete without a few bottles of wine?

my pretty and oh so quiet guest room. love the colors.

thank you girls for such a great time! 


late september on independence pass........................beautiful

quick post just to show you the beauty of this pass! all of the aspen trees, the leaves, the lake, the marshes, truly gorgeous. i have now taken this road twice to denver and once with my dear friend marywynn just to show her how beautiful it was. breathtaking. tons of photographers line parts of the pass. really just beautiful.