the souchi story

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

.........rock formations......basalt mountain on november 29.......

ok, i used to see these types of things at 2 homes in portland, or. they were about 2 blocks from my home. i used to check them out in peoples front yards while i was walking billy. then, suddenly, i'm hiking in basalt mountain yesterday and suddenly in the midst of tons of rocks there was a stretch of maybe 30 feet where all of these were spread out.

i love that you almost don't notice them. yet, somehow they stand out and you suddenly notice them.

who knows about these? i have no idea the purpose....maybe just a little more beauty in the world?


Saturday, November 19, 2011

another reason to love marilyn...................

so so so very true! isn't it funny how shoes can change your mood, your day, your direction. one day i will start designing shoes! i can't wait. 

thanks for the memories...................ann demeulemeester

so, these boots and i have gone way back....2001 to be exact. we fell in love at the barney's in los angeles. i had just left san francisco for la and decided i needed a new pair of shoes. it was love at first sight. however, i debated for days if i should return them and get the black or brown pair. but, no, the shammy color won out over and over. i bust them out ever year or so and still love them just as much as the day i got them. 

yesterday i wore them in basalt & i got over 17 compliments from both strangers and friends. here's the thing about these magic boots. no matter what city, what outfit, what gender, what ethnicity these boots are the most complimented shoes i've ever owned. 

after almost 11 years i can say they are one of my favorites. they make me just as happy as the first time i tried them on. what do you think? thumbs up or thumbs down?


Friday, November 18, 2011

souchi today from melissa joy manning!!!

i am in love with the new pieces from melissa joy manning. absolutely beautiful & so so so good with souchi knits. here are pics of what we just got in.......let us know if you need more info. 


oxidized sterling silver & 14k yellow gold necklace with white topaz, champagne quartz & baroque pearl!

14k gold bezel set colorado (!!) prehnite druzy on sterling silver shank size 6.5

shiney and black sterling silver with pyrite cube ring size 7

limited edition!! mixed 14k gold and oxidized sterling silver titanium nodule ring size 6.5

14k gold chain five drop earrings with apatite, aquamarine and gem calcia

14k gold triple drop mini earring with citrine, spesolite garnet and imperial topaz 

14k gold 18" necklace with aquamarine, gaspeite, peruvian opal, prehenite and green chalcedony drops

14k pink gold medium triangle hoops

14k gold triangle hoop

14k green gold hexagonal hoop

14k yellow gold square hoop 

14k pink gold hexagon hoop

ONE OF A KIND sterling silver & 14k gold setting for uraguayan stalagtite jasper earrings!!!
insanely beautiful.
makes me want to pierce my ears all over again.

and this amazing ONE OF A KIND  corsage necklace
14k gold & sterling silver with 2 prongs set of AMETHYST flowers.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

basalt souchi party..............

spiked cocoa (hmmmm bailey's) and spiced cider (also available spiked!!) last wednesday night in basalt. we hosted a 'snow day party' and had a great time with our regulars who wanted to indulge in cashmere & mother denim (check out these colors!!).

winter wonderland

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr doesn't it look cold!!

souchi melisa hiding on the left
sassy suzanne in the rust lookers from mother
sexy molly in the ghostcats from mother
sunshine melissa making her debut

clay mother jeans!!

mother's 'charlies angels'

sweet lisa & her super cool daughter anika sporting supermaggie!

yogi jayne hugging sweet frankie who found a new souchi...or two :)

to my apt!!

lil jack in heaven!!

thank you all for coming

aspen, colorado.............SOUCHI IS OPEN!!!!!!

here are some pics of the new souchi store in aspen, colorado........sans some furniture & half our lights & no phone :) but, we're open!! what do you think? xoxoxoox

thanks mom for the pretty blue vase
thanks salon tulio for beautiful flowers
thanks david for the super cool & comfy chairs
thanks whitney for having this insane wallpaper in your home on my last visit to LA

love my new rug
love a case full of johnny farah!

thanks for the super cool bookcase
see how cool my rug is?

love my vintage glass heads & a shelf full of supermaggie!
cool nicole sweatshirt dress (ahhh flashdance) in allspice
with johnny farah belt & thea grant necklace

$5000 worth of cashmere curtains = luxe!!
sexy 20's nude wallpaper...swinging on chandeliers and flashing!

in the midst of my several heart attacks


jacks lil home & my super cool vintage drafting table from france.


Friday, November 4, 2011

basalt..........the things i miss most...........

as i said in my previous post i am super excited with my decision to move to colorado. i have never been happier. however, i miss my girls, my dining room, boot camp & the souchi girls. 

here are some of my fave memories of my peeps & places & dreams of them all visiting really soon.

happy november!
happy november to my nephew daulton.....jesus he's 17!!


chris, me & claude

me & my sweet baby

mom & brady

tracey, mary & christine


foxy marywynn & anika

mina june


anne z

pistol pete


saucy couple josh & melany

vacation geri, vacation mina & vacation me

don, giovanna & happy  me (no i was not fat nor pregnant....yet i still loved this shirt!!)

my sis jude & lil nico

most stylish family:
glenn, sadie, stella & corey

mama thea grant & baby grey

cooper & a really bad mood...clearly

craig (of course with sporting equipment) & suzi with those damn cowlicks!!

my dining room & living room......ahhh miss those colors