the souchi story

Sunday, April 26, 2009

souchi goes gourmet.....

check out the post on our new line of 100% cashmere hand loomed table top items. yes, what every table needs. i am knitting them and cori hand crotchets the edges and the cute symbols. these are festive, fun & so pretty. not to mention machine washable. hope you like....because there will be many more for fall. just in time for your holiday meals. and, as usual we can make in custom colors.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

.....proof that spring is on the way..........

spring has finally arrived in portland. yes, it's nice to have the sun shining (must remember sunscreen!), warm weather and tons of fruit. i've lived in my house for almost 6 years and every april i am shocked that the tulips continue to survive my neglect and billy's abuse. he finds them comfortable to lay on and likes to run over them, around them and thru them in a quest to run along the fence when neighbors or strangers walk by. the woman who lived in the house before me was an avid gardner. she must have a thumb as green as the incredible hulk. rumors of weekdays 5-10am and all day on the weekends. now, most people would have consider the yard and all of this when thinking about purchasing the house. but, no, i thought, how great it already has a great yard. there was no thought as to how i would handle it and took a season to realize that was the wrong question. who, was the question. instead, i pulled many things out and stripped the yard down to a more manageable size. the tulips stayed. so for these sweet colorful and happy tulips to arrive each spring is a reminder that miracles do exist. i can't help but have a smile on face today. even after i spent 5 hours pulling weeds....or better....what i think are weeds! 

happy spring to you and yours

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

do i want to work with wal-mart, target or kohls

eco-fashion writer, amy dufault, asked 9 designers (yes, one is me) if it was enticing to collaborate with these stores. check out today for the answers. the link is:

happy tuesday

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

girl wins lottery and spends it all on shoes

yes, it's april fools......but it's so nice to imagine for a second that i can buy all of these shoes. of course, first i'd find a way to create peace in the world, feed the hungry, give shelter to the homeless, etc. but, if i did win the lottery and spent it all on shoes....that would be doing my part for helping the economy. 

there are so many versions of the gladiator: flats, heels, boots, every possible combination. don't get me wrong, i like gladiators....i'm just tired of seeing them everywhere. i want a shoe/sandal/boot that is different or classic boot in deer skin leather that will be beautiful after many years of rain, snow, sleet and scuffs. i don't want a 6" stiletto with tassels, embossed w/ logos or impossible to actually walk in. now, i can wear high heels and can often be seen walking (ok being walked) by billy on 23rd. perhaps, it's ridiculous but i like my heels. but i don't like the look of girls/women that look uncomfortable and tilting on heels far too high. 

i love shoes! who doesn't? i don't think they need to be practical nor work with clothes you already have. i only think shoes should be comfortable and make you happy. case in point, my impractical dolce and gabbana platforms......turquoise silk (why would i have bought the black or coffee?) with gold embroidery and sculpted platform! why are these perfect? well, i have had them 10 years and they still make me happy AND the instep is a cassis color silk velvet. maybe i would have worn the black more but they would never have been as fun to wear. that being sad, most of what i've chosen hear is black, caramel, sand & gunmetal but that is because for spring i always enjoy these shades to go with all the brights i will be wearing.

i've been asked, 'but what will you do with all of the shoes you have?' i have given this question a lot of thought over the years, especially when buying a new pair. i don't have children, but i do have nieces and many friends with daughters and i do tend to pass some along. but, there are those 'special shoes' that i will part with when i leave this earth. if i live to be very old and unable to wear my heels, well, i have been reading a lot and i do believe they will make beautiful book ends. perhaps, i'll be 85, reaching for kate chopin's, the awakening and decide that i should put on those turquoise platforms while i sit outside to read with billy sitting next to me (he will live that long!) and for a few moments my eyes will leave the page to look at my fabulous feet....sans bunions of course!

now, because i haven't won the lottery (mostly because i don't play the lottery) it's time to make some decisions....or considering the price of sandals i may get to only make one decision........what will it be?