the souchi story

Monday, December 28, 2009

what is happening tomorrow, december 29?

it's the coolest kids birthday! yes, harry will be turning 5 tomorrow.

happy birthday!

Friday, December 25, 2009

END OF YEAR.........

merry xmas and happy holidays and goodbye 2009!

as the year winds down thoughts of family, friends, travels, and resolutions one never keeps and where and what to want for next year are crossing my mind.

my friend andi, who co-owns the fabulous store arboretum in northern california sent me this photo which made me start reminiscing about souchi's 13 year ride and all it's incarnations of labels (this being the second one). i miss the original more than you know. but, thoughts of hand tearing the muslin, rolling into a 50's vintage typewriter and finding/pressing firmly 's-o-u-c-h-i' hundreds of times, then folding and ironing all edges and hand sewing each corner. YES, not so practical when i decided to expand. yet, we did this for years....each employee or intern had to do a hundred labels a week so we had them ready to go. i remember having to decide, well more like admitting it was time to change because we already handloom, hand finish, hand sew labels and all finishes....we couldn't expect to type too.

so, for those of you who have the originals, email/post the pics to because i would love to see these originals! bonus points to those who have the typed muslin label 'suzi johnson' or label from my first collection 'brown' which was just a chocolate rayon square.

thank you for the memories
happy holidays

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 21, clearly the studio needs a holiday!!

it's december 21 and the year, as always, flew by! we have not slowed down since tunisia.

billy has
expressed our
feelings.....we are exhausted! cori and i are laughing most of the day watching the souchi mascot, billy brown. these days, at the new studio, he can be found on the couch or his cashmere blanket (stolen from my couch!!) snoring, sighing or breathing deeply. when not sleeping he is showing off to: the sierra springs delivery man with his empty water bottle toy, wagging his tail so fast for the mailman who always brings him a treat...5 days a week (thank you) or holding his tennis ball in his mouth while 'grorting' (growling/snorting) at the cat who sits across the street staring at him.

we are taking a week off to enjoy the last week of the year and enjoy the rest that sweet billy has enjoyed this year. meanwhile, check out the website or the store.......i just dropped off 63 new pieces....YEAH!!

be happy, healthy, safe and joyful. happy holidays to you all.

suzi and the souchi girls and our mascot

Friday, December 4, 2009

the big and the smalls......

these are some of my most favorite pieces in my store!

trinkets, cozies, luxe and baubles!

thank you for these beauties:

thea grant, ports 1961
page sargisson and souchi.....ENJOY