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Monday, February 28, 2011

ok.............halle berry..............just a few thoughts.............

ok, so i posted on facebook that i was bored by her look at the oscars and WOW the comments are still pouring in. so let me start by saying:

halle berry has beautiful skin, an incredible body & access to amazing fashion. so the thing i'm most envious about is the access to fashion on hollywoods biggest night! yes, her dress was pretty, yes she looked nice....BUT......she always looks nice and her dresses are always (well mostly) pretty. BUT, enough already....with your skin & that body & poise....LIVE! give me something that makes me say wow. i keep hearing, she looked stunning and i just don't get it. yeah, i said it! stunning, is jaw dropping. stunning, is surprise. stunning, is incredible. stunning is NOT expected.

so, i say....mix it up halle. you are happy, healthy and entering a new phase in your life so try something different. experiment. play.'s fashion! and you are somewhere, many people would have enjoyed getting dressed up for and have their choice of dresses. here are a few things i saw that i thought would be amazing on her and unexpectedly STUNNING.

what do you think? am i right or wrong? thoughts?

ok, if you need to start about this? different color, a bit more edgy with hair and makeup

and with this i picture all her hair slicked back with a deep side part a la josephine baker. LOVE

 ok, yes, the length is short for the oscars but with all the incredible crystal shoes (did you see anne hathaways with the lanvin tux....this couture chanel would be awesome for the oscars with her flawless skin.....but i'm feeling big hair for her...big big hair

 ok, this alexander mcqueen dress is flawless, angelic with a hint of devil! this would be beautiful on her. simple clean hair with a cool hair accessory...maybe black diamonds and silk???

this bottega veneta would satisfy her need for strapless and pouf but an incredible splash of color, modern and oscars!

 ok, and since she was doing a lena horne memorial, how incredible would this jean paul gaultier couture piece have been? so 1940's joan crawford!! ok, i'd lose the head piece for something smaller so it's not as costumey and just go severe side part & go with that natural beauty, fierce body and oooze confidence....and bronze/copper on her skin!!

see why i want more from halle? i saw live, indulge, entice & have fun!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

cool new pieces at the store from cut 25!

i am loving the new pieces from cut 25. check out below and give us a call at the store 503-525-0043 if you're interested because we can't put on-line. XO

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Next Stop NYC!

Suzi's off to NYC but as usual, we popped in with some questions about her favorite New York haunts, and what's in her bag: 

Why you're taking this trip:
i will be showing/selling the souchi fall 2011 collection & then purchasing items from vendors we carry at the store & looking at 2 new ones.

We can't show you souchi fall 2011 yet, but here's an all-time souchi favorite: the trina cape cardi. so so cozy!

What you're packing:
    ports 1961 coat
    souchi madame butterfly sweater
    isabel marant boots
    new lace up men's booties
    souchi scarlet cowl  
    thea grant jewels
    rhinhard plank fedora
    souchi toppers: getty, bobble beret & tricia head scarf
    johnny farah bag
    christina lehr tanks
    genetic cords & slim bells
    bruce silk blouses
    then .............I'LL WEAR THE NEW SOUCHI FALL 2011 SAMPLES :)

What you're most excited about:
Running along the Hudson, shoe shopping, dinner with friends & to buy fall goods from ports 1961, bruce, sea, thea grant........can't wait!!

NYC winter "must-haves:" 
ports gloves, hat/head scarf, skin by marywynn moisture gel mask, smn hand cream, antipast socks, brow gel, vintage lanvin clutch (works with EVERYTHING)....
Layers of cashmere + a hat and scarf: perfect for chilly NYC

Who you're traveling with:  
i am going solo but so excited to meet up with all my east coast friends: bruce girls, patch boys, corey lynn calter, nancy from loro, thea & nico & then all the designers i get to hang out with. it's fun. i feel fortunate that i have become friends with so many fun, talented & hysterical friends.
Thea and Nico!

Who you've spotted on the streets:
Hmmm, Iggy Pop 1998 outside the mercer tied with in the elevator with Martha Stewart......oh and Mary Tyler Moore at barneys sporting coral biker shorts was pretty fantastic! can you imagine if the four of us were in the same elevator!

Iggy Iggy Iggy Pop!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

pitti imagine inspiration.............

as i mentioned, i was in florence a couple of weeks ago for the yarn show. it's a magical show that is exploding with inspiration. i am always wandering, walking & scouring around each corner and up each aisle. you never know what you will find. here are a few of my favorite pitti inspirations. hope you like them.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

suzisouchi: the florence interview

Biggest inspiration this trip:

Describe your favorite day in Florence:
    The last day. I wandered for 4 hours & got lost along the Arno....freezing, red faced & sniffling I decided to head back to my luxurious room. I ordered tea, headed out to the terrace with a big blanket and read the last of my book & then got started on the 4 Italian magazines i bought at the show. Oh, and some Florentine pastries to go with the tea. ending with dinner around the corner from the hotel...pappardelle with a braised rabbit sauce, two glasses of wine & some gelato. it was perfect.

What did you read/watch/listen to on your long flight? Do you pack physical books or a kindle type reader?
    I watched the social network....finally.
    I watched 'The Town.'   
    I read a Norweigan crime thriller........I won't give the author's name, I was not impressed! This trip I packed two books because I have about two dozen to get thru (bought before i purchased my kindle). It was time to read them, but I missed my kindle!

The one thing in your bag you couldn't live without:
  My souchi beret! Seriously I wore it almost everyday (it was cold!) and the night I didn't wear it (I wore my Rhinhard plank fedora) I leant it to my friend nancy.

What you could have left at home?
    The 2 crime novels! ok, that's mean. I guess I could have left the isabel marant animal print dress I brought. It was far too cold to wear silk....even layered silk.

More color inspiration from Florence. How will it make its way into future souchi creations?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

firenze, ti amo!!!!!!

florence is a magical city! i love this time of year when it is crisp, cold and a bit grey. it seems to me to bring out the age of the city. i enjoy the wandering thru streets, shops, cafes to see where i end up. i seem to  always find something new. isn't that why traveling is so fantastic. delicious food, incredible wines, cool shoes (why can't i buy the 7 pairs i needed to have?), great gloves & yummy scents from santa maria novella. i especially love the almond soap.

so here are some images from last week......enjoy....


view from ponte vecchio

something about the moss on this cement wall....looks like a painting

the arno....can you feel the COLD???

ponte vecchio (i love the wooden window closures & doors)

yum yum yum

florentine paper and piles of tissue paper

happy accident....modern equipment, ancient architecture and nature all swarming above

ceiling art

a deck attached to a store on the arno. if i only had this attached to the back of the souchi store!
how about the color of paint trim matching the river?

tortellini stuffed with gorgonzola..............yum!

love the uniforms!!


the muscles!!! incredible up close to see all of the details and there are many at the accademia.

the beginning of so many wonderful creations!

ciao firenze
ti amo

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ahhhhhhhhh, the life in firenze.................................

ok, with this room it was nothing short of a miracle that i actually left my hotel room! yes, my room was incredible: the view, the deck, the balcony....happiness. so when in florence, check out the hotel santa maria novella. and if you must have the room i was in, then ask for 621. the hotel staff are friendly, helpful & funny.

so here are some shots of where i rested, relaxed, and soaked in all thing florentine: biscotti vin santo, hand made ravioli w/ sweet lemon, trying on my new purchases from luisa via roma, santa maria novella and all the paper products & gifts. again, happiness.

also, when in florence, check out:

boutique nadine along the arno river but before the ponte vecchio
guya boutique (there are 2 on the same street via par santa maria..)
parione (via parione) delicious restaurant!!
elio ferraro (via parione) fantastic vintage store down the street from parione restaurant
santa maria novella (you must check out the almond soap, hand creme & body milk)

and 621:


happy february to the one i love............bottega veneta........swoon

so i just got back from florence, italy for the pitti filati show. florence is a magical city where the cobblestone streets wind and curve leading you to treasures. this time, they lead me to the leopold station for a vintage fair. truth be told, i am not a vintage shopper. it's true! i love vintage shoes, bags, coats & dresses but i loathe to shop for them. i know, i am being kicked out of the 'designers club' as i type this. but, it's so rare that they are organized, have comfy sofa, offer your sparkling water & come in the original boxes. yes, there are the incredible ones: lily et cie, didier ludot, decades, resurrection, to name a few and i have been know to buy some things there. but, i guess i maybe don't enjoy the hunt as most times they don't quite fit me.

so, i threw caution to the wind, and decided to hit up leopold and i am oh so happy that i did! the show was incredible. if i had a pot of gold that day, i can assure you that all the gold would be gone....including the pot! 

i entered the oz of vintage accessories! i am sure there were amazing clothing too but i was focused on the accessories. let me just say the decisions were tough: mint chanel tweed 2.55 bag, hermes in hunter green that i swear seemed to be 2'x3', a gucci canvas w/ leather 'cage', tons of just goes on. many of these items had their original boxes, dust bags AND many were displayed in glass cases. oh, and don't get me started on the jewels: bulgari, cartier, chanel (gripoix!), oh my!

so, i digress, i enter a 'shop' and right away, resting on the bottom shelf in said glass case, lying under a more recent collection lived my bottega veneta. yes, i said 'my' because i knew right away this was mine. strange you say? well, i have had for many many years an obsession with bottega veneta. it borders on stalking since tomas maier took over as designer of the house.  the house who's tag line, 'when your initials are enough' has owned my heart. very similar to seventh grade where you loved that 'boy' and went to his games, ate lunch near 'his table', etc...but NEVER talked to him. yes, i have never committed to my bottega bag. i love them. i have gone but can never decide or commit to 'the one' so i leave with something else: sunglasses, shoes, etc. indecision and price hinders me because if i can't decide which one, i also know, i can't buy all the cycle continues.

however, this bage, that has none of the basket weave that i'm love & appreciate nor is it leather! but, what it does have is a style, we're assuming is 1971 and it is silk, canvas & snake with a cotton strap. it reminds me of recent combinations that mr. maier has done. i wonder, did 'my' bag inspire these recent collections? in my mind, yes, yes, YES!.

so here is what i covet now: some from spring 11, a desk from the furniture collection, luggage (oh man!), mens boots, that i hope they make for women & i've attached the link to a video from their site of the artisan craftsman working. watch this and you'll understand the cost of their items. side note: i'm thinking we need something like this for souchi so you can see what we do to make 'your' souchi sweater. yes? no?) i love easy luxury, the beauty, the craftsmanship & the simplicity of the brand. in the end, it's timeless and what is a better investment than that? i wish and work hard at souchi to hope we can me this to some of you...or all.

and at the of 'my' bag

happy valentines day to you and the one you love....or thing

MY BAG.......