the souchi story

Saturday, November 28, 2009

thank you

custom wedding dress!
custom blanket & hat & scarf!
mens scarf that perfectly matches the professor
moms cashmere tube kylies
souchi boys hat, scarf and blanket

here are some favorites photos from the retrospective contest. thank you to all who participated. it was so much fun to see pictures of seasons past and all of your wonderful words. XO suzi

and the winner for best photo..........

when i first saw it, it was an instant reminder to one of my favorite blogs

'Courtney and I started planning my wedding sweater in early spring of 2008. I drove down to Portland, brought my dress (YSL 2008 Resort Collection) and we must have spent a couple of hours looking at different colors of yarn that were available and those arriving for the Souchi spring collection, possible combinations of yarns, measurements(!) and of course, we talked, discussed and laughed over design.

Because the wedding was June 1, we knew the weather could be variable. Courtney decided on a precise length for the short sleeve (which was perfect!), the length of the sweater hit the dress hem right on and a sash was added, in case I became chilly.

The wedding took place in our backyard. It wasn't cold, but it wasn't warm either - so the yarn weight and sleeve length couldn't have been designed or executed better. The reception was at the Seattle Art Museum, which can be a bit drafty, and we had a few photos taken outside. My Souchi sweater kept me comfortable in every environment and situation. It was a perfect day with my perfect Souchi sweater! ~Gretchen

CONGRATULATIONS on your $150 towards your next souchi


thank you to christine s. for sending in this photo (shockingly, taken by her fabulous 5 yr old son and future fashion photographer, aidan!). this sweater is from fall 2000. i loved this sweater and was so happy that day on hawthorne street, at a trunk show, that this tall redhead walked in that i just knew it would be perfect for.
enjoy your $150 towards your next souchi....we love you too.
here are a few words she sent over with the photo

About 10 years ago I bought my first Souchi, a beautiful, eggplant mohair wrap cardi. That was the beginning of my love affair with Souchi. Since then I have purchased more than a few and each season I think I couldn't possibly need another. Then I see the new styles, colors and although I don't need another I certainly do want them. It was a good day, the day I purchased my first Souchi.

Friday, November 27, 2009

AND THE WINNER FOR FAVORITE WORDS...............................

THANK YOU to chris n. for cracking me up! i forgot about these shorts, even though i own them in at least 6 colors! yes, a vacation staple for all european beach travels. however, chris and friends found a new purpose................UNIFORMS for her roller derby team!

so congrats you are one of the winners of $150 towards a new souchi.....uniform possibly?


Monday, November 23, 2009


IN HONOR OF ME LOATHING THE TERM BLACK FRIDAY....... if you call the store today, tomorrow or wednesday and mention my loathing behavior :) then you will receive 20% off ANYTHING black! that's right 20% off the easiest color to wear....unless you're me and have a shedding beast....(my version of wearing fur...his!) here's a sampling of my favorite items available. now, there are some industrious folks out there, so to be clear.....the item must be solid black...not a cool print with a label that is black :) AND it must be in 16 hour knitting days are killing my back and i'm too young to be hunched!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

want a new drug

is it bad to start an addiction early? am i going to acrylic and synthetic hell for starting off adorable tots on an addiction? or, am i going to a soft, fluffy, cashmere lined heaven for sharing good deeds and helping others develop fine taste at an early age? you decide.

this is dear sweet auggie, learning to walk, run and grab to get his souchi blankets! ok, a little creative licensing never hurt anyone!

here's to fabulous taste at all ages!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

just in case you missed the blog below.....

join me and the amazing girls at metier in san francisco. saturday, november 20 10-6

Sunday, November 15, 2009

souchi is going to san francisco!!!!

souchi = metier

saturday, november 21

i will be bringing the entire fall collection
of sweaters, hats, scarves, wraps and baby
blankets, hats & dresses!

metier and i have had a long lasting love affair.
longer than most marriages....over 12 years!
i love the girls and the shoes and the clothes
and the jewels and they love souchi!

hope to see you there. XO suzisouchi