the souchi story

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

goodbye summer 2010.............

this summer flew by with all of the travel i was lucky enough to do! here are some of my favorite images from summer 2010 in firenze, kona & sun valley. my biggest inspiration is always color. i love that it truly is everywhere........enjoy. XO suzisouchi

 kona sunset........
 incredible flower at akaka falls, kona
 rockaway beach, oregon
 beautiful flower at the japanese gardens, oregon
 dream family room.......this miniature model is solely made of yarn....EVEN the books on the shelf!
 close up of the lamp in the 'yarn family room'......amazing! look at the knit lamp shade!!
 ok, maybe my dream ceiling.....from santa maria novella, firenze (buy the rosewater!!)
 lookout at boboli gardens, firenze. this is the perfect shade of paint!!!
 pure happiness! truly gelato in a million colors, piled mountain high and i swear it calls out to me!
 i have no idea what this cool. do any of you know what it is????? scary beautiful.
 i found this big guy on my last day in kona. he came up onto shore to snooze in the sun. i've never seen a tortoise this close up and really such a beautiful day to sit next to this wonder.
 yummy yummy last celebratory dinner in kona...isn't it pretty?
 doesn't this sort of seem like this is the grown up version of the yarn model above? this room was my favorite in sun valley. the colors, textures, mood and trinkets were so fun and sophisticated at the same time. LOVE
perfection: kitsh, color, culture and stripes....YEAH.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

another creative attempt......

today, i installed my new tribute to fall. i am enjoying mobiles and this one was so much fun to make but not so much to install. lots of untwisting and up and down the ladder in stilettos (leopard & cute!) but i am really happy with the outcome: multi sized cashmere pom poms, silver and brass washers in various sizes, copper tubing (love the hardware store!) crystal beads, silver & brass ball chain and yards and yards of fishing line.

                                                           hope you guys like it too. 

insiders pick #6.........marywynn ryan, portland, oregon

marywynn, is a magician with her hands! she makes my skin a friend and not an enemy. she cracks me up. she rocks her curves & my lord her core is bionic! you must try a facial with marywynn....truly you will thank me and book again.

*marywynn didn't write reasons for these choices but, considering our morning runs, many glasses of wine and conversation that tend to include fashion....i am going to write why i think she chose these.....

here are her pics:

1. johnny farrah sydney tote - perfect carryall: rugged, sophisticated & strong....she's tough on her bags!

2. ports 1961 panel dress - this is perfection! charcoal wool, lame inserts at waist & leather trimmed pockets!

3. ports wool tweed dress - the color of brown tweed w/ chocolate leather corset detailing that screams for curves

4 ports mixed fabric pencil skirt - the most beautiful colors & nobody rocks a pencil skirt like marywynn.

5 christina lehr anita stripe dress - sexy, french, casual and easy peasy cotton

6 souchi donatella dress - the 50's italian screen star shape......she loves vavava-voom!

7 souchi lydia dress - cashmere around all your curves and a you notice a theme?

8 souchi batwing - classic, pretty and great to work in and head to dinner & cocktails after work.

9 souchi monica wrap cardi - 'your wrap sweaters are great! i need more more more'

10 souchi kc car coat - 8 ply cashmere to throw over everything and anything.

thank you so much marywynn, we love you, your facials, your style & your choices.


insiders pick #5..........gwendolyn wright, san francisco

our next insider's picks for our on-line store is from gwendolyn wright.

if you know me, there is no doubt you know of my love for gwendolyn. she is funny, kind, smart & excellent at what she does (guerilla retail marketing & pop-up shop consultant). which, is of course, why i asked her to be an 'insider'. 

here are her pics:

1.  Silk moto pants-I think these would be great for traveling! (gwen, i just took these today for ny next week!!)

2.  Souchi Wrap dress in deep gray-a glamorous style,  color and the best shape for my body

3.  Souchi classic cardi with a cardi in organic cotton-perfect for San Francisco Indian summer weather 

4.  Sonia Rykiel side zipper coat-looks like a London design for some reason (I REALLY WANT THIS TOO!)

5.  Sonia Rykiel multi colored gloves- to wear with the zipper coat. (I have my mothers collection of gloves is just about every color and length!)

6.  Anything by Johnny Farah because I have a sickness for handbags, totes, clutch bags, etc.

7.  Souchi Lydia Dress in Black-my new LBD

8.  Souchi wrap skirt in olive green- love it! love it! love it!

9.  Souchi Chanel Chanel in tomato-my new jacket for the season and it goes so well with my Lydia dress
*gwen custom ordered this in tomato cashmere and it was absolutely beautiful!!

10.Triian pretty punk ring-very 1960’s

thank you so much gwen, we love you and your picks! and, you should seriously consider the ring and all things johnny farah :)


Friday, September 10, 2010

guest edit #4........christine schwamb-hicks.......

christine, is one of our fave souchi customers, one of our models and an awesome mom and wife! not to mention, she is one of my best friends with, despite her thin frame, has super strong shoulder to lean on. ok, corny, but true, she's great. here's my pic of christine being a great can see her face in many pics below.

here are her fall pics from

Here are my picks and comments:

Bruce plaid cool shirt   
The perfect shirt 

Johnny Farah Sydney Leather tote  
A beautiful bag big enough for all of my kid's stuff

Genetic Denim shane legging cords in 'lie'  
Love these cords, such a great fit and so soft.

Ports 1961 silk moto pants  
These pants are beautiful!

Souchi Trina Cardi Cape  
The perfect sweater to wear over everything, like wrapping up in a blanket.

Souchi Madame Butterfly  
This sweater is so amazing, I love it!

Souchi Cashmere Nico mini w/ pockets  
The perfect sweater to wear with denim or cashmere leggings.

Souchi Tiffany cashmere leggings 
The perfect leggings to wear with Souchi sweaters. :-)

Sonia New wool side zip coat  
This coat fits beautifully and it is such a great weight. YES, THE SOUCHI WIZARD SAYS YOU 'need' THIS

Anouk Boots over the knee boots  
These boots are a gorgeous color, nothing says fall like boots. :-)

thank you christine....we love your pics and look forward to seeing you sport your latest finds...or this years halloween costume....whichever, we love you.