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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ask Suzi: What to Wear for New Year's Eve

A couple of months ago, we interviewed Suzi about her favorite pieces in the fall 2011 collection. Now we're back again, bugging her with our perennial questions about what to wear.

New Year's Eve is always very hyped, but not everyone has a big date or a fancy party to attend. We wanted Suzi's advice for what to wear to make the night stylish and special, no matter how cozy and casual you end up getting. As usual, she had plenty of answers:

Suzi, you just moved to Colorado. What would you wear for a New Year's Eve celebrated on a snowy mountain, after a big day on the slopes? {We're thinking roaring fire, mugs of mulled wine, and maybe a game of scrabble...}
I would be playing uno instead of scrabble or and drinking lots and lots of wine!  I would be wearing souchi cashmere leggings, enza costa tunic layer tank, souchi scarlet cowl & super warm thick socks AND  a bobble beret. Then, I'm layered in cashmere and if the night turns into morning (due to uno & not the wine) then i'm in the comfiest of pj's.

souchi scarlet cowl

souchi cashmere leggings

Let's say you actually do have a hot date/ big party to go to? What would you wear to sparkle?
I love cut 25, especially the dress pictured below. It's so sexy, fun, and ridiculously comfortable. I am also a huge fan of wearing something sexy & casual (don't look you're trying too hard) & some great shoes. I think the souchi eva ruche dress with a leather jacket or shearling is perfect!

cut 25 dress
the souchi eva dress, top it with a leather or shearling coat

Lots of people travel over the holidays. On New Year's, some people are returning from a holiday adventure, while others are just getting ready to go after a couple of crazy, food and wine and gift filled weeks. Is it possible to look good while traveling? What would you wear for a New Year's Eve spent in the friendly skies?

It all depends on the length of the flight.....
If it is short & and I'm getting off the plane and heading straight to a party, I'd wear the souchi lara cashmere catsuit with a johnny farah belt & the souchi trina cardi cape! It's cozy, comfy & uber sexy. What is better than a cashmere onesie that hugs your curves? It might not be perfect for a long flight though: It's too hard to pee in a airplane bathroom!  So, if I'm on a  long flight then i'd go with the corey lynn calter black lace mini, tights, booties & the souchi alek crew.

lara cashmere catsuit
souchi trina cape cardigan
souchi alek pullover
corey lynn calter black lace mini
Everyone I know just had a baby or is all tired out from the holiday madness. Instead of going out, people want to stay in. I have a friend hosting a casual but festive dinner party. What can I wear that is celebratory but not too over the top?
How about genetic denim skinnies &  the claudia cowl off the shoulder & a souchi bobble beret (who has time to do their hair as a mom or with holiday madness?) AND I'd throw on a great piece of jewelry from thea grant.

souchi claudia cowl + skinny genetic denim = perfect casual NYE

So -- What are you doing for New Year's Eve and what are you going to wear?

Monday, December 26, 2011

controversy? controversial? ...................hmmmmm, i kinda like it!

so this month italian vogue had an editorial spread called 'body by kloss'. it featured the model, karlie kloss in various poses dressed and undressed. frenzy occurred and words like: anorexic, unhealthy, too skinny, etc hit the internet and fueled the controversy.

after 25 years in the fashion industry i don't get it. i thought the pictures were great and inspired fitness & health. clearly miss kloss works out, is athletic, strong & fit. how could her body equate to anorexia? it doesn't make sense. is she thin? yes. does she have a low fat count? yes. but, you can't have that kind of muscle tone and be starving yourself, right?

i am happy to see a naturally tall, thin & lanky girl work out. so many models are too thin these days and lack any kind of muscle tone. karlie's images show a strength that i really like....though the abs may be a bit much for me. however, i wouldn't mind that ass  & thighs!


christmas day in aspen.........................

my first christmas in aspen...........thoughts of a white christmas, fireplace, yummy food, warm cocktails with friends after a long day of skiing......well, not quite. but, i did get all of these things this week but not in one day :)

i woke up this morning to a a very excited puppy who could barely contain his excitement for the chuck-it and tennis ball, 3 new treats (thank you christine & lola & me), 2 new toys (new rubber ball & a red/green/white stuff squeaky octopus). so we headed out for 30 minutes of chuck-it. i can't even imagine the energy necessary to sprint for 30 straight minutes.

then, it was a yummy breakfast for jack while i went to the gym (i miss the warmth of exercising outside). then i went to meet anita & have breakfast at the two rivers cafe. yes, it was very healthy: scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon & cheddar biscuits (oh lord!) and several cups of tea.

headed back to basalt store to pick up more souchi as the aspen store has been selling out of things. i then went home to shower & get ready for a day at the store. word on the aspen streets is that people love to shop on christmas day.

we arrive in aspen, sun is shining there is still snow in the park but not on the streets. so jack gets another 30 minutes of chuck-it and is now exhausted.

so here i sit. it's true, there are some shoppers out. jack is playing with his new toys and chowing down on his bully stick. i marked down the little that is left from fall collections and updating the website. not the best christmas day, but not the worst. missing my old friends & family but such is life with opening a new store in a resort town. meanwhile, the customers are lovely, fun & giving lots of holiday wishes.

i'm closing up early to go to a dinner party tonight in missouri heights (beautiful beautiful views) with 20 people. it will be fun, crazy and hysterical so all is well for me and lil jack in aspen. strange i live here now. even stranger that i love it &  can't believe it's been 7 1/2 months. strange where life takes us.

*ooooh and this friday i get to see jane's addiction at belly up! i am soooooo excited. my love for perry is almost as strong as my love for johnny :)

merry christmas & happy holidays!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

souchi aspen store opening party.........december 15.....................

december 15 souchi aspen officially opened with a party! i don't know very many people in aspen so i was nervous & flashbacks of birthday parties from elementary school and fear nobody would show up. so funny, as our parties growing up were so big but still nerves kick in.

so, how happy was i to run out of glasses & see everyone having a great time! the day started with a crazy busy morning and people shopping up a storm so the store was a disaster zone. then mid day i get the most beautiful flowers from a new friend that may be the most beautiful flowers i ever received with an amazing card as well. side note: i WISH i wrote good cards!

and yummy yummy sweets from franck thirion pastry & cafe (same peeps who made my delicious birthday cake!) so pretty and so delicous

lots of people drinking proseco, mingling & trying on cashmere. plus, gotta love our two male guests who offered to wear the cashmere undies! go souchi men

jen & lauren

alison (sporting the riley cardi)

ramona who is very shy which is why she is the host of aspen tv show 'plum tv'
love her!

me and my fave anita 
CLEARY i am not a fan of pics especially this close!! 
i do love my bobble beret & my souchi scarlet dress in azure

happy holidays
lil jack

Saturday, December 17, 2011

souchi's first winter in aspen........AND........

we've been open for a month AND we (me & my gift wrapping talents) made the cover of the gift guide for the aspen daily times! i love how little i look behind these packages!! i've been in pom pom heaven with  cashmere, hemp, bamboo, silk & organic cotton. one of my favorite things is to gift wrap packages so this was such a surprise to be asked to show off my wrapping. thank you to ross & emily at the news.

also, i met & bonded with giovanna, fashion writer for the aspen daily news. she was hysterical & we bonded over early 90's fashion: ann demeulemeester, jil sander, dolce & gabbana suits, lord!! so much fun & decided we needed to continue the conversation with some cocktails next week. thank you to giovanna for the nice mention in the fashion section.

suzisouchi & lil jack

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

magic holiday wish list.............

ok, i don't ever remember writing a christmas wish list. sure, my mom asked us, but if you knew my mom, you'd realize she buys all year so really, it's besides the point. but, maybe i did when i was really young but i have no memories of writing for specific gifts.

however, this year, everyone seems to have a list on every blog and article or editorial so i figured, what the hell....i would do a ridiculous list. now, be clear, i am not expecting any of these let alone the list. but, it was sort of fun. 

side note, late at night i could be found on-line filling shopping carts for hours to then not buy a thing so this was fun.

anyways, happy holidays to all of you and may you enjoy all the things you receive....everyday.


a mobile or print from beatriz milhazes

bottega veneta hand cut and stitched silk velvet & python strips.
the craftsmanship and pain in the ass
attention to detail......swoon

these digital prints on silk pillows are so pretty and i think
would look amazing with my cashmere throws

ok, well this is just funny!

art by don carney & john ross of patch nyc
they are brilliant, funny & truly

kartell serving tray
i am not afraid of color

super cool water filter!

cool bras are always a must. 

totally pretty and perhaps not practical but gorgeous.

super cool pearl watch from chanel! 
BUT, i do NOT want the diamond face.
i like the platinum face with just the pearls.
i want to treat this as an everyday watch with beat up jeans.

notice no shoes? yes, oddly, i am completely satisfied in that department.
ok, who am i kidding, not completely, but not really needing anything either.

happy holidays
be safe
have fun


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

.........rock formations......basalt mountain on november 29.......

ok, i used to see these types of things at 2 homes in portland, or. they were about 2 blocks from my home. i used to check them out in peoples front yards while i was walking billy. then, suddenly, i'm hiking in basalt mountain yesterday and suddenly in the midst of tons of rocks there was a stretch of maybe 30 feet where all of these were spread out.

i love that you almost don't notice them. yet, somehow they stand out and you suddenly notice them.

who knows about these? i have no idea the purpose....maybe just a little more beauty in the world?