the souchi story

Sunday, March 22, 2009


here is my gift to myself to start off spring. i love the colors (i said i love grey), scale and the the blushing whales. it is by portland artist trish grantham and i am so happy that it is on the way to my home. for those of you who aren't lucky enough to see her paintings in person then check out her site & it's awesome art sales.
happy spring!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

this is sweet nico and yesterday, march 15 she became a big sister. now, by just looking at this know that baby brother is a lucky lucky boy.

congratulations nico, jude & jimmy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

grey, cold & cloudy.....

it's 10:32 pm. i love grey. i love cold weather. i love rain. i want to take these items from my store! the ring is by ninh wysocan who has an incredible gift for detail. it makes me think of river rocks & pebbles. then i will take this buttery suede jacket from grai. it drapes longer in the front & gathers to this waist in the back. the suede is so soft and the sleeves very long. but, what i love most is that the front closures are hidden magnets in the front which enables you to close it different ways. maybe i should grab another pair of  my favorite grey genetic leggings....just in case! then maybe a drive to the coast to look for rocks, enjoy the clouds & stormy weather while billy chases the seagulls.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sonia king mosaic artist

i love this! my sweet friend melany, an amazing mosaic artist emailed me this photo of a piece called 'continuum' from mosaic artist, sonia king. after reading my 'new york' post she said that the coveted bag by ports 1961 reminded her of this piece by sonia. every avenue or art leads to somewhere & comes from somewhere. check out this artists work, it is beautiful & the marcel proust quote on her site is perfect & true.

almost spring?

yes, this was taken yesterday. how can it be march 8? i left portland friday afternoon and the sun was out & it was beautiful. as i approached mt hood the sun was still out & shining bright. yet, 24 hrs later this was my drive back thru mt hood. yes, 19 degrees and snowing! 

bend was gorgeous & people out shopping, drinking & eating. we had the best trunk show we've ever had at hot box betty. if ever in bend, stop by. kirsten, the owner is funny & energetic and knows her denim. 

Friday, March 6, 2009


i am leaving for bend in 10 minutes so i wanted to leave you with some fave pictures. of course the cutest pooch or monster...lately monster! and two images that always make me smile from my last road trip. feral burros crossing the road... there were about 15 and i love the expressions on their faces. if any of you are in bend tonight or tomorrow i will be at hot box betty in downtown bend to do a trunk show. hope to see you there

off to bend


i love bruce! for those of you who don't know about this subtle, strong, perfectly tailored line you have got to check it out at souchi. the attention to details, prints & cuts is incredible. don't let this tiny tall model scare you into thinking it's another line for the lanky. for those of you who know me.....i am clearly not lanky and only tall in spirit! this line fits everyone and you are instantly feeling cool. i have a bruce high waisted pencil skirt with curved hip seams from probably 1999 that i splurged on while in ny. i still have it & still wear it and it still looks new. the silk shirt is incredible (we're getting in charcoal) and their new 'skinny jean' is so fantastic in an ashy black that i can't wait to wear this with the new mary kate over sized cardi from my souchi fall collection. the black wrap waist skirt w/ gathers.....what can't you wear this with? the thing with bruce that i love is that it makes me want things i didn't know i wanted or needed. case in point: the animal print silk t-shirt dress with floral border. just typing that sounds insane. but, look at it. it is the perfect end of summer straight into fall dress to wear with my new knit leggings & stella pocket cardi. yes, i am going to be wearing this animal print and i won't be in vegas, the playboy mansion or miami.....but in portland!  

Thursday, March 5, 2009

new york

i just got back from a 5 day trip to new york to show my fall '09 collection for souchi & to buy my favorite lines for my retail store. yes, i have a job i love but it's not as easy as it sounds. i often feel the only words i have on my mind are 'edit, edit, edit.' people always ask, 'what inspired this collection' or 'how do you decide on the items in your store?' i don't have a creative story about....say, a girl walking thru the woods who stumbles across fairies and vampires in an era that is a combination of the 1926 & 1981. no, what inspires me for all things fashion is who i think i am that day. sometimes i'm 6' tall and flat & other days i'm in lipari walking along the cobblestone streets, other days, i imagine an art exhibition in tokyo and sometimes i'm me walking billy & want the perfect hoodie to wear with my wellies in the mud. this bag by ports 1961 needs no story it just needs to be in my home! it is gorgeous. the colors are like an abalone shell. strips and strips of raw edged chiffon, silk, brocade, jacquard & trimmed in natural leather.....that reminds me of the leather backpack i coveted in 1983 from bree but my mother was not spending $350 for a backpack for her 14 yr old daughter. the big question is they still haven't priced this bag. that's a scary thing to consider since i have to have it in my store.....well and my closet.