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Monday, December 28, 2009

what is happening tomorrow, december 29?

it's the coolest kids birthday! yes, harry will be turning 5 tomorrow.

happy birthday!

Friday, December 25, 2009

END OF YEAR.........

merry xmas and happy holidays and goodbye 2009!

as the year winds down thoughts of family, friends, travels, and resolutions one never keeps and where and what to want for next year are crossing my mind.

my friend andi, who co-owns the fabulous store arboretum in northern california sent me this photo which made me start reminiscing about souchi's 13 year ride and all it's incarnations of labels (this being the second one). i miss the original more than you know. but, thoughts of hand tearing the muslin, rolling into a 50's vintage typewriter and finding/pressing firmly 's-o-u-c-h-i' hundreds of times, then folding and ironing all edges and hand sewing each corner. YES, not so practical when i decided to expand. yet, we did this for years....each employee or intern had to do a hundred labels a week so we had them ready to go. i remember having to decide, well more like admitting it was time to change because we already handloom, hand finish, hand sew labels and all finishes....we couldn't expect to type too.

so, for those of you who have the originals, email/post the pics to because i would love to see these originals! bonus points to those who have the typed muslin label 'suzi johnson' or label from my first collection 'brown' which was just a chocolate rayon square.

thank you for the memories
happy holidays

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 21, clearly the studio needs a holiday!!

it's december 21 and the year, as always, flew by! we have not slowed down since tunisia.

billy has
expressed our
feelings.....we are exhausted! cori and i are laughing most of the day watching the souchi mascot, billy brown. these days, at the new studio, he can be found on the couch or his cashmere blanket (stolen from my couch!!) snoring, sighing or breathing deeply. when not sleeping he is showing off to: the sierra springs delivery man with his empty water bottle toy, wagging his tail so fast for the mailman who always brings him a treat...5 days a week (thank you) or holding his tennis ball in his mouth while 'grorting' (growling/snorting) at the cat who sits across the street staring at him.

we are taking a week off to enjoy the last week of the year and enjoy the rest that sweet billy has enjoyed this year. meanwhile, check out the website or the store.......i just dropped off 63 new pieces....YEAH!!

be happy, healthy, safe and joyful. happy holidays to you all.

suzi and the souchi girls and our mascot

Friday, December 4, 2009

the big and the smalls......

these are some of my most favorite pieces in my store!

trinkets, cozies, luxe and baubles!

thank you for these beauties:

thea grant, ports 1961
page sargisson and souchi.....ENJOY

Saturday, November 28, 2009

thank you

custom wedding dress!
custom blanket & hat & scarf!
mens scarf that perfectly matches the professor
moms cashmere tube kylies
souchi boys hat, scarf and blanket

here are some favorites photos from the retrospective contest. thank you to all who participated. it was so much fun to see pictures of seasons past and all of your wonderful words. XO suzi

and the winner for best photo..........

when i first saw it, it was an instant reminder to one of my favorite blogs

'Courtney and I started planning my wedding sweater in early spring of 2008. I drove down to Portland, brought my dress (YSL 2008 Resort Collection) and we must have spent a couple of hours looking at different colors of yarn that were available and those arriving for the Souchi spring collection, possible combinations of yarns, measurements(!) and of course, we talked, discussed and laughed over design.

Because the wedding was June 1, we knew the weather could be variable. Courtney decided on a precise length for the short sleeve (which was perfect!), the length of the sweater hit the dress hem right on and a sash was added, in case I became chilly.

The wedding took place in our backyard. It wasn't cold, but it wasn't warm either - so the yarn weight and sleeve length couldn't have been designed or executed better. The reception was at the Seattle Art Museum, which can be a bit drafty, and we had a few photos taken outside. My Souchi sweater kept me comfortable in every environment and situation. It was a perfect day with my perfect Souchi sweater! ~Gretchen

CONGRATULATIONS on your $150 towards your next souchi


thank you to christine s. for sending in this photo (shockingly, taken by her fabulous 5 yr old son and future fashion photographer, aidan!). this sweater is from fall 2000. i loved this sweater and was so happy that day on hawthorne street, at a trunk show, that this tall redhead walked in that i just knew it would be perfect for.
enjoy your $150 towards your next souchi....we love you too.
here are a few words she sent over with the photo

About 10 years ago I bought my first Souchi, a beautiful, eggplant mohair wrap cardi. That was the beginning of my love affair with Souchi. Since then I have purchased more than a few and each season I think I couldn't possibly need another. Then I see the new styles, colors and although I don't need another I certainly do want them. It was a good day, the day I purchased my first Souchi.

Friday, November 27, 2009

AND THE WINNER FOR FAVORITE WORDS...............................

THANK YOU to chris n. for cracking me up! i forgot about these shorts, even though i own them in at least 6 colors! yes, a vacation staple for all european beach travels. however, chris and friends found a new purpose................UNIFORMS for her roller derby team!

so congrats you are one of the winners of $150 towards a new souchi.....uniform possibly?


Monday, November 23, 2009


IN HONOR OF ME LOATHING THE TERM BLACK FRIDAY....... if you call the store today, tomorrow or wednesday and mention my loathing behavior :) then you will receive 20% off ANYTHING black! that's right 20% off the easiest color to wear....unless you're me and have a shedding beast....(my version of wearing fur...his!) here's a sampling of my favorite items available. now, there are some industrious folks out there, so to be clear.....the item must be solid black...not a cool print with a label that is black :) AND it must be in 16 hour knitting days are killing my back and i'm too young to be hunched!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

want a new drug

is it bad to start an addiction early? am i going to acrylic and synthetic hell for starting off adorable tots on an addiction? or, am i going to a soft, fluffy, cashmere lined heaven for sharing good deeds and helping others develop fine taste at an early age? you decide.

this is dear sweet auggie, learning to walk, run and grab to get his souchi blankets! ok, a little creative licensing never hurt anyone!

here's to fabulous taste at all ages!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

just in case you missed the blog below.....

join me and the amazing girls at metier in san francisco. saturday, november 20 10-6

Sunday, November 15, 2009

souchi is going to san francisco!!!!

souchi = metier

saturday, november 21

i will be bringing the entire fall collection
of sweaters, hats, scarves, wraps and baby
blankets, hats & dresses!

metier and i have had a long lasting love affair.
longer than most marriages....over 12 years!
i love the girls and the shoes and the clothes
and the jewels and they love souchi!

hope to see you there. XO suzisouchi

Friday, October 23, 2009

thank you neat sheet

please check out the new website:

and you will get to read the awesome write up souchi received this month.

thank you neat sheet!
souchi girls

Monday, October 12, 2009

tiny fried fish and rocky balboa?

so, my dear friends melany and josh took me out for a belated birthday dinner at ping in portland.
yes, they can get me to do things i would not usually want to do or try...... case in point: stick these tiny fried fish (complete with eyes) in my mouth and chew! yes, i did it.....just once! lord, not a pleasant offense to the fabulous and delicious ping. feeling inspired by the shapes, melany being an expectant mom, future lawyer, and a super funny friend (aspiring artist?) displayed these so called fish on this lovely plate. now, is it me or do these tiny fried fish look like.......? wait, maybe that's for another blog.

now another thing i love about this photo is the profile of my 'rocky balboa' nose! once broken and twice deviated! i never noticed the bump i had going on. i'm going to go with it giving me a tough bad ass edge.

thank you to all my amazing friends and bff who spoiled this old lady rotten for my birthday. xo

Sunday, October 11, 2009


i have extended the retrospective contest!! you have until oct. 31 to send me pictures of you wearing your favorite souchi. there will be 3 winners who will each receive $150 gc towards your next souchi! now, i've rec'd many MANY MANY emails with here are a few answers:

-the picture does not have to be recent. it can be you wearing your souchi circa cropped 1997
-you need to include a blurb, story, etc on why it's your favorite
-you can enter as many sweaters as you'd like!!


i will upload all photos and will keep the words to myself until i announce the winners. it's up to you all to make it fun.

have fun. suzi

Thursday, October 8, 2009


saturday, oct 17 noon-5

be sure to come check out all the cozy fall items,
the cuddly kittens up for adoption, mimosa's and of course all the souchi you can imagine. ok, maybe not imagine, but lots and lots of things to take home or special order with your specific color choices.
xo suzi

Saturday, September 12, 2009

souchi store does chanel circa 1992 or 1993....?

i started working at chanel in 1993. i loved fashion. followed fashion: bought italian vogue, french marie claire, id, british elle and all the fashion icon books: chanel, fortunny, vionnet, dior, comme des garcons, and all the great collectors like tina chow. BUT, it wasn't until i started working at the beautiful boutique on maiden lane that i met people who were actually buying the designs and not the many versions the original inspired.  my second customer bought a leather motorcycle jacket, multi chain belt, wool boucle trench coat and a pair of motorcycle boots.

over the years, i  have had many influences that have shaped my life, my company and my designs. but, the most important fashion lessons were taught and learned  at chanel: quality (the inside should look as good as the outside), fabrics/textures (always nice to the touch) and branding/image (cult, desire and prestige). 

so, it is no surprise i find myself at my store looking at all the fall merchandise coming in and am reminded of that first fall collection runway show with helena christensen, karen mulder, beverly peele, christy turlington and linda evangelista....sporting tons of leather, biker boots, black trenches and tons of chains hanging from necks, waists and wrists. i didn't think of it as i wrote these orders back in february, but it is so clear now. the tried and true leather, wool and jewels always works and always leaves us wanting more......just like chanel and hopefully just like souchi.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



we are 5 today and i want to thank you all for supporting my whims, designs, must haves and all the i don't need this but oh man i want its. 

so today only, sept, email or buy on-line and receive 20% off any souchi....including special orders!

now, be patient on the sp orders as they will take 4-6 wks.
XO suzi

Friday, August 28, 2009


in celebration of souchi's 12th birthday and the store turning 5 i want a retrospective...

i would LOVE for you to send in pictures wearing your favorite souchi and some words as to why it's your favorite or why it's special to you.

over the years, i have heard so many great stories. once, at a restaurant a woman next to me was wearing 'vintage' souchi. yes, mohair, circa 1999! i loved it. she told me she found it at buffalo exchange and paid $12 :)

another time, while interviewing a perspective knitter she told her 'souchi story': she was shopping with her bff and saw a crop (....please we all wore them!) nubby stretch wool cowl neck in a dusty rose (it was NOT pink!) and they fought over who was going to buy it since there was only one. she won the sweater and got the job...i liked the determination.

my story is the first time i saw someone wearing souchi. it was in sf & i had been in business maybe a month and was standing in line at a movie theatre and saw a girl wearing my sweater. i kept staring, she walked by and said, 'cool sweater'. what? did she know i made it? no. i was so sidetracked by her wearing something i made that i didn't realize i was wearing the same sweater! so, i said, 'yours too'.

NOW, here is the fun part for you.......3 winners:
-best words/story
-most surprising sweater
-the rarest souchi


winners will receive $150 gc for the souchi store towards the purchase of their next souchi.



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i have changed.....

ok, not really but...i met this man in tunisia and he has spent his days at his loom making beautiful rugs and i've thought of this picture a lot over the last few weeks.

this is how i have spent my summer: slightly slouching (i refuse to hunch!) over the looms in my studio, making beautiful fall pieces, re-orders and special orders from my stores and the various trunk shows i've done over the last few months. this summer has flown by and despite the exhaustion and overwhelming desire to be on a beach with a book (good or bad), my bff and a chilled bottle of wine far far away.....

i am often asked (many times by the souchi girls) how i can work this hard or go months without a day off? well, it's as simple as i love what i do. the reward may not be the beach and book as often as i'd like (say 6 months a year - under an umbrella with lots of sunscreen of course) but i get to see souchi on tv, in the movies, in magazines and on the streets in ny, chicago, sf, la, paris, london...even africa! so in the end, it's easy to give it everything i have. 

as next month approaches i am reminding myself not to hunch because september is a month to celebrate:  souchi's 12th birthday, the souchi store turns 5 and i say hello to 40! so friends and family i am still knitting and trying to sit up straight because i and souchi are just getting started. XO

Friday, August 7, 2009


my suggestions:

1) head to or the souchi store and choose your colors for a blanket big enough for you and your honey. 

2) call marywynn at skin by marywynn on nw 23rd. she is amazing, hysterical & will loofah off at least 5 years. 

3) adventure bootcamp with daniel iversen! yes, you'll love him, the classes, the music and not right away....but you will love push ups too! it really is fun and results are quick.
skin by marywynn t. 971-678-0298
souchi store t. 503-525-0043


Monday, August 3, 2009

GO MOM!!!!!!

in honor of my mom figuring out how to find my to become a follower.....

i am putting up this photo in memory of her mom and my amazing grandma who died july 1, 1996. i don't believe that more than a few days have ever gone by without thoughts of her and a big smile...then some tears. i miss her all the time. 

i like this photo because it reminds me of both my mom & grandmas love of  crafts & kitsch and everything for the home. i know my mom is still holding on to the the dream that i will too.

so, in honor of her new found social marketing skills i will not shoot down that dream today. 

now, mom, if you figure out how to 'comment' i may just put a picture of you up....BUT, it needs to be the photo from late 70's/early 80's with your wrap around pants and tube top....or the short shorts jump suit w/ espadrille wedges that you wore to take us to disneyland.

XO to you and nanny
your minimalist daughter.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

last stop healdsburg!!

i am headed to a super cool store, arboretum, in healdsburg, ca. for a pop up shop event this weekend. if you are in the bay area take the drive, enjoy the wine country, fantastic food...and start at arboretum for some shopping, champagne and cookies! 

i will be bringing organic cotton, bamboo, cottons for you to take with you and of course amazing fall cashmere that you can pre-order in time for the cool weather. oh, and goodies for the boys too.

also, check out this link

332 healdsburg ave, healdsburg, ca 95448
friday, july 31 4-8ish  saturday, august 1 11-4

hope to see you there

rc cola girl = summer icon

it was the 70's and i was and quite possibly still am OBSESSED with the rc cola girl! you know the one: 
blonde california girl
cut off 501's
white t-shirt (maybe a tank top?)
and roller skates

she was delivering pizza on roller skates! i LOVED how cool (wheels, not walking) and how casual (cut offs still rule...and i don't mean daisy dukes! that name alone should be enough of a hinderance)
no make-up (though now i realize there must have been some for the cameras) and great smile and a simple bottle of rc cola.
yes, true perfection.

so, i wanted to be this girl...well another version of this girl. after all, i had short brown (at 9 you didn't know about brunette) hair and brown eyes and i was too young to get a job delivering pizza. so......i cut off my jordache (since little girls didn't wear levis because they would have to be your boyfriends), put on a white t-shirt and grabbed my skateboard and headed out the door. now, i knew that i was now the rc cola girl because i was cool! my 'board' had a hawaii 5-0 decal and i was fast which made the short dorthy hamil hair cut blow in the wind like rc. 

for years, i varied this look....doc martins, converse, finally the 501 cut off, tank tops, etc. you name it....the rc cola look always worked...for decades. i still think of that commercial, in fact tried to find it to post, but impossible. fyi, there is a great australian rc commercial on utube!!

so, i was reading the blog and came across this girl from amsterdam. it's the 2009 version of the rc cola girl! she's traded in the roller skates for the cool bike and she's no longer bleaching her hair. 

to me, this is the most perfect summer look. now i would probably swap out the scarf for one of my organic bottega wraps for texture and light as a feather. though, for those legs and tan.... free sweaters for life time.

thank you garance for the photo and the memories of my summer icon.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


well.....yes, ever, but it took a lot to beat the former best sunday (paris 1991 with jude and walking by printemps to see the ann demeulemeester shoes i'd been coveting for 3 months! to find out the only pair left is in the window, with scuffs (who cares!!) and they are my size! i don't believe i took them off that year. my first, and only understanding of know never wanting to take their boots off)....but i'm now distracting myself.

OK, so today is the best sunday ever. i've recently been reconnected thru, the devil (aka facebook) with the miller sisters. no, not those miller sisters. these are the better miller sisters. our families were friends from the time i was about 9-13. there were 3 of them and 3 of us johnsons. for sure, i assumed (as most girls do when they want to be family with their best friends) that my older brother would marry the older miller sister & my lil brother would marry lil miller and i, of course, along with middle miller would never marry but travel the world without a ball or chain! we were modern women at age 10.

cut too 2009.......and well middle miller and i aren't married and older brother/older miller are (not to each other!) and lil miller/lil brother are married (again not to each other though they have managed to repopulate the world with their 9 children between them! who is doing that in 2009?) anyways, i'm getting distracted again...

so middle miller (dell) and i have emailed all morning catching up (while i'm knitting like a lunatic). first thing this morning i got on itunes and spent a small fortune (again...ann demeulemeester was suppose to get that money) and bought tons of music memories circa the miller years. 

yes, i was actually doing some dance moves AND i was not drunk nor on foreign soil, which after 1986 is the ONLY way to get me to dance! so the tunes/artists (yes they are!!) on the ipod today were:

motels, eurythmics, kim wilde, thompson twins, prince, joan jett, missing persons, berlin, scandal, pat benatar.......and some lita ford just well because....i love the beginning......'i went to a party last saturday night.....

music and the memories they bring up are the fastest way to laughter. i have been cracking myself up all morning. now, if you happen to be walking down the street that my knitting studio is on....well i will DENY that i was singing loud! LIES I SAY!!! 

crooked hair, june bug (oh god remember that!) 

Friday, July 24, 2009



a beautiful shot of the store and mentions of some of the
fabulous lines that we carry. if you haven't been in to visit
it's time!! we are just beginning to get our new fall merchandise:

-anouk boots hand made in mexico by a saddle maker
-ports 1961 fantastic silk tanks & dresses
-nona lingerie in bright colors
-grai leather jacket! this elephant grey leather is incredible with a cool industrial zipper.....AMAZING!
-many many more things to come in the next few weeks.

thanks to heather summerville at lucky for including us

thank you for all of you who have and are supporting souchi.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

souchi heading to healdsburg, ca

souchi pop up shop 

332 healdsburg ave. healdsburg, ca. 95448

friday, july 31 4-8pm
saturday, august 1 12-4pm

i will be there to show my fantastic wares
for fall '09 (see photo because you CAN 
wear it now!) and i will be bringing tons
of my favorite summer pieces. you will get to 
see, feel & try on organic cottons, bamboo, 
bio yarns and cashmere....till you are forced to
buy something :) 

now, there will be free wine & i will be bringing
some items from our souchi mens bring the boys.

hope to see you there.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

color and lots of patterns as promised

please excuse the poor quality of photos but admire this incredible scene! this was the rooftop of the 2000 yr old kings home in tunis. i can't imagine the work to lay all of this and paint it all. i love the random selection of patterns. but, as a hole they work so well together. i think because of the color tying them in. tunis, carthage, and the coastal towns are just surrounded and covered with all shades of blue. i especially like the turquoise iron work. it's no easy task to pop amidst all of this pattern and color. truly beautiful. i feel an outside wall of my house being covered.....maybe a floor. i love this.