the souchi story

Saturday, July 16, 2011

basalt........july 15.....melissa's bday.............

last night we celebrated melissa's 25th birthday and it was so much fun. 10 of us headed down to phat thai in carbondale to celebrate, eat, drink & laugh. happy birthday sweet melissa (birthday is actually today).

the birthday girl

helen, melissa & suzanne

suzanne, melissa, me, kelly & linda
*note suzanne wearing cool studio deseo necklace from souchi
i'm wearing the chelsea batwing in landscape by souchi
kelly is wearing a mike gonzalez tank from souchi
linda is wearing the leslie top in desert by souchi
and she's also wearing the wrap 'bracelet' from serafina as a necklace

melissa & linda

and the jagger shots begin......

souchi love
*oh i hate my cowlicks!!

piece of vanilla cake w/ buttercream frosting and chocolate mousse filling

Friday, July 15, 2011

time out.........super cool january jones is a new souchi fan............

we love january jones in mad men. we love january's style (ok, this was before i knew she was a souchi fan) who else looks amazing in jeans, t-shirt walking her dog (hmmm, jack makes me cute while walking him). recently she was in the souchi press office in LA and fell in love with the bamboo pieces. her fave was the charlotte cardi in black. we think she needs the taylor pant to go with it!

enjoy these pics of our fave new souchi fan:


Sunday, July 10, 2011

basalt: double rainbow, thunderstorm, lightening & lime green

double rainbow!!!
now i hear they are bad luck but i still think they are so pretty

the storm was off to the right but the sun was still shining so bright that the green on the trees we're almost florescent. i had to take a picture from my deck.

within a few minutes this was the sky

and this was about an hour or so after the double rainbow 

basalt......july 4 weekend........

i had the best time 4th of july weekend. started out with rose & dinner at tempranillo with friends, an awesome hike, difficult yoga class, playing with jack, slammed at the store and all while it's in the mid 80's. beautiful.

for being in basalt only 6 weeks i have been very lucky to meet & make some cool new friends who have invited me into their lives. i feel fortunate & thankful for this adventure.

so, i was invited to a bbq by my new friends at our friend davids house in the 'frying pan'. it's such a cool house with the most beautiful view, barn, guest house (?). i never made it inside but can only imagine it's as cool on the inside. love it. the food (amazing & in the oc this would not be described as bbq but instead delicious!), drinks (all imaginable concoctions), fireworks, music (this was funny & ended up being great, thanks paula for some lita ford), sleeping under the stars (maybe next year as i had to get home to sweet jack) and yummy desserts. oh, AND, then later as the evening went on, a taco stand with old school al pastor tacos with grilled pineapple, onions and cilantro. YUM. note to, hike, yoga, cardio as all this food and drink is going to require TONS of exercise.

here are some pics of the much fun.

4th necessities: sunscreen, hat, platforms, red bull & proseco & my super cute vintage bottega veneta bag from their first collection of bags (love!)
can you see how light my hair is?

alison picked these wild flowers on the way to davids house. so pretty.

back yard with an incredible view of red rock mountains. so jealous!!

my friend linda, coming back from the hike behind the house that has a waterfall.!
*fyi, she is wearing her boyfriends shoes...her feet are NOT this big 

dina & i hanging out under the tent at the party. love her necklace!

alison and dina busting their best moves.

another of our hosts, sexy molly in shades. she may have the best legs ever!

fireworks at davids

snap crackle pop

basalt........jack at 14 1/2 so so big

jack and i are having the best time in basalt. he has gotten so big and for the most part i'd say he's the most incredible puppy. jack is a lab and i had heard how much energy they have an tend to be hyper and jack is pretty mellow. he has these bursts of energy that are hysterical: spinning in the air, running in circles, jumping up and over things, playing like crazy with his toys, chewing on all things (toys, socks, hems of all my jeans, and EVEN the terracotta flower pots on my deck). i am in love. i for sure thought we'd be happy and be in love but i was also afraid of missing billy too much.

turns out i do miss billy very much and the first few weeks i kept saying billy instead of jack. i wish they could have met & played together. i actually think billy would have liked jack and i think about the 2 of them playing & it always puts a smile on my face.

so here, is sweet jack, a big boy at 14 1/2 weeks on his first hike behind basalt mountain. AND, he got to go off leash. we had so much fun because the it was a game of trust. the trainer said i should let him off a bit at a time and then hide behind things when he got ahead of me and then see him run back look for me. you want to create that looking for me. he got it right away and i was laughing the entire morning. 

the other rule, was it was jacks schedule so if in 10 minutes he got tired we'd have to turn around. however, sweet jack, never got tired and we went a full hour and 15 minutes. he then slept an extra 8 hours that day. we're now going twice a week and i can't wait for next summer when we can go on runs on the trails. 

i am hoping for a very long life with jack filled with lots of trails, sunshine, rain, mountains & playing.


sweet jack all wet from flipping his travel water bowl up and on his head

he is so big!!

hurry mom, it's this way up over this hill

ok, i'll slow down

jack likes to nap in the strangest places. so funny because he's not realizing that he's getting bigger.

yes, jack loves carrots! i've been getting these big ones from the farmers market and then i call him jack rabbit while he's eating them. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

basalt bbq........check out this place.......

ok, not the best shots, but this was a great bbq with yummy steak, wine, rum shots & an incredible view, a personal pond and wrap around deck and bacci.
a great day. too bad no jack for this trip. fyi, this is dina, doing her impression of the molly ringwalk dance.

basalt........end of may......beginning of july.......

ok, i have been out of touch a bit but so much has happened! first off, the noticeable difference in town is 'the season has officially begun'. the town is packed, aspen even crazier. from my deck i can see a line of cars & boats heading to reudi. all parking lots are busy, people are shopping and the sun is out and hot! i still feel like i am on vacation. today, i went to look at a bike.....who knew bikes were so expensive? i think i'm going to go for a cruiser with gears....but not sure.

last week i hiked the arbaney kettle trail & it was easier than the time before but still so hard. i took many photos so you can see how steep this trail is. when you start in the parking lot there is no sign of sopris mountain range but as you start to climb you can then see it in all it's glory. 

i was on a mission to beat my time from the week before (easy, as my time was pathetic). i was doing pretty well and felt good so i decided to run down. it is fairly steep almost in it's entirety so perhaps not the best idea but it felt so good. luckily, i found out i have good knees but man oh man did my thighs hurt!! but i shaved off an hour so yeah me. 

here are some photos of the amazing trail. i must say, the valley, should consider a dipping pool at the top! instead there is a sad lil water bowl for the pups. i can't wait for jack to be able to do this hike. i could use the pull up. it is exhausting and exhilarating. i am in awe of the people who run up it. one day!

this is a view of the parking lot below where you park. it's behind the roaring fork club. notice how high i am already out. 

higher higher

sopris sneaking it's head...still snow covered. fyi, rumor has it, this is an incredible mountain climb. i think i'll be waiting before i attaack this. 

i LOVE tree sap! love it love love it

are we noticing how high i am? do you see that this is at eye level. arbaney is an incredible hike.

half way there...............this does not give justness to the level of steep!

pretty pretty pretty

check out this view. insane.

always puffy white clouds and blue skies.

i didn't do this but it's sweet someone did. i like it better than the peace sign.

sad lil empty water bowl! this should be a dipping pool.