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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my favorite looks from souchi finale show at portland fashion week!

portland fashion week was a blur of fittings, meetings, tear sheets, music/dj, press and fireworks at the loom. thank you to margi & brigid for their help in making things happen backstage (how did we forget to open the cava???) and for austie in saving the day from glossy red lips (fabulous but not for souchi spring) and to chris, tito and elizabeth for making it all fun.

here are some of my favorite runway shots. what do you think? what are your favorites?


guinevere silk yarn dress (i love this dress!!)
drapes, layers, silk....swoon
spring is sheers, drapes and cozy...for less sheer pair with our organic camis
there is always a place to wear a cashmere bikini!!
pretty, soft, flow & sheer....again
how to wear sheers? not as daring? wear tissue weight layers and play with color and tones
bad hair day? salty knotted beach hair? solution: bamboo tricia head scarf!

multi colored super fine cashmere tie shoulder dress is perfect for all spring & summer invites.
lounging around the boat? pool? villa? seaside? pull on this perfect superfine cashmere v-neck with high waist multi colored briefs....
casual cool confident
invited to jay z and bk's yacht? here's your suit and my reason to continue with boot camp!


3 new coats from mike gonzales available at the souchi store...................

mike gonzalez (the man behind mike & chris) new wool funnel neck coat with removable belt.
runs narrow. cool lining. great details.

classic flannel coat in hip length with removable belt at waist (my favorite!) and it has a removable 
hood & pockets too!

fleece military coat in a beautiful shade of green...more spruce with a slight blue undertone. sadly, the color is not indicated in this photo. again this runs narrow as it's a snug 'dress' that can also be worn as
a coat. great details, comfy and classic mike & chris.

call 503-525-0043 if interested because these will not be available on the web.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

how NOT to wear open back styles.......

i took this photo in florence this summer while with my friend thea (of thea grant). i had to dodge a few vespas and taxi's but i felt it was important photo. a few things necessary to fully view this photo:

 it was july, hot, humid and the fabrics worn are spandex! first layer is a bra, with a halter bodysuit
worn over the bra and a lycra mini skirt worn over the bodysuit & then
worn with suede boots. hmmm

kids, this is not the way to rock the backless looks that are so popular in unbearable heat. i am a believer in a little bit of skin being seductive, cool, interesting and mysterious. i also think it's necessary to pay attention to your fabrics when choosing for summer. choose natural fibers that breath.
spandex does not breathe.

i just finished placing my orders for spring and finished portland fashion week. here is what i came up with for how to do backless correctly.
what do you think are the best ways to keep cool and chic in the summer?


gorgeous silk dress from bruce....coming this spring

x-cross back ruffle dress from sonia by sonia rykiel......coming this spring

silk knit 'brenda' cut out t-shirt by souchi....coming this january

last minute color inspirations..........

new necklaces for spring

gorgeous hand panted wrapping paper that i'll be using for holiday gifts. i was lucky enough to find these hat pins made of vintage kimono fabrics. i thought these would be a change from the
usual bow, flowers or string.

crotchet lace swatches i saw in florence this summer. wow!

unbelievably awesome necklaces from ports 1961. sadly, i could not afford these. but the photos keep
the dream alive.....look at them. ahhhhhhhh

the adorable nico 

playa del carmen, mexico

rain in portland has begun. i am so excited and was rewarded with thunder and lightening!!

for my rare, lazy sunday, i decided to look at photos and decided to share these colorful images with you. i thought you might enjoy them as it may be awhile before we see this much color.

unless you have fantastic warm weather holiday plans. i am headed to boston for thanksgiving and considering a winter getaway. thoughts on where? 
i am thinking tokyo. have any of you been recently?


Friday, October 22, 2010

Trunk Show at Juniper

Hey --
Happy Friday, right? Just a little note to let you know that Souchi will be at Juniper in Madrona (a super cool Seattle boutique) tomorrow from 11 to 5PM.

You know the deal: hand-loomed sweaters, dresses, leggings, accessories, and more. I'm super excited, so please stop by and say hello.


p.s. do you think it will be raining? should I pack my rubber boots?:

These beauties are the cement grey rubber wellies from Ports 1961. They are perfect for Portland, Seattle, and even San Francisco (we heard it is raining there today!).

Love them, love them, love them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Bring a Friend Discount: Thursday night at SOUCHI!

Autumn is here and SOUCHI is excited! 
Please come celebrate with us this Thursday, October 21st, from 4 to 7 PM (Note: we used to stay open till 8, but it's getting dark sooner... and it's chilly out... so come early!)

AND, bring a friend! If you do, you'll get 10% off, and if your friend shops too, you'll both get 15% off!

What a great chance to stock up on cashmere leg warmers, christina lehr tanks and t-shirts, genetic denim, or the souchi sweater you've been coveting: the reese raglan, the liz hooded cardi, or the exquisite madame butterfly.

P.S. Have you checked out the souchi website? We're on Facebook too, and on twitter @suzisouchi. 
See you soon. xo
P.P.S. Sorry there's no photos; Blogger is doing maintenance and won't let us upload. Boo. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

california dreamin'...............

i just got back from los angeles for market. i had a great time catching up with friends, staying at my friend clc's house and bonding with her sweet lil dog peggy (she's 16!) & gorgeous talented daughters while late night talks of fashion, true blood (i NEED a costume) and my mid life crisis. 

don't people buy sports cars for a mid life crisis?  i should buy my dream car.........isn't she pretty? ahhhhhhhhh, one day she'll be mine.

just heard another amazing friend is opening a new store in the bay area......very excited! as i learn more details i will let you know. meanwhile, the serenity of her new place seems like i may be back on the road very soon!

how is this picture even possible? my god it's so beautiful

one of my favorite pics of shasta mountain. isn't it pretty?  it didn't look like it this time but still just as magical. mid life crisis remedy...road trip baby! clear head, music (the good, the bad and the's all good late night singing at the top of your lungs.
oh i so sound like annie lennox!

roof top garden at the soho house in west hollywood. clc and i went for drinks (too many!) and dinner. it's a private club so no cell phones and no pictures which is why i had to pull this from their website. the roof top garden is beautiful and probably boasts, in my opinion, the best view in los angeles. oh and perhaps the stiffest greyhounds....anywhere!
yum at night
not so much in the morning.

thank you los angeles for a great time, perfect weather (cool drizzly and grey) good food, time with wonderful friends and not one single speeding ticket or parking violation. 

oh, and souchi shoppers i picked up a new jewelry line that is so cool, colorful and raw. love it.

ok, portland, show me what you got....

Portland Fashion Week Recap

Wow. It has been one week since the PFW Finale Fashion show and we are still catching our breath. It was so great to have some dear souchi friends and fans in the audience. For those who could not make it, here's some of our favorite photos.

Thank you to Portland Fashion Week for sharing these images with souchi, and for picking us to be in the show. The models were fabulous too!

All of the designs featured in these photos are part of the spring 2011 collection from souchi. Please contact the souchi store at 503.525.0043 for info about special orders or purchasing.

P.S. If you are in the Portland area, please join us at the store Thursday night from 4 to 7. We've got a special deal: bring a friend to the store and get 10% off your purchase. If she (or he!) shops too, you both get 15% off the evening's purchases! Time to stock up!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

........tea with christine before the show.......

so, tonight is the souchi spring 2011 fashion show for portland fashion week. we are the finale and i'm a bit nervous. yes, chatty confident me dreads attention....good or bad doesn't matter. the idea of being on a stage with an audience of friends and strangers looking at what you've spent the last 4 months working on makes me nervous!

saturday, i decided i needed to indulge in a lil r&r this weekend since the collection, fittings and styling was already done. nope, nothing can be changed now so might as well enjoy some down time. this is a new concept for me, so i eased into it slowly:

raid the store for some outfits to wear to show
breakfast at beesaws w/ christine (chat chat chat)
more tea at (???? the gelato place on nw 23rd/kearney)
      -how big are these cups??
      -discussing how i loathe pictures or attention and how i've been told i need more on the blog/web
      -below is evidence i'm trying
extremity remedy at dragon tree + an add'l 30 min of neck massage (ahhhh)
visit from melany & baby gorgeous colette who LOVED billy kissing her face, hands and feet!

facial at skin by marywynn (ahhhhh)
indian food to nourish and fuel
hmmmmm still need to decide what to wear tonight

*please note my new rag & bone hat. i am obsessed and haven't taken it off for 3 days. be warned you will all be sick of seeing me in it very soon.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Souchi Spring 2011 at Portland Fashion Week

We are so excited to be featured in the finale fashion show of Portland Fashion Week on Sunday October 10th! Buy your ticket here, and then bring the stub to souchi and you'll get 20% off your purchase that day.

We're so excited we thought it was time to make Suzi the focus of a blog post. Here's the scoop on PFW, what you'll see if you come to the fashion show, and why we're so honored to be a part of it.

How did souchi get picked to be a part of PFW 2010?
pfw organizer and founder, chris cone, who has been a souchi supporter since i moved here six years ago, approached me over the summer. he is a wonderful man with a love of fashion and a desire to showcase the cool stuff happening in portland fashion. of course, i had to say yes.
The theme of PFW this year is eco-fashion. What makes souchi an eco-friendly line?
all of souchi's pieces are hand loomed with yarns chosen from the finest mills in the world. we work with mills who are growing their eco practices, in hopes that we can all move in the direction of becoming more eco friendly. at the souchi studio we strive for zero waste by re-using yarns or re-creating accessories with damaged pieces that can be used for finishes, labels, etc.
You are showing your spring 2011 collection in the PFW Finale Fashion Show. Can you describe the collection for us? What colors/yarns will be featured? 
The show will feature 23 souchi looks. the emphasis will be on a new silk yarn (so excited about this!!), bamboo, organic cotton, and super fine cashmere. the collection starts subtle and muted, then explodes into pops of vibrant color and then.... back to black :)
What was your inspiration for spring 2011?
travel! i only travel (for fun!) with one carry on bag whether for 3 days or 3 weeks! this spring, i designed capsule collections of each yarn: a silk vacation group, a bamboo group, etc.
each yarn has everything you need to take you from day to night while traveling, leaving you with plenty of room for shoes and accessories and space for new items found on your travels.

What are you wearing to the event?
Ahhhh, hopefully i will be wearing either the madame butterfly or my favorite lydia dress with some fantatic pair of shoes....LOVE them both
What happens after the show?
sleep! perhaps first a glass of champagne and congratulating other designers.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

and then there are items you just want....classic, crazy, beautiful....

and these are what i like to call 'vacation clothes'!! yes, i have many alter egos while on vacation. it's the best time to play with your style and indulge in things you've been wanting to try. here are some favorites from bottega veneta, haider ackerman, ann demeulemeester, lanvin, balenciaga, reed krackoff, rodarte, martin margiela....

ah thank you all for fabulous creations that inspire....XO