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Sunday, August 29, 2010

souchi obsesses over new thea grant.......................................

we just got our latest delivery of thea grant jewels and baubles!
we love the collection of wearable kitsch sophistication. so much fun and not at all serious
which is what i think jewelry should be.
check out to see the entire collection

Thursday, August 26, 2010

souchi loves sister in sun valley..............

i just got back from a trunk show at sister in sun valley, idaho.
i started selling souchi at sister over 13 years ago. annette, the owner is incredible. 
she is hysterical, beautiful, cool and has so much style that it oozes out of her!
i, had such a great time soaking it all in and hoping i could absorb it all.

these are photos from the trunk show. a room full of hand loomed yummy souchi cashmere!
sister's customers are truly, some of the nicest ladies i have ever met. i enjoyed their fashion banter, talk of gardens and their excitement to see what's new.

the last two photos are of a light fixture (can you call it a fixture if it's about 10 feet in 
diameter) that annette designed and had made for the store! isn't it gorgeous?

thank you annette
see you again soon.

*if you are in sun valley or around sun valley you MUST check this store out. the best selection of rheinhart plank, gregory parkinson (new cfda winner) and megan, much much more.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Trunk Shows Galore!

Suzi has been on the road with her souchi wares. Last week she was in Illinois doing a trunk show at ami ami. This week she is headed to sun valley and camping out at sister, a fabulous incredible shop in ketchum, idaho.

At a trunk show, suzi brings the entire souchi collection with her to a store. Usually buyers pick and choose their favorites and edit according to budget and what they think their customers will like best. But that doesn't mean they know exactly what you want -- oh no!

Just one of the fall 2010 treats you can find at a souchi trunk store or at!

At a trunk show, you can see every souchi style for the season, and all the yarn colors available. Unbelievable!

Pick a favorite and Suzi will take measurements and adjust accordingly: longer or shorter sleeves, lower the arm holes or nip it in at the waist. She can even make a dress a tunic, or a tunic a dress. This is a great way to get the souchi sweater of your dreams!

We can't wait to see you at a trunk show....!!! Tuesday and Wednesday in Sun Valley, at Juniper in mid-october, and maybe even a trunk show at the souchi store sometime soon. xo

Friday, August 20, 2010

Christina Lehr Basics

The souchi store just got an amazing shipment of basics from Christina Lehr. If you have worn these t-shirts, tanks, dresses, and scarves you already know that they are comfortable, perfect for layering, and last an extremely long time. It's just another bonus that the subtle colors tend to pair perfectly with souchi's hues!

Here are a few of our favorite pieces. You can call the store at 503.525.0043, or shop anytime at

Christina Lehr has done an amazing assortment of dresses this season. We love the gypsy dress:
 The maxi dress:

 This frenchie striped number (also available in a tunic!)

Christina Lehr t's have shape and style. Love the off the shoulder look on this boxy tee. 

This cotton jackie top is a classic (just like it's name!)

And of course, who could do fall without stockpiling clehr tanks in every color, plus a scarf or two to match! (You'll be glad you did)
It is late August already. Are you excited about fall, or still enjoying hot days and nights?

Monday, August 16, 2010

souchi august newsletter

Thought you might want a sneak peek of the august souchi newsletter. If you are not on the souchi mailing list (and you should be!), please email

Sunday, August 15, 2010

quick fashion post.............

this shoot was styled by brigit flood and shot by jack krueger a few months back in portland, or. i love these photos. i love the patti hansen vibe. it's perfect as i have been obsessed with photos of her from the 70's and 80's. effortless style, strong face, awesome freckles & legs that didn't quit! the obsession was so strong i had to cut layers and high light my hair! long live patti. so here are a few of my favorite photos of her. i love the keith serenade.....very sweet. long live patti & keith. xo 

colors of kona.................

what a magical place!

to be honest i've never thought of hawaii as a serene beach vacation. tulum, panarea, formenterra (in may!) & zihuatanejo or my impressions of what seychelles or folegandros would be like.

but, kona changed my mind. it's absolutely beautiful, quiet, relaxing and everywhere you look there is a picture. color, flowers, fish, sunrises, sunsets, eels, stingrays, turtles, 8" caterpillars (the dangerous island inhabitant!), waterfalls, delicious food and sparkly and bubbly beverages. my new favorite non-alcoholic beverage is tons of mint, fresh lime juice, water and some simple good! i must admit that in 90+ weather the non-alcoholic did me right = 5 days of pure relaxation, perfect sleep, runs, walks, hikes, great food, warm soft water, late night swims and the hottest jacuzzi ever.

i stayed at the mauna lani resort which was great. i, also had dinner at the hau tree beach restaurant at the mauna kea resort which was incredible!! both resorts are terrific, but my take is the mauna kea would be the deluxe trip....maybe next time???

i suggest renting a car to drive around the island. though, be warned the idea of leaving the resort is difficult..but worth it. a drive to akaka falls will make your eyes dance. sounds corny, but it's true. bamboo that is several hundred feet high. flowers that are so vibrant and large that you will be clicking, clicking and clicking. looking up makes you feel like a lace canopy is above you. so worth it.

travel on hwy 250 to hawi. it's a local town that has the famous restaurant bamboo's. don't let it's casual, low key environment and silly names for it's daily specials,  'naked men and loose women' fool you....this place is delicious! coconut rice, jumbo shrimp in a coconut thai sauce, grilled pork quesadilla and pot stickers.......i'm getting hungry! 

oh, and don't forget to stop at donna's cookies on your way to akaka fall. yummy yummy cookies! 

at the base of the falls there is a fresh fruit and veggies stand where they take a machete to a coconut and hand you a straw....delicious! plus, i tried a veggie (or is it a fruit?) called ice cream bean. look at photo below it is the long thing on the far right of the table. you slice it open (i want a machete!) and inside is a fuzzy white sorta rectangle. honestly, it looks a bit like a cocoon....but when in kona.... so you put the 'cocoon' in your mouth and it dissolves into a yummy sweet treat. 

as for fashion when in hawaii.....i lived in my bamboo tank and the riley cardi (the winds pick up after 8). as for the best running around casual items to throw over bikinis and head to casual dinner on the beach i lived in christina lehr dresses and especially the boxy tee dress. i had to bring black and the grey. loved it. for dressy nights i turned to isabel marant & bruce.

i saw so much here but it was the colors that inspired me most. kona is electric with color that it's almost shocking. i can't wait to go back. check us out on face book to see all 167 photos!! XOXOOX

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kona Love

Suzi is in Kona this week, enjoying some well deserved rest and relaxation. Before she left, we took a peek in her bag, and this is what we found:

souchi bamboo tanks and pants for lounging and light sun protection.

souchi bamboo camis, perfect for layering. These are very alluring.

souchi bamboo tunics, skirts, and dresses for ultimate simplicity (toss it over your bathing suit) and comfort (so soft on the sunburned shoulders).

Bamboo is the ideal traveling companion.  Say you are leaving for Hawaii and are in a huge rush and only have time to throw a few things in the bag before jetting away. Bamboo will keep you fashionable and comfortable from runway to beach.

Bamboo is the perfect weight for late summer days and nights that are slowly easing into fall. Buy now; you'll be so glad you did.
Check out the latest souchi offerings on the website:
Did you know you can also shop by material on the site? So cool.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

eradication of blisters in san francisco?

the latest question comes from san francisco & reminds me of the dear abby episode on the brady bunch.
so here goes:

Dear suzisouchi,
I live in San Francisco and even walking to get milk requires a climb up a fat hill. How do I wear my fashionable long trousers and shoes without a) ruining my hems or b) getting blisters everywhere?
Am I doomed to run around the city in sneakers and yoga pants? Because I would prefer to be cuter than that.
love, trying to turn heads in The Mission

dear trying to turn heads,

san francisco was my stomping ground for almost 12 years and i miss it terribly. i was 21 when i first moved there and was just starting out and didn't have the cash to buy the shoes i really wanted to buy. cut to about 3 months later, no car, walking hills, to work, to movies, everywhere and multiple blisters and lots of $ spent on neosporin and bandaids and my outlook changed.

my advice is to invest in a well made classic shoe with a low heel.  also, please pay the $40+ to have them soled properly to ensure they will last through many seasons of bad weather and give you an extra cushion for the stairs, cobble stone and asphalt, not to mention hills. now, when i say classic i don't mean boring! always invest in well made items that you won't tire of, that make you happy and work with what you currently have and hope to have later.

no, you are not doomed to have frayed pants & yoga pants! however, check out lanvin to see that mr elbaz is the king of frayed seams. i am always a fan of the frayed seams, though a distinction must be made: frayed does not mean tattered! and yoga pants, well there are good and there are the 'oh lord, seriously' so just in case you have the oh lords, then you should know souchi, does sweats/leggings too and we carry the curtis lounge pant from christina lehr which is perfect for running errands, then hitting yoga. i think it's lazy to assume you don't need to be cute when running errands or exercise class. 

here are some 'classics' that i have chosen for my store, souchi, this fall:

hand made in italy booties with cool low heel (think cool and comfortable!) by martha davis

and then for both day & the nights where you want a lil extra flash, these are insane! also, by martha davis, and in a crackled leather in  gold with peep toe. what is more comfortable than a wedge? tennis shoes? well, then why, i ask is skeechers and prada making curved wedge tennis shoes? see.

for the crazy rainy days of the north west then i found these super cool new wellies from ports 1961. they are in a putty grey and super fun. they will be available in september.

and, lastly, a souchi store favorite, anouk boots have found the perfect sophisticated, cool, practical and beautiful boot. oh, and it's a flat so comfort is not an issue. did i mention they are handmade & that this style is over the knee but thin leather so it can be folded or scrunched down below the knee? yep, perfect.

i hope these inspire you to invest in a great pair of 'walking shoes' done done the souchi way and not the 'outdoorsy trekky' way.