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Friday, December 17, 2010

ode to thea grant.............................................

please meet the dynamic design duo of thea grant jewelry & bazz de grant jewelry! yes, this is thea, her husband nico & their adorable baby, grey!. yes, i was lucky enough to meet them (maybe 4 years ago) when i spotted an amazing necklace in a magazine and tracked them down & arranged to meet them in LA during market. i believe it was love at first fact, i'm sure of it.

i love their spirit, their drive, their work ethic and practices AND that doesn't even start to talk about the love of what they design and make. oh, and, well, thea has a bit of a shoe problem (ahhh bonding over canary yellow marc jacobs boots) and nico has a bit of a hat problem (hmmmm, i've been collecting all things to top my head since i was 18)...yes it was love.

i have posted about them before but had to do it again when we received their latest shipment. it was PERFECTION and i don't say that often. the pieces are beautiful, fun, sexy, stunning & just a hint of that magic camp that they do so well. 

i love the collection & i love the three of you. congratulations on a gorgeous collection.


*which are your favorites?

thomas st wrap around and around necklace $262

gardner fine chain fringe necklace with rhinestones $320

stuyvesant ave jumbo! and find the hidden glass beads...attention to detail! $276

newell st necklace with bake light anchors $312

strong st bow tie necklace with multi tie chain $294

and here is a gorgeous photo of their studio. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

what i want today at 9:42pm.......

so many amazing things came in last week that we had to shoot ideas anyone? i am so excited about dara, ninh, thea, decades, genetics, mike gonzalez, ports 1961 (!!!) & omg....johnny farah. so here is a random sampling.........more detailed blog to follow. CHECK OUT WWW.SOUCHI.COM


Sunday, December 12, 2010

how i love thee....let me count the ways!..............

ok, i am so happy to be doing this post! please meet susan g. a souchi favorite and friend from healdsburg, california. i met susan last year at a trunk show at arboretum and, well, i just adored her. she was so amazing that she swung by the next day with a thank you card and i've swooned ever since. foxy!


last weekend i was in healdsburg for another trunk show and kate, andi, codi and i had the best time playing dress up with susan. can you blame us? how can she not look amazing in everything. we simply tried on everything. at one point codi (another fox at arboretum) was in one dressing room trying on souchi, susan in another room trying souchi and i in a dressing room (clearly NOT working!!) trying on some sassy dresses that they chose for me. such a good time that i had to ask susan to check out the souchi website and give us her 'holiday wish list' and to send some photos. 


also, just to surprise you as i was is susan as i hadn't seen her or known her. she has alopecia and has since she was a teenager. she is such an inspiration to me: a woman who is happy, healthy, grateful, so much fun, kind and damn amazing! i am so inspired and can't wait to come up with a spring design with her as my muse.


i hope you enjoy her wish list and words as much as i do:

1. who knew i would love the lara catsuit? it snuck into the dressing room and at first i thought it was more of a novelty piece until i put it ON. so soft and wonderful...treating so many body parts to wonderful cashmere...favorite color would be charcoal or black. can't you see it with the audry pullover?

2. cashmere audry pullover (above) the cut & drape of the sweater balance the 8 ply cashmere beautifully. i love the sculptural neckline and the long, flowing sleeves. exquisite without any pretension. would be fantastic w/ the lara catsuit (mentioned above) or my favorite leggings, jeans...hmmm, wait did you say leather leggings?

3. trina cardi cape in luxe cashmere reminds me of being in a field of thistles (you know, the ones you pick and blow to make a wish?) airy, and ethereal...just like the luxe cashmere of the cape. i would wear it  in shiitake or (and?) truffle over the lara catsuit, over my juliett dress, with t-shirts and jeans, with t-shirts and those previously mentioned leather leggings. basically, it would only come off if i needed to take a shower.

4. raglan plunge top in cashmere. i know i just got one, but it made john's eyes go crazy so the wish list has another. this time maybe in (shock) warm berry...winter berry?? (*editors note it's wild berry) the cut is so flattering! sexy, but tame, very flirty but so practical.

5. luxe cashmere mina e/s crew because who wouldn't want to replace their crews with something as beautiful as this in yarn that makes the angels sing. really, i heard them in the store!

6. julia hooded cardigan in cashmere because it's a WISH list, silly. i can only imagine what a stand out piece this would be in sand. i am always cold and just looking at this warms me up. it is a 'big' piece, to be sure, but it didn't 'wear' me when i tried it on. i think you know what i mean. sometimes a piece this substantial can overwhelm, but the cut is easy to wear and the details are subtle (except for the vintage snaps that work so well). it would balance out my wardrobe when the trina cardi cape would be enough for the cold.

7. natalie rib v-neck in cashmere. i love the detail of this piece. it works as such a staple item, much like the mina crew. perfect with jeans to dress it down, or a great skirt or leggings to dress it up. love the graphite and the oyster.

8. bamboo amber keyhole dress (from spring 2010). it is such a beautiful cut i want to see more. 
*editors note, here are a few shots...the one lying down is the rest of the dress and it is available via special order.

9. tiffany cashmere rib legging. i just saw these and for the pieces where the lara catsuit would be too warm these would do the trick. versatile, easy to wear, wonderfully cozy without bulk. black would be perfect!

10. page sargisson custom calendar necklaces. it would be so special to have 2 of these: one with the birthday of each of my daughters. later on, maybe when they are married or have kids of their own i will give them each their own special day that i loved so much!

sending love
susan g.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

who wants to lounge.............................?

ok, so this photo has made me want to grab a book (or the stack of a years worth of magazines i haven't looked at!), some spiced wine and cozy up on the couch! why? because these souchi lounge pieces will never make you feel sloppy or lazy. nor will your significant other think you laying about in sweats :)

go ahead and snuggle up this weekend


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

lesson in knits: tried, true, sexy and timeless

 SO, i am in the process of designing my fall 2011 collection and decided to google knits, hollywood, film, etc. incredible to go thru decades of stylish women to see what is tried and true. the verdict? knits are sexy, cozy & timeless. oh, and side bar, hollywood test shot photographers & stylists love a fox in a sweater worn as a dress or a lil sweater shown with undies. 

here are some of my favorite found searches. what do you think? which are your favorites? others, that i missed? 

stunning!! truly, this knit cap with the awesome roll collar, fantastic glasses & don't even get me started on sophia's face: perfection!

short sleeve cashmere crew.....check.
side tie silk scarf....check.  
flawless brows, lips & hair....check.
weapon? not necessary with the above but she is putting it away.

navajo inspired wool tie cardi with pockets
and a bleached marilyn on the beach. 
my favorite series of shots of marilyn monroe. so pretty.

fitted high crew neck accessorized with perky brows, breasts and a smirk. forever cool.

an oversized mens sweater to lounge or dance around in. comfy, playful.

irish cable sweater with a huge roll neck and narrow sleeves. my idea of timeless.

fairisle cardi, jeans tucked into 70's style boots and great hair. tried & true.

all you need with a perfect high turtleneck is lip balm, mascara and a messy pony tail. effortless!

super size it! ribbed cashmere enormous pullover and boyfriend jeans. lounge.

chunky ivory sweater coat with hood accessorized with toned body, tan and laughter. luxurious.

 skinny narrow rolled edge neck and sleeve. modern gamine.

waffle weave cashmere cardi, mens shirt & a gorgeous baby. love.

off shoulder long sleeve cotton sweater worn with bikini bottom, great shoulders and lip balm. sexy.

tights, fishnet sweater & great hair. america's version of parisian chic. yes.

the male version of the 50's sweater girl meets cheerleader! unforgettable.

i love all things knit. so many styles. so many textures. so many reasons.
they NEVER go out of style!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

pics from souchi outdoor shoot starring julia & shot by rosemary ragusa

souchi merino heather cardi in scallop $386
souchi ally cami in anchor & scallop variegated
mike gonzalez equestrian leggings $110
souchi cashmere beanie $132

souchi's paula pocket pullover $570
winifred grace awesome necklace in brass & wax linen thread $204
souchi's zen cashmere thigh (we have pushed down to just above knee) warmer $226
souchi's getty turban $134

ports 1961 wellies $98

souchi's cashmere bottega scarf in sunset 
bethany moore hand hammered copper bangles
christina lehr long ankle length t-shirt dress

souchi's 8ply cashmere lil bow peep hooded cardi $1076

souchi's luxe cashmere trina cardi cape $800
genetic cords in acai $210
ports 1961 wellies $98
tricia cashmere head scarf $102

souchi's lil bow peep hooded cardi
christina lehr tank top 
genetic denim in leaf (love!!) $198

amazing photos of julia wearing some of our favorites from the souchi store. we love love love julia and
her amazing hair (yes, damn, it's natural!) and love rosemary ragusa photography.

which are your favorites?
how do you feel about the outdoor shots?
do you want to see more?