the souchi story

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

last stop healdsburg!!

i am headed to a super cool store, arboretum, in healdsburg, ca. for a pop up shop event this weekend. if you are in the bay area take the drive, enjoy the wine country, fantastic food...and start at arboretum for some shopping, champagne and cookies! 

i will be bringing organic cotton, bamboo, cottons for you to take with you and of course amazing fall cashmere that you can pre-order in time for the cool weather. oh, and goodies for the boys too.

also, check out this link

332 healdsburg ave, healdsburg, ca 95448
friday, july 31 4-8ish  saturday, august 1 11-4

hope to see you there

rc cola girl = summer icon

it was the 70's and i was and quite possibly still am OBSESSED with the rc cola girl! you know the one: 
blonde california girl
cut off 501's
white t-shirt (maybe a tank top?)
and roller skates

she was delivering pizza on roller skates! i LOVED how cool (wheels, not walking) and how casual (cut offs still rule...and i don't mean daisy dukes! that name alone should be enough of a hinderance)
no make-up (though now i realize there must have been some for the cameras) and great smile and a simple bottle of rc cola.
yes, true perfection.

so, i wanted to be this girl...well another version of this girl. after all, i had short brown (at 9 you didn't know about brunette) hair and brown eyes and i was too young to get a job delivering pizza. so......i cut off my jordache (since little girls didn't wear levis because they would have to be your boyfriends), put on a white t-shirt and grabbed my skateboard and headed out the door. now, i knew that i was now the rc cola girl because i was cool! my 'board' had a hawaii 5-0 decal and i was fast which made the short dorthy hamil hair cut blow in the wind like rc. 

for years, i varied this look....doc martins, converse, finally the 501 cut off, tank tops, etc. you name it....the rc cola look always worked...for decades. i still think of that commercial, in fact tried to find it to post, but impossible. fyi, there is a great australian rc commercial on utube!!

so, i was reading the blog and came across this girl from amsterdam. it's the 2009 version of the rc cola girl! she's traded in the roller skates for the cool bike and she's no longer bleaching her hair. 

to me, this is the most perfect summer look. now i would probably swap out the scarf for one of my organic bottega wraps for texture and light as a feather. though, for those legs and tan.... free sweaters for life time.

thank you garance for the photo and the memories of my summer icon.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


well.....yes, ever, but it took a lot to beat the former best sunday (paris 1991 with jude and walking by printemps to see the ann demeulemeester shoes i'd been coveting for 3 months! to find out the only pair left is in the window, with scuffs (who cares!!) and they are my size! i don't believe i took them off that year. my first, and only understanding of know never wanting to take their boots off)....but i'm now distracting myself.

OK, so today is the best sunday ever. i've recently been reconnected thru, the devil (aka facebook) with the miller sisters. no, not those miller sisters. these are the better miller sisters. our families were friends from the time i was about 9-13. there were 3 of them and 3 of us johnsons. for sure, i assumed (as most girls do when they want to be family with their best friends) that my older brother would marry the older miller sister & my lil brother would marry lil miller and i, of course, along with middle miller would never marry but travel the world without a ball or chain! we were modern women at age 10.

cut too 2009.......and well middle miller and i aren't married and older brother/older miller are (not to each other!) and lil miller/lil brother are married (again not to each other though they have managed to repopulate the world with their 9 children between them! who is doing that in 2009?) anyways, i'm getting distracted again...

so middle miller (dell) and i have emailed all morning catching up (while i'm knitting like a lunatic). first thing this morning i got on itunes and spent a small fortune (again...ann demeulemeester was suppose to get that money) and bought tons of music memories circa the miller years. 

yes, i was actually doing some dance moves AND i was not drunk nor on foreign soil, which after 1986 is the ONLY way to get me to dance! so the tunes/artists (yes they are!!) on the ipod today were:

motels, eurythmics, kim wilde, thompson twins, prince, joan jett, missing persons, berlin, scandal, pat benatar.......and some lita ford just well because....i love the beginning......'i went to a party last saturday night.....

music and the memories they bring up are the fastest way to laughter. i have been cracking myself up all morning. now, if you happen to be walking down the street that my knitting studio is on....well i will DENY that i was singing loud! LIES I SAY!!! 

crooked hair, june bug (oh god remember that!) 

Friday, July 24, 2009



a beautiful shot of the store and mentions of some of the
fabulous lines that we carry. if you haven't been in to visit
it's time!! we are just beginning to get our new fall merchandise:

-anouk boots hand made in mexico by a saddle maker
-ports 1961 fantastic silk tanks & dresses
-nona lingerie in bright colors
-grai leather jacket! this elephant grey leather is incredible with a cool industrial zipper.....AMAZING!
-many many more things to come in the next few weeks.

thanks to heather summerville at lucky for including us

thank you for all of you who have and are supporting souchi.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

souchi heading to healdsburg, ca

souchi pop up shop 

332 healdsburg ave. healdsburg, ca. 95448

friday, july 31 4-8pm
saturday, august 1 12-4pm

i will be there to show my fantastic wares
for fall '09 (see photo because you CAN 
wear it now!) and i will be bringing tons
of my favorite summer pieces. you will get to 
see, feel & try on organic cottons, bamboo, 
bio yarns and cashmere....till you are forced to
buy something :) 

now, there will be free wine & i will be bringing
some items from our souchi mens bring the boys.

hope to see you there.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

color and lots of patterns as promised

please excuse the poor quality of photos but admire this incredible scene! this was the rooftop of the 2000 yr old kings home in tunis. i can't imagine the work to lay all of this and paint it all. i love the random selection of patterns. but, as a hole they work so well together. i think because of the color tying them in. tunis, carthage, and the coastal towns are just surrounded and covered with all shades of blue. i especially like the turquoise iron work. it's no easy task to pop amidst all of this pattern and color. truly beautiful. i feel an outside wall of my house being covered.....maybe a floor. i love this.

Monday, July 6, 2009

natural or corridor? huh?

foot on left: cori williams
foot on right: yours truly

ok, i am not crazy.......well maybe, but not about this.

while running crazy and excited in tunisia we decided to go to the hotel spa and have pedicures. i also, got a massage (or was it? more on that later). 
cori went first while i was getting my massage. i ran into her in the hall and she was saying 'oh i'm so relaxed' so i, of course was looking forward to it especially after the 'massage experience'. i sat down in the chair, and the woman was seated on a normal size chair which forced her to be bent over so far that it looked uncomfortable and had me thinking, wow my hunched over self at the looms isn't so bad. she proceeded to sigh and breath very deeply. which, left me feeling like i was living the seinfeld episode where elaine swears they are talking about her and making fun of her feet. so i'm thinking, well my feet are nice, clean, what could possibly be the problem. she gets up, she leaves, she comes back, she sits, she sighs, all the while smiling so i'm thinking she's tired. turns out she's pregnant and working in a spa with scents, fumes, and hunched over is taking it's toll on her. i feel bad so close my eyes to try and drift away. near the end she asks, 'natural or color'? then smiles knowingly and says choose so i pick my color...tunisia's version of vamp. i'm watching her and listening to the sighs and thinking this is very different. she is painting my nails horizontally! and very carefully going around the nail in a weird curve but certainly avoiding the edges. i'm thinking, why? so as the first coat dries i still have only a square painted on my toes! i'm thinking, 'she can't just leave it like that, can she'? and it turns out, yes she can! i didn't know what to say since she was so careful & meticulous. but, now i had super short toe nails that were painted in even shorter squares. huh? so i leave the room and head back to the lockers to change out of my spa robe....i'm very confused. i was not 'massaged but more caressed and now i have short square nails. what was lost in translation? both the manicurist & masseuse were so sweet and smiling that i couldn't ask.

i walk outside to meet cori and say, 'cori, let me see your toes' yep....she's got the same paint style!! at least i know i'm not elaine bennis!

later that evening, i see the ever fashionable sophie who lives in vienna & tunis and was responsible in getting me to tunisia. i ask her, sophie, i got this pedicure and they didn't paint the edges so i show her. and she says, 'oh, you got the corridor! i love that and always have it done in france!' who knew i now had hip toes? turns out, the manicurist asked, 'natural or corridor' not 'natural or color'. 

i hope you enjoy the latest in toe nail fashions

Sunday, July 5, 2009

it's 85...and i'm dreaming of fall

a few of my favorite things...... hand made chair with metal base
-souchi 8 ply hand loomed cashmere hooded coat with vintage brass snaps
-jil sander orchid patent leather brogues.

i want it to be cooler so i can wear these non-stop. the julia cardi is big and lean and so cozy. and, these shoes always brighten my mood. yes, it's been years since i've worn flats, but these finally work for me and with everything i want to wear. you will all be sick of seeing me in both of these....or maybe not.......

Friday, July 3, 2009


this is all handloomed of bamboo by yours truly. these are some styles that we showed in tunisia and i am wanting to make them early for me...THIS WEEK!

again, meet lily, viktoria & cathrin...... they look fantastic in souchi and i can't wait to show you more photos

everyone keeps asking about the color of the multi blend yarn.
well, it was inspired by the fruit stripe gum i loved as a kid and still do. i mean bright sugary gum wrapped in wipe on tattoo wrappers. what is not to love?