the souchi story

Monday, February 6, 2012

SAG AWARDS.......................

these were my favorite looks from the sag awards. who knew i'd love white so much? rose byrne's jumpsuit was absolutely 
incredible! i wish her hair was a bit more michelle pfeiffer in scarface ....lil less full. tilda swinton is just cool. look at that face,
skin, cuff...super simple and classic which are 2 words i never thought i'd say about tilda! kelly osbourne's dress was pretty and 
though it looks a bit old for her, she pulls it off. i like the old hollywood feel of that. meryl streep, is perfection because she is happy,
, and the color looks gorgeous on her skin. zoe saldana comes in second as my favorite though the shoes (a big no!)
were not great. i loved the classic white tank with haute couture. 
what i didn't like:
sophie v we get've got a smoking body....but the choices are always safe & boring. girl @ 2 (sorry i don't know who she is)
looks like she's in a pageant. girl #3 is a cool dress if in a different color. this color makes me think of those barbie birthday cakes
when i was really little. not cute. kristin w has a super cool dress on and cool accessories, but sadly they don't work together. and,
angelina, i just don't get this? it looks outdated....too recent to be vintage and too goth to be cool and the hair....hmmm. considering
how amazing she looked this was a bummer.
what did you guys think? who were your favorites?


Friday, January 27, 2012

.........january 26 at the belly up in aspen.................hysterical!

i had the best time last night in aspen. after dinner at pacifica (venison, beet salad, clam chowder...yum) we headed over to the belly up to see deadmau5 (deadmouse) who started at 11:30. so much fun! the music was pounding, the lights going crazy, the 'kids' in their tutus and glow sticks and us....drinking from our magnum (sometimes getting old is not a drag!)

thank you to luke, chris, molly, scott & dayna for making it a blast.

tutu's, lots of head bands, lycra, feathers & slouchy boots

chris: genetic, enza costa, souchi sophia cardi & super cute triian earrings
me: herve leger leggings (yep, i was the female david lee roth), enza costa tee, la perla, rag and bone hat & souchi bottega wrap & shearling.


ahhhh magnums!!


molly & flirtatious david

coy chris

me & chris
check out those earrings

sassy molly & tame david

boom boom boom

love the x's

chris 'annie lebowitz' nardone

you talkin to me

feeling the beat

stop taking my picture.....seriously? 

molly: what's with this do or dude?

'ass'istance needed

stripes are always cool

matte sequin stud bomber jackets for men......not so much

i love this contrast!!

nothing funny here

give to me my leather take from me my lace.......go stevie!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

afternoon drawing at pretty.................

it was a beautiful wednesday and i decided i needed to sketch. it had been a while since i had and so i headed up the frying pan road and up to the reudi reservoir. i love the view, water and horizon. so, with snow around, music playing in the car i decided to sketch....... a pretty, calming day and a not so great sketch :)


Monday, January 23, 2012

long walk on the rio grande............compressed nerve.........huh?

ok, so, i love to hike, walk & now run. since living here i've managed to pick up the tools of the trade so i'm dressed appropriately and that i've got proper gear to eliminate accidents. SO, i indulge in some hiking boots (who knew ugly shoes were expensive....this breaks my heart) from italy (well some things can't be changed) and head out the next day.

chris has been in town for a month helping me with the stores and, well, generally just getting ourselves in trouble. she is the queen of research so decides we must walk on the rio grande. it's beautiful. the skies are blue, snow all around, colors of nature surround you.

i'm feeling good, my feet are warm and ankles supported. however, after about 5 miles, we're almost back to the car and i notice the top of my right foot hurts. hmmmm, i say aloud, 'maybe i tied my shoes too tight'.
yes, in fact i did & that, my friends, can give you a compressed nerves which is quite painful.

are you done laughing? yes, i, a former (and not so former) tomboy, grew up playing sports and have had my share of broken bones, crazy accidents (read the post about my eye being knocked out of my socket), broken noses (refer to eye socket), deviated septum (softball, basketball & a chick fight at an x concert that i happened to walk through). i am not afraid of a lil spill, but people how can it be that my first injury in aspen is because i tied my shoes too tight??????? this is unforgivable!

meanwhile, 3 days later all was well and i'm no longer hating my ugly boots. so here are some beautiful pictures of that fateful ridiculous day.

i WISH so badly i had my camera out when lil jack got about 6" from a cow trying to figure out what it was. but, when the cow moved....OMG i haven't laughed that hard in a long time.


winter school in aspen.............mid january

i am so excited to  be living in this winter wonderland! it's absolutely fact, magical. blankets of white, sparkling in the sun, blue skies, fresh air & an overwhelming designer to be outside. i am happy here.

winter school happens once a year in downtown aspen. i loved these snow sculptures and had to take blurry pics from my blackberry on my way home while fireworks were going out. love it.