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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

inspiration from my weekend in and around portland.............

as many of you know, this past weekend my mom and danny were in town.
so finally, after 6 years of living in portland, i had a reason to be a tourist.
so, tillamook cheese factory, pittock mansion, rockaway beach, domaine drouhin, farm to fork, powells, skin by marywynn, souchi (duh!!), japanese gardens, rose garden..........

i've always been inspired by the colors and shapes in nature as many people are. i like the juxtaposition of crude and soft, dark & light, dead & alive that are all so much a part of nature.
this weekend i took pictures of things that i'll use in future collections.

this gorgeous flower was shot at the japanese gardens and it truly perfect. i love the mix of lavender and yellow w/ lilac pinstripes.

this tree with 'knobby knees' and moss was also shot at the japanese gardens. i love how uneven and rough it is. yet, it lives within the most pristine environment. plus i love how the lower left patch of moss looks like a hand :)

the grounds of the domaine drouhin winery are absolutely beautiful: rolling hills, tons of color & shadows and scents and sounds.

oregon coastline is so serene. i think that because growing up in southern california the beaches are always packed with people, music & cars. so to be at the coast in late june when the weather is 78 and only see 7 people and one dog is serene. i love it! you can really take in the natural sounds, smells and beauty. and if you're my mom you can take many, many, many rocks.

pittock mansion! we got here too late, but the view and this side door is worth the trip. i was in love with this oak door made in france in the 1800's. it was so solid and virtually seamless. then, the bronze metalwork covering the door & the handle with the beautiful patina. this kind of beauty, simplicity and perfection is always an inspiration to me. i believe in the luxury of simplicity whether clean or crude. fuss and clutter has never had a place in my life or souchi's.

where are your favorite portland sites?

happy almost july


Friday, June 18, 2010

what questions do i get asked most often?

1. where would i wear that? usually in reference to our cashmere bikinis, briefs, bandeaus & lil booty shorts.

2. i can't wear that, can i? usually referring to bamboo pants, cashmere leggings or fitted dresses.

my responses are both honest & humorous.  i don't think fashion should have rules that dictate what you should or shouldn't wear, when you should wear it, when you should 'give away' or 'put away'.  i believe if you like it & want it then it you should have it. that being said, it is also up to you to know your body and how to best wear the items you love. example: i love the cashmere them! however, you will not see me sporting it with an open cardi as i don't have the abs to rock that look except in my dreams. instead, i designed the monica slvless wrap cardi so i can wear the bandeau and look cute.

so where does one wear a cashmere bikini? cashmere briefs? i love love love them for beach and pool parties with a lil sweater or christina lehr tank. i think, beyonce on a yacht would rock a cashmere bikini.
when i'm not channeling beyonce on a yacht i am usually running around the house in the summer w/ a christina tank reading a book. in the winter, briefs with a great sweater, socks and a good book.

bamboo leggings, cashmere pants or crop bamboo pants? well truly the most comfortable lounge pant. dinner party, vacation (no wrinkles!!), the most luxurious pj's, and out shopping w/ a tank and rondini's.
again, if your butt isn't hard as a rock or pretty close to perfect then wear a lean tank to cover the bum or a tunic.

the moral: buy what you love. wear what makes you happy. make it work for you. xo

here are some of my favorites:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

souchi says that the summer must have are.......................

dresses that can be worn casual or dressy 

my pics from the souchi store & are:

1.) christina lehr boxy t-shirt dress is great for dinner out, beach cover up or a day of shopping for more summer treats. i love with this stretch silver belt with clear rubber back by ports 1961

2.) souchi skinny bamboo yulia tank. i had a lot of favorites from the spring '10 collection but this was my favorite. i love it as a dress, a tunic and so happy when worn with the allegra pants. but, perfect worn simply alone with a page sargisson necklace for day & if for night i love with the new triian complex nova necklace.... ahhhhhh

3.) jackson, johnston & roe's beautiful italian linen t-shirt dress that is hand painted in berry, cotton candy, ink & turquoise. very simple on the hanger, but gorgeous classic beautiful summer dress. this dress is like a leather bag....i feel it will just get better and softer (love linen!!) over time. 

4.) calvin dress in bamboo by souchi. lovely, lovely, lovely drape 
with gentle pleating under the arm to create a simple fluid line. this
is your go to dress for summer parties, travel (the wrinkles will fall
right out!!) and that impromptu destination wedding. perfect.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

there was a time when i only wore black........but now!!!

but then my friend chris ( was wearing an awesome necklace at my birthday party last year.  and she had to introduce me, via email to her friends at triian ( and it was love at first site!

color, color, color and more color! i can't decide what my favorite piece is because i'm in love with all of it. the collection just screams the beach and that always makes me happy. 

i think the pieces make everything fun and and sophisticated without being contrived. the necklace above, pacific drift, would be perfect with a white tank or the perfect cotton sundress. the bangles i want to wear all together w/ a white t-shirt and a pair of cut offs with some spanish leather sandals.

the pink ring should be worn with everything. the thing is, wearing these pieces against black just makes all of the colors and sparkles more amazing and eye-catching! now, if only i can score the neon blue balenciaga sandals! now that would be a perfect summer.

oh and did i mention they are all one of a kind and made of resin so they are super light? yeah, thought you'd like that!

check out the triian collection at prices start at $132


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

this + that + those + lots of time = SPRING RAIN

today i had my latest craft (art?) project installed!
i am so excited because i like the way it turned out. i was secretly coveting a ballet stage that was created by one of my favorite artist, beatriz milhazes and was inspired to create something for the store.

in typical suzisouchi fashion, i originally planned to hand cut with an exacto knife lanterns and
snowflakes and lace-like shapes. then, well here's where my crazy sets in...(or denial?) i was going to hand color with markers different design patterns.
because i've got TONS OF TIME and clearly not crazy
i was then going to hand bead around these shapes.
reality set in and i saw the light. 
well more like i saw that i already work many many many many hours
and am in the midst of selling spring at the store, buying & knitting for fall 2010
and, oh, 
did i mention i'm in the middle of designing my spring 2011 collection.

that has 50hrs a day.

so, HERE, is my reality based mobile that makes me very happy.

last friday, we had craft day at the studio to help me
get all the shapes cut out, spray mounted and paint & prune the manzanita branches!

then many nights of beading and voila!

i hope you like it and it makes you happy to see it when you visit the store. 
there is so much color in the store right now
to counter 
the grey, wet, rainy skies of portland.



yes, this is one of our favorites..... for many many reasons. mostly, it's because this photo was taken this past sunday...yes that would mean JUNE 2!! now, maybe you don't notice the reason this is in bold and with 2 exclamations? nor why i'm typing in charcoal? was a very grey, rainy, wet, cold day in JUNE and tara is wearing a 10 ply cashmere cardi w/ hood, christina lehr scarf (we love clehr!), genetics AND she has a huge smile on our face despite NEEDING to wear chunky cashmere in june because it is 50 degrees and rainy! many people (including a few souchi girls) are NOT happy with this weather so to see a smile is lovely.

what is also great about this photo is that earlier that day, i had stopped by the store, wearing the same julia hooded cardi, wool leggings, souchi mens sweater, wellies and a smile.

yes, kids a typical portland day.

the moral of today's blog is a 10 ply cashmere hoodie will always make you smile.