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Sunday, May 29, 2011

basalt.............may 28 & 29

yesterday and today blew by...truly! it was so windy tonight: signs, planters, trash cans, etc were turned over, my decks covered in tiny branches and flower petals (pretty but man i can't stop sneezing). 

jack was quite sad and moody yesterday. we had a rough day & weren't very good friends. i was starting to think he was sick since he was so mopey. i was getting frustrated as everyone who came in, walked by, etc had plenty of advice on what to do. which most days i find helpful but yesterday i was annoyed. especially as it was: you need better toys, oh doesn't he have anything to chew, doesn't he go outside, oh 'no no no, don't bark', etc when i kept saying, he has 5 toys here, has eaten 2 chew toys and he goes out 10 minutes every hour and usually more. arghhhhh

i was busy at the store selling batwings, tricia headscarfs, tanks & butik necklaces. i got a visit from the fashion photographer and got invited to drinks with a group from basalt at 6:30. i headed home and got a message from logan, laila's mom, saying 'we're headed to the park can you and jack meet us?' YES!! as soon as i said, jack, do you want to play with laila, he jumped up and we were out the door in 5 minutes. we have to pass the store logan works at in order to go to the park, and jack headed straight to the store (which was closed) and scratched and scratched the door whimpering. i said, 'no she's at the park'. he just laid down and dug in. he would not budge. so i had to pick him up and carry him half a block before he gave up and started to walk. as soon as we crossed to the park, he must have seen or smelled her because he started pulling like crazy. then we hear, 'look laila it's jack!'. omg! they ran towards each other and were kissing on the mouth and then proceeded to play for 45 minutes! it was so much fun. i realized jack was mopey, he missed laila. sadly they are in a soccer tournament this weekend so we don't get to see her and jack is mopey. poor jack is smitten.

at 6:30 i walk over to temparnillo to meet some new friends. 3 hours later: 2 1/2 glasses of wine & rigatoni with meat sauce & some shaved manchego on top. yum! delicious. we started inside & then decided to sit out on the lawn on the outdoor furniture as the sun went down. then it was back inside for dinner. a great night.

today, was a day of writing orders for both the portland & basalt stores, choosing new spring 2012 colors  & snacking way too much. again, jack was mopey and missing laila. so each time we went out for potty breaks we had to scrach on laila's door.
it's love.

happy memorial day.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

basalt..................may 26 & 27

what great last few days jack and i have had. on thursday, we had a really funny day. mostly, because we had our first puppy training on wednesday night & i learned that training would be the best option for sweet jack. however, i was happy about that because the trainer said it doesn't have to be forever. but to train him to be comfortable that when he does sleep there he won't be sad but would want too. 

however, he was so amazing wednesday night that i was second guessing my child would need to be crated. ha!!  we then went to work thursday and he had a love fest with his girl laila. still acting as a perfect child & i figured his first vet appointment was that night and i'd ask the vet if he needed training. 

in fact, word has spread through eagle county (slight exaggeration...very slight) that there is a beautiful puppy at the new store in basalt. what? you don't believe me? well, the pretty & fabulous, erin, from plum tv stopped by the store to meet jack. yes, she did! lucky for me, she actually liked some souchi and walked out with our awesome organic cotton tiny cami in banana. so cute on her! however, this was after multiple photos of jack. 

we were then visited by logan, chase & their gorgeous baby australian shepherd, laila. who i kid you not is jacks true & first love. it is incredibly sweet how they know each others names. jacks scratches at the door where logan works after hours & tends to whimpers. it's love.

then we were visited by the amazing, frankie (a new customer i absolutely love!) and her friend judy. frankie brought her blonde labradoodle, barry, who decided he should sleep in jacks tiny mesh travel bag, lay on his blanket and eat his treats. ahhh, so cute, since he's about 80lbs & didn't really fit. but poor jack wanted his treats and tried to get them but barry is faster, bigger & did that doggy snap that sent jack scooting across the floor. as usual, all was well in the puppy world at souchi.

so we head to aspen early, so i can meet a new friend, amy, who is opening a new store in aspen. we go to ute bar & restaurant. a yummy reisling, goat cheese & arugula, and hummus & pita. the sun was out and it was pretty, not cold but warm with the sun on you. we sat outside & low and behold, 'hey suzi' we ran into erin from plum tv. it is strange to be here for 10 days and already making friends and running into people. it feels great. jack slept in the car & was completely out when i came back an hour later. he is so so so good! 

we're off to meet caroline, jack's vet at the aspen animal hospital who uses a holistic approach & western medicine. jack made friends, was fantastic, didn't even flinch at his vaccine & besides being super chatty and loud he was incredible. he is 'looking great': long, lean & great coat. yeah, us! 

oh, and yes, she said a crate :( 

so friday am, i went to buy 2 crates (1 for store & 1 for home), 2 beds, 2 exact toys (retrieve game) and tons of chew toys that will stay locked in his crate for only him :) i set the one up at store and within 3 minutes jack was asleep inside! yes, he loves it. he only whimpered once, and that was  because he was inside crate & there was a dog in the store. so far so good.

we stop by to see laila again & go for another walk and then dinner in the home crate. no problem. eating a treat in the crate. no problem. at bedtime i let jack fall asleep on the lil couch (is it? it's tiny!) and then we he was out i put him inside crate AND woke up at 6 this morning. pure perfection!!!!

yeah jack! yeah mom!

happy memorial day weekend. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

basalt...........may 25

today was another beautiful day in colorado. bright blue skies, white clouds and no rain (yeah!) todays outfit: genetic james jeans and the blaire v-neck in multi with my tried and true rag & bone booties. such a pretty day. also, cool customers who purchased some sonia rykiel, souchi, thea grant and more spite of jack peeing in the middle of the store! oh jack.

jack has been pretty good. i'm thinking 95% angel 5% devil. but the devil part is really devilish!! so today was his first day of puppy training. we met for a private consultation with laura at the canine consultant. and she was fantastic. so far i have put our meeting into practice and what a great night. 

laura has a beautiful ranch in missouri heights. it is absolutely gorgeous surroundings. the view, the land, the ranches. i was blown away so i had to pull over and take these photos. gorgeous! smart lady, chose this place in the 70's. brilliant!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ace & jig at!

we love love love this new collection, ace & jig, from brooklyn. and you will love it too. not just because it is fantastic but mostly because it is all under $240!!! yes, you will love it. also, if you use the code: sitewidesale20% on the website (only web, not in store or on phone) then you can get 20% off!! check it out...i am no sure of my favorite....caftan? or long red? oh i don't know i love it all!!

AND we think the butik snake necklaces LOOK amazing with it! those you'll have to call the store for because they have sold to fast to post!

suzi souchi

 market long red dress $210

baja pullover hoodie in white $180

 caftan $164

short mini dress tunic tank $152

super cool jacket $230

racer back pocket tank $98

assortment of butik necklaces $22-68

the incredible winifred grace meets souchi...............we love!

so those of you familiar with my store or website know i love winifred grace. her pieces of jewelry are pretty, cool, eclectic & unique. people seem to feel they have a great 'summer feel'. i can see what they mean, BUT, i love winifred grace with knits. 

i am so fortunate that she felt the same! in fact, liked my stuff enough to reach out and ask if i'd be interested in loaning her some souchi for her look book. ummm, YES! 

so here are some of our favorite images. it's a nice marriage, don't you think? check out and take advantage of our 20% off site wide only sale. use: sitewidesale20% now thru june 11 to take advantage. discount is not available in store or by phone...web only.

thank you winifred for an amazing collection & the honor to be part of your marketing campaign.

suzi souchi

getty turban & donatella dress
*we are getting some of these bracelets this summer!!

rib waist plunge dress
*we're getting this necklace & cuff this summer

trina cardi cape
we are getting both of the navy necklaces and the coral one. love.

organic classic cardi in porcini
*we're getting the necklaces in the summer

nico mini dress, trina cardi cape, organic cotton tiny cami, rib waist plunge dress
getty & donatella, organic cotton classic cardi w/ sash, lauren pocket tank.

*fyi, we are getting the large bib necklaces in leather!! they are incredible!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

first full sunday in basalt, may 22............

today was a great day! it started with jack waking me up at 2am & 5am but NOT again until 9:10am! yippee i can't remember the last time i slept in that late. so we were up and outta the house on our first long walk. we headed up the creak (stream? river?) to the hillside homes. it was so much fun, sun was out & it was kinda warm so i had to lose the souchi funnel cardi cape. while i dropped half my chai tea (a morning ritual) because jack loves the smell and jumps and jumps causing my hand to jerk and spill a lot of it. i also indulged in a buttermilk biscuit from midland baking company and i must say it was the BEST biscuit i have ever had. so so good!

on the way back my sweet sweet friend marywynn called and we both actually indulged in a long phone conversation. it meant a lot as she has so little free time as it is. i miss her very  much. not to mention, my skin is missing her magic hands. 

it was then time to head to the store and open, my first sunday. it's still off season so i was scheduled to be open 12-4. a new friend came by with her boyfriend to play and try things on. which was great as it was pouring, then sunny, then pouring so the street was quiet. well they played and found some things they couldn't live without: sonia, bruce, souchi & a denim dress. it was impossible not to leave with it all as everything looks amazing on monica!!

headed back in the rain walking through town and home to make a big salad & a yummy baguette from midland bakery (yes, i am loving bread again!)

i spent most of the rainy day uploading the website with new items and eliminating things we've sold out of. it was a great day (except jacks 2 last accidents) and now time to read my friend anne zimmermans book, 'an extravagant hunger'. check it out if you haven't already.


*here are some pics from our walk today

Saturday, May 21, 2011

basalt..........may 21.....

another funny day in basalt. woke up and the smell was incredible: fresh air & the scent of rain, perfection. made me remember the issey miyake perfume i was obsessed with in the mid 90's.

jack and i had an important discussion about how today would be a good day. he wouldn't pee in the house or the store & i wouldn't get frustrated by his faking needing to go potty so he could go eat up all the plants and roll in the dirt. we sealed the discussion with some kisses and he ear nibbling/biting my lobes. and, guess what? it's 6pm and so far we both stuck to the agreement.

the weather was indecisive: pouring windy rain, sunshine, cold, grey skies, puffy white skies. turns out on saturdays in the off season most stores are closed. however, go souchi, i decided to open 10-4. our first customer from yesterday, returned to buy something else today (yeah!) and a cool mom & daughter (who was awesome with jack & tired him out so he slept for 30 min after) and the mom found 2 great souchi starters & a page sargisson necklace. then another woman came in and is deciding between a dress & the souchi batwing. yes, a hard decision because everything she tried on looked great!  lesson today is that it isn't a bad thing to be open on a bad weather day off season.

jack & i closed up about 4:15 when the sky got very dark (fyi, sun is out now!) and we walked thru town towards the post office to mail bills. we crossed the bridge, over the raging river (it may flood since there has been so much snow!!) and then back home. where i then got an email from annie, a new souchi girl, who said her aunt just walked by the store and the alarm was going off. argh

so i head back to the store without jack and the front doors look as if they were pulled to be opened. luckily i was able to push back and not damage the lock. re-do the alarm and head out again and it's pouring rain...POURING! back at home i have super late lunch & jack has dinner & we play fetch (or jacks version, he gets it then runs it back to me & then growls when i try to take it back) and now i'm off to dinner with some girls (i may be old enough to be their moms....maybe the cool aunt).

here are some pics from the walk to the library today. it's very pretty here.


ARGHHHH OR NOT since i somehow deleted them ;(
more tomorrow

basalt, may 20

 finally.....souchi basalt is open! granted it only took 4 1/2 days but still i am so excited. just in time for 45 degree rainy weather. however, tomorrow is suppose to be 73 so i am hopeful the sun is just around the corner. there is talk of the river flooding because of all the snow aspen & snow mass have had. it appears i can't get away from the rain. 

so here are the first shots of my new store...after meltdowns, stress outs, overwhelming sensations of can i really do this, etc. here you go.......lots of walks, running, yoga and maybe meditation to chill me out a bit :) how do you guys relax? de-stress? 

here is the store originally when i looked at the space & below are the changes i made: white walls, new furniture, lighten &  brighten.  i did keep the blue plaster wall and the chandelier since i had no time to find the right lighting. 


Thursday, May 19, 2011

basalt, may 19

ok, it has been a very long week. i am exhausted, nervous & excited. but, did i mention i am beyond tired. not being able to sleep through the night with a puppy who must be teething as he's non-stop chewing, nibbling and biting. plus, he's getting a bit more aggressive in his growling. still sweet as can be but so funny to watch him grow up.

today, the store is painted, racks up, clothes on racks & shelves, 1 mannequin dressed, and table displays ready. what is left is to price most of the merchandise & inventory it. what was i thinking doing this alone?

in all of my years of being in business, moving tons as a kid & an adult, you'd think i'd have the stress down. not to mention, that it always takes twice as long, something is always broken or lost & it's never as quick and simple as you think. but, no, i have yet to learn this! and, i figured it can't be that much harder with a sweet puppy.  naive? denial? insane?

doesn't matter, the store will open at noon tomorrow and i am hoping beyond hope that we can make a success out of souchi basalt. wish us luck. send your friends and family. or just come and visit me and the new souchi ladies.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

basalt.......may 18

ahhhh, i loved today. store is painted, mannequins arrived, clothes hung (but waiting for 12 more boxes of souchi spring!!) i had 5 interviews for potential souchi guys and gals and 2 more tomorrow. hoping to find an array of personalities. jack was so much fun and drawing lots of attention as usual. tomorrow is my day to merchandise, do displays, get flowers & spruce up for my first day of opening souchi basalt. i am nervous and excited at the same time. wish us luck!! i will post pics tomorrow when i finish & before the friday opening.

here is the before picture of the store.

today, i met 3 more people and had dinner with some new friends at the riverside cafe. it is casual, fun and right on the river. which was incredible because it was freezing tonight & expected to snow. the river was rushing by and sounded beautiful. fyi, i didn't pack a jacket since i didn't expect snow in may!

evening started at a wine tasting at basalt wine & then dinner at riverside. to start (running tomorrow) with truffle fries with aioli & i had buffalo tacos. yummy! good conversation, new friends, yummy food & red wine. again, all is right in the world tonight.

fyi, today was jacks first evening alone for 2 1/2 hrs. i was very nervous but my baby was a trooper.

*outfit: genetic faded skinny jeans, isabel suede boots, audry pullover & the new beanie (a girl needs good hair even in snow/rain!)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

basalt.......may 17

wow! today feels like quite a lot of mini accomplishments followed by a gigantic, 'are you kidding me!' 

today started with a early wake up from sweet jack at 5:27 am...not bad since he's almost sleeping through the night. but, having washed my hair and gone to sleep with it wet, my hair was quite crazy. i realized living in a small town, in a loft above the towns fave bakery with a puppy leaves no room for vanity. so bad hair, pj bottoms, supermaggie tee and my (and i think now jacks) favorite julia, (did i mention crazy bangs?) and head out to take sweet jack out to potty. sure enough, i see jessie, cute girl from the bakery who has an adorable dog. we say hi and chat a bit about how it's going with the store & (if i ever need help buying clothes she's in) i say i'm exhausted...

we go back inside and i'm hoping for another hour (at least!!) of sleep. sweet jack gives me till 7:43. i love him!!! then the puppy attack begins....licks, bites, chewing on t-shirt, necklace, hands, nose, etc. i give in and give him my attack of love & kisses and belly rubs and we start our morning routine: food & water, playing with all his toys and learning to bring me them. instead he likes to go get them and take to his bed to gather all of them. then another potty break. then jack takes a 20 minute nap and i sneak in the shower (not easy since the pipes are really loud) and i get out and jack wants to lick my toes. he goes back to sleep & i have breakfast, check emails & get dresses. we are out the door at 9. NEVER, have i taken this much time to leave in the morning but i'm going to try and embrace it. 

it's 9 am and i go to the bakery to get my tea & jessie says, 'you're awake now & i love your hair'. i laugh and say, well you did see it at it's worst. she says, no i love how crazy the bangs were. with tea in hand, i go to meet the painters then head to carbondale, glenwood & el jebel to look for furniture for the store. it's amazing how long it takes to look for things when you have no idea where you are. i scored an incredible table & had it delivered by noon. i also found a cool leather stool in souchi blue (a sign????) but still looking for a big chair and maybe a bench....maybe thursday. 

the bakery & my loft above it. i have 2 balconies. it's a cute place. 

also, managed to find jack a great pet store, new raw mini bones that he is freaking out over. it's so funny how long it takes a puppy to get thru one. the pack of 10 could last 6 months!
how much is that sleepy dog in the window?

i'm back in time to get a call that comcast will be at my house at 3 & the security alarm people will be at the store at 4. so, time for lunch for me and jack and some more playing. i get a call at 1:45 from the painters saying my 'white paint is 'more purple grey' so we need you to come approve. what? 5 hr later and how is flat white purple grey? so, yes, it's purple grey. we need to stop, go to a closer paint store and start over. the guys figured they'd come back tomorrow but.....mean suzi stepped forward with a bit of the 'hell to the no' (so wish i could really say that!) and said, 'no, it must be done tonight, no exceptions'. 

comcast calls & running late. but, hey, they called. security calls, running late. so i head back to look for more furniture, then home to meet comcast (85 minutes!!! due to an unusual problem. um, not unusual to ANYONE who knows me...this is usual for me! then i rush over to the store to check on painting & then get a call security is still behind schedule. 

i decide to head to tempranillo for a much needed big glass of wine & some bruschetta with goat cheese, honey and carmelized onions. all is right in the world again. meet aspens fashion photographer for basalt means souchi is off to a good start....or so i hope. 

it's now 6pm and i bring painters pacifico and said bye to them. one will be back tomorrow to hang the rest of my racks and put back all the electrical covers. then i say bye to the security technician and AHHH i am home at 7. 
store pre-painting (but i am keeping this blue venetian plaster wall)

luckily my missing boxes arrived from ups that the studio sent me from portland. this was good because one box was my fave 20 souchi sweaters & my 6 favorite pairs of shoes! can you imagine my fear? the other had all my kitchen stuff: cook books, slow cooker, etc. SADLY, this box was trashed! the slow cooker ceramic pot crumbled, my wine glasses/bowls/juice glasses (packed in bubble & paper) were all trashed.

the real bummer? i had gone to the market and bought a whole chicken so i could slow cook a delicious meal. arghhhhhhh

meanwhile, looking forward to interviewing future souchi girls and boys tomorrow and my first dinner with new friends: bbq of steaks & wine. yum

it's bedtime. afterall, i will be up in about 6 hours for potty breaks with jack

is it funny that jack has 2 beds and mine still hasn't arrived?

365 days in basalt.........may 16

so, lets talk about driving from portland to basalt, colorado with a 9 week old puppy. yes, insane. yes, overwhelming. yes, perhaps the sweetest thing i ever did. i always wanted to go on a road trip with billy because he just loved being in the car. billy at 7 yrs old in the car & jack at 9 wks is different.

there were many pee stops.....a few mountain roads with no turn offs or pull outs so a few lil misses. luckily i have leather seats and billy had a lil blanket that we now left in a best western (sorry!!)

we left at 7am and drove till 9pm....not by choice. let me explain:

i had half a tank of gas and decided to drive till i needed more and then grab a chai & jack could pee. this worked well and i continued to think he'll sleep, i'll drive & sing along to my ipod and life will be great. that's until he started squirming and moving and climbing. not good while driving so i put him in a mesh crate....that lasted 40 min due to intense whining and his being so anxious that he was way too hot. so we stop again, he stays in crate while i rearrange car (hmmmm, i was adding on 3 hrs for puppy stops, better make that 4!)

so with my julia sweater laying over the divider between passenger & driver seat, hiding the ipod/charger etc and all possibilities of slipping under seat. i then added his lil sheepskin rug to the front seat & stuffed some items on the floor of his seat so no slippage. then created a lil bed on fuzzy pillows right behind the passenger seat up high if he needed more room. again, i think, if reincarnation exists i better come back as a dog to someone like me! the julia has oh so many uses.

we're making good time, were about 400 miles out of pdx & jack really needs to pee & i need gas. but there are no fuel stops for 16 miles & i realize he can't wait! so, no pee accidents!! no no no i don't want to smell pee in the heat of a car. eww. so i pull off at a 'no services exit' that takes you on a windy road the kind removed from freeways where i believe it would be easy for me to be trapped, stuck in a ditch or snatched & jack the pee'r can't help me! so i head back to near the turn off (more people may see me!!) and open the door to get out & then let jack out. the wind is insane and almost blows my door shut (volvo's have heavier doors) this is scary & jack is freaking out. i grab him and am trying to block the wind from him while he's trying to pee. as i'm more concerned he won't blow down the cliff i soon see my map quest directions blow out my door and down the cliff!!! no no no no no. hmmmm. we get back in the car, jack is freaking out, i'm thinking hmmm, i should have downloaded that gps app. he's shaking so i open up rescue remedy (my new bf) and am putting a few drops on his treats when he jumps in my lap and the entire bottles contents fall into my lap. at the risk of sounding crass, yes in the crotch area of my jeans it now looks like i've pee'd. in less than 2 minutes jack is relaxed and dozing on the julia. i on the other hand am thinking: i need gas. i have to pee. i have to get out of my car to do these things and it already looks like i pee'd my pants. more importantly, just a tiny amount of rescue remedy remains & i've got 800 more miles to go. i remember that i did type the directions into my bb (hmmm, well planned? or i know myself well?) so i am no longer worried and keep on driving. my plan is to get to woods cross, ut. of course, after i stop to get gas looking like i pee'd myself. all vanity is gone.

we pass through idaho (thank you for the 75mph speed limit) and the sky is blue, puffy white clouds with intermittent black ones that cry a fierce rain for a few minutes then back to blue skies.  here's the sign saying 'welcome to idaho'. what you can't see it? yes, my camera didn't click fast enough. but i swear that was it

we're now in utah and it is a lot of open space. the speed limit seems to mostly be 65 which isn't too bad. jack is getting restless but not terrible so no need to give rescue remedy as i need to ration it. we're having fun stopping at the fast food places (hmmm, perhaps a chain of salads should be made available or something healthy) with pretty grassed in areas. jack enjoys his meals, water and some playing with his toys while everyone at the joint tells him how cute he is and pets him. then a teenager comes over to play with jack and she's very nice, but my momma fear sets in 'is she going to grab him'? someone is in her truck with the car idling and she just keeps asking questions and talking to him and i'm thinking i must be crazy, but still i watch. she tells me she's just coming back from visiting her fiance in prison (sad) and she's laughing as i am waiting for jack to poo. she heads to her truck and brings out a newborn of hers and says 'mine just poo'd so hope yours does too'. yes, road trips are fun!!
here is our 'welcome to utah' sign....i swear.

it's 7:30pm and i'm about 45 minutes from wood cross and so happy as my head is pounding, jack is restless and we need food and sleep. ok, i need sleep, he's been sleeping all day. so according to my notes in my blackberry i need the I5s so i am looking and looking and stay on the current frwy looking for the I5s. i head about 20 miles and realize i have to be wrong because i was only about 20 exits away before. arghhhhhh. i call hotel i've reserved and let it ring for 6 minutes, yes 6! and no answer. i had already called them to find out how close i was and she said 45 minutes. well it had been that long and i know i'm wrong. so i head to the rest stop and ask some truckers. there was a very nice husband and wife and i explained the fly away directions, the I5s i'm looking for and she said, 'honey, if your writing is as messy as mine, maybe you actually wrote down the 15s and not I5s because the 15s is what you needed. you must be from california and thinking the 5' ARGH....note to self, work on penmanship! if i can't read my own writing, who else will be able to.

so i head back 45 min in the direction i had gone, called hotel and after 27 rings she answers and i cancel my reservation as i took it out on her. not fair, but i told her where i was and that i was looking for the I5s and she said 'sure you're 45 min away'. not fair, but who cares it's now 8:47 i've been driving over 11 hrs and am way over it. i head towards downtown salt lake (ooh ferris wheel!) and stay at the best western which is surrounded by fast food. jack and i head in and he is NOT sleepy. he's freaking out about the room, the bed, the fact i'm showering & trying to sleep. it's heart breaking because he's so little and so scared. so i have another wtf am i doing to this poor puppy and myself. i grab a sweater and shoes and his leash it's about 12:45am and we go out for  a little walk to relieve him and try to calm him down. we're back at a little after 1 and we both pass out. he wakes me up at 5:27 and we are out the door on our way by 6am. now, side note, utah, i am not happy with the 45mph speed limit for 20+ miles saying work area when nobody is working. argh.

WELCOME TO COLORADO!! 6 1/2 hours to go...or so i thought...........
suzisouchi & jack

Monday, May 16, 2011

365 days in basalt...........................................may 15

i had a crazy idea about 5 weeks ago......why not open a pop up shop in aspen, co. i assumed september-january but soon realized that, surprisingly, is not the best season for aspen! who knew? it actually is june-september. so i hit up a store i've sold to (pre-economic disaster) and we did a trunk show so i could check out aspen and look at spaces and see if i was crazy enough to do something like this.

turns out i'm even crazier. the store i loved in aspen (victorian cottage.......dreams of the house of souchi went wild in my swelling head) but it was off the beaten path & word is aspen folks like their path. again, who knew? so, 2 days later, i decide against the house of souchi (ummm, economy woes wins) BUT i was offered a cool space in a small mountain town in basalt, co. 

yes, basalt you may ask? well it's 12 miles down the mountain from aspen & about 6 miles from snow mass. it's very cute, charming and small. but, the store was cute, space the right size and if you listen closely you can hear the rushing water in the creek behind the store. you'll also hears tons of dogs as basalt puts portlands love of dogs to shame. it's crazy! 

i decided to take the space, spend a year in a mountain town, and see if we could bring the souchi love to the mountain. it's crazy, fun, unexpected and i have for sure had a few 'wtf' moments (at least twice a day to be honest). 

now, to add to the craziness: i had one month to move, pack up & ready myself for a move. oh, and what the hell, why not bring a 8 wk puppy. yes, jack was a trooper for the 20 hr drive and i've got the pics to prove it. he just wasn't so great at night after he had slept all day and i needed to sleep. we weren't friends for a bit, but our love is back. he's the spoiled child i expected to have and he seems quite content with that.

so here are a few pictures of aspen and what made me decide to do this souchi mountain girl thing!!

stay tuned for my daily blog of my happenings in basalt, aspen, jack, the store, and hopefully making a few friends!!


2 airlines & tiny, fast & easy. love love love the lil planes

aspen mountain in april!
so pretty.
fyi, i don't know how to ski, snow board or anything snow related!

horse carriage ride thru town

the gondala lift is right at the base of the town so you can literally ski into shops

even the statues wear sweaters!!
fyi, i tried rotating this 3 times! argh