the souchi story

Monday, September 26, 2011

late september in ny......

first is it late september? the leaves are starting to change, nights have gotten cooler, layers are starting and jack is so big. last week i was in ny for fashion week. i was showing my spring 2012 collection and looking at the collections of new designers and the ones we currently carry at the souchi stores. plus, lots and lots of catching up with old friends, new friends & lots of food & wine.

sam....with crazy tails from her adventures in greece! over a pitcher of delicious sangria

sorbet colors and stripes 

walls and walls of scarves

menu at the abc restaurant. perfect lunch spot during a crazy day

UNBELIEVABLE necklace that i am freaking out you guys like it?

sweet whitney who just moved to new york....soon a mini post about this!

mountain suzi with her knew amazing 'holster purse' & true grit hat.

thea grant flirting with the camera

thea & nico's sweet baby boy, grey. swoon


Thursday, September 15, 2011

souchi spotted on celebs........

we've had a lot of interest in souchi from stylists and celebs so here are some girls sporting there favorite souchi.....
who do you want to see in souchi?


kim kardashian humphries in the madame butterfly in truffle

katrina begin in the lydia top in mango (now on sale!!)

january jones in the charlotte bamboo cardi in black (now on sale!!)

jennifer carpenter in the mel raglan (new for fall '11 & will be up soon!!)

emma stone in the sasha cardi (sadly....sold out!!)

hillary duff in the zeus hat

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

needing an infusion of color for my mountain life...........

finally, finally the cold weather is starting to move in. yes, i realize in about 6-8 wks i'm going to be complaining about how cold it is (or maybe not!) but i am so excited to start wearing my new souchi fall sweaters, new boots that i have been in ny a mere 20 hrs and already hit up a shop and walked away with below! i am headed to barneys tonight for a few more pops of luxe to work back to my sweaters & new life in aspen.

i was, as most are these days, wanting some pops of color to play with my neutrals & to mix back to the azure blue. i'm feeling the azure with these green jeans & some maybe a french's bottega wrap. love it.

on my list to find today is some of the following:

-a beautiful print dress to wear with all my souchi knits (especially the caitlin) & vintage ysl booties
-fun socks to wear with open toe heels
-insanely impractical shoes that will make me happy to put on for years to come
-a watch (ok, this quest has gone on for 12+ years......leaning towards one.....maybe today is the day?)
-a shearling coat (ok, this quest has gone on for only 7+ years)
-an amazing accessory that i'll want to wear with everything. (the watch i'm leaning towards could actually count here too.....)
-mid calf length skirt to wear with the daria crew &  mel raglan

see hardly greedy at all. i already crossed off a new hat because i took 3 from souchi & 1 new rag & bone hat) & short boots (moto from gucci) and tall boots (scored a knee high hand stained charcoal pair with shearling inside) so i'm good to go.

what are you guys excited about for fall?


with all my grey jeans & a huge and the corn bottega wrap!

yummy yummy paprika silk l/s top with copper button. this will get piled on with the wheat bonnie tube skirt, caramel vintage ysl boots & the o/s sharon in granola!

to live in! with storm mel raglan or azure tennant or or or or
and the new moto boots.

higher waist trouser w/ belt loops! i want to wear with my 5" fendi peep toes, johnny farah belt in natural, paprika blouse above & the souchi gemma blazer in chocolate & origami beret in avocado.

wish me luck tonight!

happy birthday kelly & dina.........bash in aspen..............

happy birthday to one of salon tulio's finest, miss kelly & basalts very own dina. the girls birthdays were a few days apart so they decided to have a bunch of people meet up at campo in aspen and then head to escobar for dancing. yes, friends, i accepted the invitation, despite the plans to dance! but, these girls are great and it's their birthday so i sucked it up, dug out my dancing shoes, dusted them off and drove up to aspen.

it was fun, crazy, a tad sloppy at times (as most crazy parties can be) and hysterical too. i had a great time and here are some pics of the nights festivities.

kelly one of our bday girls wearing the souchi megan dress in bamboo!

yep, and it looks exactly the same on me :)

this picture cracks me up! i look scared and like i'm going to do the tango. but it's because someone just
grabbed my arm...

ridiculous and so much fun!! we just arrived and already my dress is falling off and we all look like we're tipping over! it can't be my 6" booties!

funny since monica is holding the required redbull and the mayor looks like he's 7ft tall! 

not sure who this guy is but loving that he's rocking pink denim and busting some sort of move.

dina is our other birthday girl who has dance moves we all WAIT to see. fantastic!

kelly & molly standing on the booths and literally raising the roof

happy birthday girls

Saturday, September 10, 2011

my fave pics from souchi's fall 2011 collection...............

ok, so those of you who know me KNOW i am a fall girl! i want to be layered in knits, bundled up in a fabulous coat (swoon for the bruce coat...see my next post), strutting in gorgeous boots & adorned with a souchi hat (zeus!!!) and maybe one great accessory (thea? winifred? ahhhhhhhh).... 

my days of being a beach girl (yes, there was a time that i was super tan with help from QT, aluminum foil & baby oil, and afternoons spent at the pool, beach or backyard) but the days of that have passed me by. yes, since probably 1990 i don't lay out. i am thankful for the city of san francisco for providing cold summers and a freezing beach that kept me away. my skin thanks you for only 2 sun spots. 

now, don't get me wrong i LOVE a tropical vacation spent lounging seaside in a bikini, with a great book (or kindle), a cocktail and sound of waves crashing....but 5-10 days in the sun is wonderful & relaxing.

but, i want cold for my everyday life. i want to have a pink nose & cheeks and i want the layers. so here are my must have sweaters from my own collection. yes, i'd love to have it all and in many cases, i do get quite a bit (an advantage of very very long days) but these are the ones i must have this fall:

theresa vest in luxe flax (shown) and avocado!

martine mock neck with lattice front & basket weave hem (love!) 

caitlin cardi w/ antler horn buttons and basket weave detail in flax (and avocado)
*this cardi is what i wore for the 36hrs i found out in paris that i had to say by to billy and it now holds a special place in my heart for keeping me safe and warm on the hardest day/s of my life. rip sweet billy

o/s sharon (love the cozy boxy feel) in lapis but i want granola & storm :)

wesson hooded cardi w/ attached scarf & pockets in luxe cashmere in pearl

tiffany rib long legging (ok i'll get short length as i'm short...damn!) in granola & storm

scarlet cowl dress for evenings out in aspen in haze (i want mole!)

izzy vest...i am gluttonous and will be getting chili, quartz & black
on web soon!!

cloche hat in azure (and probably black too)
on web soon!

origami beret in flax (shown)

zeus hat that hillary duff is making famous in storm

tricia head scarf (a suzi staple...i don't like to do my hair!)

a stack of bottega wraps! i love them for everyday, for travel (can fit in my purse). love

julianna briefs in lapis....JUST BECAUSE they are soooo cute

me in the winter in aspens! ok, this is julia, but this is me lathered in cashmere contemplating my next outfit to keep me warm, cute & cozy!

xo suzi souchi


here is what i'm dreaming of for my feet this fall........sadly, i have to buy ski gear so my chances of serious shoe indulgences may have to take a back seat. but a girl can dream of beautiful things for her feet, can't she?

and here are my winter motorcycle boots i just got from gucci. i have always loved moto boots and have decided all my 5" heel boots aren't as practical in the snow and on cobblestone. what do you think? i can't wait for them to get scuffed up!!