the souchi story

Saturday, September 12, 2009

souchi store does chanel circa 1992 or 1993....?

i started working at chanel in 1993. i loved fashion. followed fashion: bought italian vogue, french marie claire, id, british elle and all the fashion icon books: chanel, fortunny, vionnet, dior, comme des garcons, and all the great collectors like tina chow. BUT, it wasn't until i started working at the beautiful boutique on maiden lane that i met people who were actually buying the designs and not the many versions the original inspired.  my second customer bought a leather motorcycle jacket, multi chain belt, wool boucle trench coat and a pair of motorcycle boots.

over the years, i  have had many influences that have shaped my life, my company and my designs. but, the most important fashion lessons were taught and learned  at chanel: quality (the inside should look as good as the outside), fabrics/textures (always nice to the touch) and branding/image (cult, desire and prestige). 

so, it is no surprise i find myself at my store looking at all the fall merchandise coming in and am reminded of that first fall collection runway show with helena christensen, karen mulder, beverly peele, christy turlington and linda evangelista....sporting tons of leather, biker boots, black trenches and tons of chains hanging from necks, waists and wrists. i didn't think of it as i wrote these orders back in february, but it is so clear now. the tried and true leather, wool and jewels always works and always leaves us wanting more......just like chanel and hopefully just like souchi.

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