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Monday, January 23, 2012

long walk on the rio grande............compressed nerve.........huh?

ok, so, i love to hike, walk & now run. since living here i've managed to pick up the tools of the trade so i'm dressed appropriately and that i've got proper gear to eliminate accidents. SO, i indulge in some hiking boots (who knew ugly shoes were expensive....this breaks my heart) from italy (well some things can't be changed) and head out the next day.

chris has been in town for a month helping me with the stores and, well, generally just getting ourselves in trouble. she is the queen of research so decides we must walk on the rio grande. it's beautiful. the skies are blue, snow all around, colors of nature surround you.

i'm feeling good, my feet are warm and ankles supported. however, after about 5 miles, we're almost back to the car and i notice the top of my right foot hurts. hmmmm, i say aloud, 'maybe i tied my shoes too tight'.
yes, in fact i did & that, my friends, can give you a compressed nerves which is quite painful.

are you done laughing? yes, i, a former (and not so former) tomboy, grew up playing sports and have had my share of broken bones, crazy accidents (read the post about my eye being knocked out of my socket), broken noses (refer to eye socket), deviated septum (softball, basketball & a chick fight at an x concert that i happened to walk through). i am not afraid of a lil spill, but people how can it be that my first injury in aspen is because i tied my shoes too tight??????? this is unforgivable!

meanwhile, 3 days later all was well and i'm no longer hating my ugly boots. so here are some beautiful pictures of that fateful ridiculous day.

i WISH so badly i had my camera out when lil jack got about 6" from a cow trying to figure out what it was. but, when the cow moved....OMG i haven't laughed that hard in a long time.


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