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Friday, January 27, 2012

.........january 26 at the belly up in aspen.................hysterical!

i had the best time last night in aspen. after dinner at pacifica (venison, beet salad, clam chowder...yum) we headed over to the belly up to see deadmau5 (deadmouse) who started at 11:30. so much fun! the music was pounding, the lights going crazy, the 'kids' in their tutus and glow sticks and us....drinking from our magnum (sometimes getting old is not a drag!)

thank you to luke, chris, molly, scott & dayna for making it a blast.

tutu's, lots of head bands, lycra, feathers & slouchy boots

chris: genetic, enza costa, souchi sophia cardi & super cute triian earrings
me: herve leger leggings (yep, i was the female david lee roth), enza costa tee, la perla, rag and bone hat & souchi bottega wrap & shearling.


ahhhh magnums!!


molly & flirtatious david

coy chris

me & chris
check out those earrings

sassy molly & tame david

boom boom boom

love the x's

chris 'annie lebowitz' nardone

you talkin to me

feeling the beat

stop taking my picture.....seriously? 

molly: what's with this do or dude?

'ass'istance needed

stripes are always cool

matte sequin stud bomber jackets for men......not so much

i love this contrast!!

nothing funny here

give to me my leather take from me my lace.......go stevie!


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claudinka said...

Hot! Love you guys... Wish I coulda been there! xoxo -claudine