the souchi story

Friday, June 26, 2009

souchi....i guess we are sexy.....


after years of souchi being described as sexy....i must, finally admit, perhaps there is some truth to are proof. however, these are fantastic editorial shots for european magazines and i love them. 

but, the tank dress is meant to be worn as a bikini cover-up or with a souchi organic cami dress to have a great texture layered effect.

the bathing suit.....well, it's fashion and ridiculous but it's handloomed with bamboo and feels amazing....i have visions of this being sold to the husbands, boyfriends and partners to our should see the back....full coverage, brazilian style :)

the bamboo tank on the right is my new favorite. so much so that i made one for me to bring on this trip to wear with the cropped 'harem' pant (when in rome...). it is shorter in the front and back with longer fuller sides to give a great drapey effect. YOU WILL ALL WANT THIS TANK!

enjoy....more photos on the way
thank you to agatha and alfred for the modeling & photography


Anne Zimmerman said...

So beautiful! Do you get to take your models home with you as souvenirs :)

suzi said...

no, but i really want to take cathrin home! she is so funny!!