the souchi story

Friday, June 26, 2009



it was blazing hot today for all of the final run-throughs with the models. i have never seen so many long legs in one place!! the bodies are crazy, the girls are hysterical and to see all the cultures and styles in one place is fantastic!! 

i need all of your good thoughts and wishes as i'm very nervous....did i mention i am now known in these parts as 'suzi souchi'? yes, trina and sheri this must make you very happy. i keep getting introduced like this (i realized it must be from my blog name) but it is fun and sweet and a bit more interesting than 'suzi johnson' especially next to all these girls (ekatrina, lamira, lyidia, bianca, yulia, anna-sophie, karyana, etc....... so i am embracing suzi souchi.

for those of you who want to google you may need my new nickname :)

*fyi this is the rooftop of a 2000 yr old house of a former king. he was very sweet and built 3 next to it for his other wives. many more pictures of the tile to come. the man in the background is the man we were sold to by are chaperone when she had to go to another location. lucky for us he was funny and not interested in 'the gentle lady' HAHA mom, i'm sure you love that.


PATCH NYC said...

Love this Suzi Souchi! I feel like I'm with you minus the 42 hour flight time. The models are gorgeous! Sort of like Tina and Cherry. Keep posting because we want more!

suzi said...

oh, please souchi can't afford tina and cherry! those girls demand top dollar...tina and her legs and cherry and her cheekbones!! but, maybe if they suzi souchi called....stay tuned!!

Whitney said...

Bonjour Sweet Suzi! Hans has been calling you "Suzi Souchi" since the first time he met you. He thinks it suits you and he likes alliteration! I am sending you heeps of good thoughts and lucky vibes for your show. Your pieces are sure to be sensual, sexy, stunning, striking and sweet...all things souchi! So happy you were able to add the comments section. I have been following you and thinking of you throughout this adventure. Have too much fun! Can't wait to welcome you home.

marywynn said...

ummm, I think my screen just melted cuz those photo's are so HOT. fingers crossed for a great show. sell tons my dear.

suzi said...

love you M.R.....looking forward to bootcamp...took shot of all the bottoms i am striving for....HAHAHAHAHAHA

whit/hans LOVE how smart you are...or is it psychic?


form3 said...

Have a GREAT show!

p.s. Yellow is as hard to read as stumbling drunk out of a bar at high noon. Must be the Tunisian sun.