the souchi story

Friday, August 28, 2009


in celebration of souchi's 12th birthday and the store turning 5 i want a retrospective...

i would LOVE for you to send in pictures wearing your favorite souchi and some words as to why it's your favorite or why it's special to you.

over the years, i have heard so many great stories. once, at a restaurant a woman next to me was wearing 'vintage' souchi. yes, mohair, circa 1999! i loved it. she told me she found it at buffalo exchange and paid $12 :)

another time, while interviewing a perspective knitter she told her 'souchi story': she was shopping with her bff and saw a crop (....please we all wore them!) nubby stretch wool cowl neck in a dusty rose (it was NOT pink!) and they fought over who was going to buy it since there was only one. she won the sweater and got the job...i liked the determination.

my story is the first time i saw someone wearing souchi. it was in sf & i had been in business maybe a month and was standing in line at a movie theatre and saw a girl wearing my sweater. i kept staring, she walked by and said, 'cool sweater'. what? did she know i made it? no. i was so sidetracked by her wearing something i made that i didn't realize i was wearing the same sweater! so, i said, 'yours too'.

NOW, here is the fun part for you.......3 winners:
-best words/story
-most surprising sweater
-the rarest souchi


winners will receive $150 gc for the souchi store towards the purchase of their next souchi.



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