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Sunday, February 28, 2010


in this months elle there is a great article on natalie merchant under 'intelligence-music'. i love her, loved 10,000 maniacs and loved a concert back in the day where they opened for r.e.m. and i was wearing levis cinched at the waist (please, you were too back then!!) with monkey boots and a stripe t-shirt.

well, the article ends with this quote:

'.....i'm still wearing the same clothing i was wearing 30 years ago. The cardigan is eternal! That's my theory.'

we at souchi agree that the cashmere cardigan is eternal. and on a personal note, i'm still wearing levis and stripe t-shirts 30 years later...on a hunt for monkey boots.


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Anne Zimmerman said...

When I was getting on the plane in NY yesterday the song 'these are days' was playing on the loudspeaker. I hadn't heard it in forever -- it's a good one and so is she.
Side note: I was wearing a cardigan when this occurred. :)