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Friday, February 5, 2010


i am having a very long accessory moment! in fact, i keep buying more and more for the store.
which brings up that i have received emails with people confused about the souchi store & if it carries other things...what?

to clarify.....souchi, is the collection i design and knit for almost 13 years. six years ago i moved to portland and opened up the souchi store. the intention is to create my fantasy closet that will work back (easily!!) to my knits & re-vive favorites.

check it out to find: ports 1961 (LOVE ALL), bruce (ny cool), genetic (the answer to NEVER EVER wearing sweat pants), thea grant (truly makes me want to wear rhinestones and teddy bears...see above and you'll understand!), christina lehr (the best tanks & tees), jjr (the most amazing line of understated cool), deadly ponies (awesome leather) and many many more.

this month 20% off all sales on-line to start your addiction.

-new choker from thea grant! complete with rhinestone bow and dangling dancing bears!
-new souchi must have: the getty turban in pink lemonade w/ layered page sargisson necklaces
-new super cool necklace from ports (only 1!!) and new silk tanks, shells & slips (under $15o)


1 comment:

g. said...

ohhhh, i want a turban! so good.
love you.