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Sunday, November 14, 2010

HOLY SMOKES.....souchi welcomes studio deseo.....................

patricio $156

brunier $160

chouquer $170

pierre $180

poupre $180

sacre 2 $180

i am in love with studio deseo! the collection is beautiful. it is all hand made by aleishall maxon girard out of her studio in berkeley, california. the attention to detail (check out the mini pom pom signature), color and tiny, tiny sequin, bead, glass choices is amazing.

a friend introduced us and truthfully i just loved her right away. when we walked thru the garden to get to her studio, past the ghee (yes, she makes it herself, and no, i had no idea what ghee was) to the tables of incredible trinkets i was hooked and had to steal some pieces from an order she was working on for a cool store (i also love this store) in brooklyn.

so check it out and call the store if you have any questions.


*oh and stay tuned for a spring collaboration of souchi yarns and studio deseo!

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Anne Zimmerman said...

Did you discover this when you were in the bay area last week? love the blue in the necklace and curious about future collaborations!