the souchi story

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

rainy days and tuesdays.......lounging at home.........

LEFT: truffle getty turban, new putty stella cardi, cocoa lydia dress  
RIGHT: salmon julia and banana tiny cami dress

photographer, marie saturn, decided to grab some luxurious cashmere pieces that put you in a mood for lounging at home with friends. i loved the idea because, though i know souchi is a luxury item and often referred to as 'investment pieces' i design the line with the intention of you living your lives in these pieces. they are built to last so no need to think of them as precious. yes, they are luxurious, hand loomed and many times less than 20 being made. still, enjoy, wear, live, play & lounge.  xo suzisouchi

thank you marie!!

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Anne said...

Yes. I def. live in souchi.... and am very happy!