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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 2011... A Little Late

Ten days into the new year and no new year's news from souchi. Bad, bad, bad. What can we say? We got caught up in wintertime adventures, some fun late nights, and days spent wrapped in cashmere drinking hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows by the fire. It wasn't bad, friends.

But now we're back and turning the spotlight back on Suzi! Normally Suzi is at the helm of the souchi blog (she IS souchi after all!) but every once in awhile we like to make her the focus: ask some deep questions & dive into her creative mind. There's more mini interviews coming soon. So if there's soemthing YOU want to know, ask in the comments and we'll try to get an answer soon!

Suzi in souchi
What are you excited about in 2011?
Adventures, propositions & challenges & some great shopping thrown in for extra fun.
Adventures, do tell!?
I'm headed back to Florence this winter, then NYC, Paris....possibly London and then Los Angeles. All for souchi! And I'm hoping for a summer getaway (a personal vacation, what an idea!?) to somewhere i've never been....locations tbd. Any ideas?
Are there any changes in store for Souchi in 2011?
Yes....but more like great additions instead of changes. Change implies I don't like the way something is when, in fact, i love all things souchi, but want to add to the nest we have.... I'm very excited.
Very profound, Suzi. What about personal goals?
Yes, always!: Fit in family visits w/ my travel plans, manage a day off a week, learn something new, read more books AND to finally grow my nails!   

List three fashion related things you think are going to influence you this year: designers, colors, shapes, etc....
Well, I just finished designing & knitting my fall '11 collection and I will say I was influenced by electric colors of recent collections by dries van noten, jil sander, celine, rodarte....

I am also thinking about nesting.... During this poor economy i heard more and more about how happy people were with the pieces they bought from souchi. They view souchi as an investment piece. Maybe customers weren't buying as many items, but i noticed they were investing in the key pieces they hoped to live in. Pieces that would take them to the office, dinner, out for cocktails but also be perfect for a quiet evening at home. So i decided to push that thought and really design items that are multi purpose and oh so cozy
Shoes ALWAYS influence me. But it is more than than just 'oh they are pretty.' Shoes make me happy, interested, curious & always inspire something to be made specifically for them. ....... this poses a huge problem with my travel plans as i tend to only bring 2 shoes so i have room in my bag to come back with 3 more :)

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