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Friday, December 17, 2010

ode to thea grant.............................................

please meet the dynamic design duo of thea grant jewelry & bazz de grant jewelry! yes, this is thea, her husband nico & their adorable baby, grey!. yes, i was lucky enough to meet them (maybe 4 years ago) when i spotted an amazing necklace in a magazine and tracked them down & arranged to meet them in LA during market. i believe it was love at first fact, i'm sure of it.

i love their spirit, their drive, their work ethic and practices AND that doesn't even start to talk about the love of what they design and make. oh, and, well, thea has a bit of a shoe problem (ahhh bonding over canary yellow marc jacobs boots) and nico has a bit of a hat problem (hmmmm, i've been collecting all things to top my head since i was 18)...yes it was love.

i have posted about them before but had to do it again when we received their latest shipment. it was PERFECTION and i don't say that often. the pieces are beautiful, fun, sexy, stunning & just a hint of that magic camp that they do so well. 

i love the collection & i love the three of you. congratulations on a gorgeous collection.


*which are your favorites?

thomas st wrap around and around necklace $262

gardner fine chain fringe necklace with rhinestones $320

stuyvesant ave jumbo! and find the hidden glass beads...attention to detail! $276

newell st necklace with bake light anchors $312

strong st bow tie necklace with multi tie chain $294

and here is a gorgeous photo of their studio. 

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minkandcappuccino said...

i like gardner necklace :)

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