the souchi story

Thursday, March 5, 2009

new york

i just got back from a 5 day trip to new york to show my fall '09 collection for souchi & to buy my favorite lines for my retail store. yes, i have a job i love but it's not as easy as it sounds. i often feel the only words i have on my mind are 'edit, edit, edit.' people always ask, 'what inspired this collection' or 'how do you decide on the items in your store?' i don't have a creative story about....say, a girl walking thru the woods who stumbles across fairies and vampires in an era that is a combination of the 1926 & 1981. no, what inspires me for all things fashion is who i think i am that day. sometimes i'm 6' tall and flat & other days i'm in lipari walking along the cobblestone streets, other days, i imagine an art exhibition in tokyo and sometimes i'm me walking billy & want the perfect hoodie to wear with my wellies in the mud. this bag by ports 1961 needs no story it just needs to be in my home! it is gorgeous. the colors are like an abalone shell. strips and strips of raw edged chiffon, silk, brocade, jacquard & trimmed in natural leather.....that reminds me of the leather backpack i coveted in 1983 from bree but my mother was not spending $350 for a backpack for her 14 yr old daughter. the big question is they still haven't priced this bag. that's a scary thing to consider since i have to have it in my store.....well and my closet. 


Anne Zimmerman said...

I am pretty sure I am coveting this bag and am also pretty sure it is beyond the budget of the romantic struggling writer. But let me know if for some reason I am wrong!!

suzi said...

yes.....perhaps.....but there are many versions of it! i think you'll need the leather brogues for the writer living in sf.