the souchi story

Friday, March 6, 2009


i am leaving for bend in 10 minutes so i wanted to leave you with some fave pictures. of course the cutest pooch or monster...lately monster! and two images that always make me smile from my last road trip. feral burros crossing the road... there were about 15 and i love the expressions on their faces. if any of you are in bend tonight or tomorrow i will be at hot box betty in downtown bend to do a trunk show. hope to see you there


gwendolyn W. said...

hi suzi! is that a photo of billy brown? wishing you much success at the trunk show at thot box betty (great name btw).
glad you are blogging. have you been back to twitter yet?
Gwendolyn W.

suzi said...

yes that is monster billy brown! haven't figured twitter out.....soon