the souchi story

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

grey, cold & cloudy.....

it's 10:32 pm. i love grey. i love cold weather. i love rain. i want to take these items from my store! the ring is by ninh wysocan who has an incredible gift for detail. it makes me think of river rocks & pebbles. then i will take this buttery suede jacket from grai. it drapes longer in the front & gathers to this waist in the back. the suede is so soft and the sleeves very long. but, what i love most is that the front closures are hidden magnets in the front which enables you to close it different ways. maybe i should grab another pair of  my favorite grey genetic leggings....just in case! then maybe a drive to the coast to look for rocks, enjoy the clouds & stormy weather while billy chases the seagulls.

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