the souchi story

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



i can't believe it but souchi has been asked to debut the spring '10 collection at the Look Model Search contest in tunisia this june. of course, i said yes, but now realize that i've got 35 days to design 40 head to toe looks. now, some may think that this is the real hard work. but i've also realized that being surrounded by forty aspiring models ranging in age from 14-18 (19 is too damn old) is where the real trouble begins. in september i will be 40 (wizened is the word used in modeling circles) and to think that i could be the mom to any of these girls is quite a concept. well, assuming my spawn would be 5'11 (it could happen.) so i have decided to devote hours of knitting to a fabulous tunisian wardrobe of color, color and more color to highlight these porcelain legs of mine. i see meters of bamboo, organic cotton & textured cottons that will take me away from the land of rain and clouds.

stay tune for more stress, excitement and so many photos of what promises to be an adventure in fashion, color & travel

thank you for encouragement