the souchi story

Sunday, May 10, 2009


happy mothers day!! now, i love moms. moms are nice. moms are sweet. moms are teachers. but todays post begs the question.....who is your mom? and would she be proud? 

on friday, i went to my store to drop off new goodies. of course, i was talking (hahaha chris & k) to courtney and margi. i am sitting on the little bench in front of the desk where you pay for all of your lovely purchases. if you don't know about this bench and desk then you have NOT been shopping at souchi. but that's another story. 
so, i was sitting down, margi, sitting on the chair behind the desk, and courtney standing. however, she kneels down (not sure why but she did study ballet....maybe she was going to break into dance?) and then puts her hand on the corner of the desk (see image at left) and starts to stand up. she then says EWWWWWWWW! margi and i look at her like she's crazy. she then bends down and takes a look at what she was grossing out over. please see photo below.
YES, some disgusting person stuck a big wad of used, nasty chewed, blue gum under the edge of my cute vintage desk!!! 
WHO DOES THIS? WHO ARE YOU? WHO IS YOUR MOTHER? i can assure you she is not proud! i can also guarantee you that we don't have a lot of 4 year olds shopping solo at souchi. 
i am shocked. it is mothers day so i would like us all to take some time to reflect on the things we do and ask if our mothers would be proud.
we at souchi bring you beautiful knits that are handmade and i believe fantastically comfy, cozy & cool. we work hard to make our store pretty, comfortable and unique. we do not want to pick gum (though thank you....i guess....there was some thought since you chose blue!) off of our furniture & we most certainly don't want to put our hands or have our customers hands touch your gum!!

remember....make your moms proud and the souchi girls happy!!