the souchi story

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

.........sweet lil getaway.....

petaluma, california is not known for modern architecture. that may change after 421 opens this weekend. yes, this fabulous home sits on a quiet street ('I' to be exact) in downtown petaluma. it is the creation of chris and greg, designers and owners of form3. this home is incredible! it was built from the ground up and is completely furnished with their own locally made furniture & lighting using all things eco (paint, wood, counter tops, etc)! the entire 2 stories have heated floors for those chilly bay area nights. who am i kidding....chilly bay area days and nights. if you dare and because you should, go check out their site to see what other creations and services they provide. it's time to take a look and shop from people who are doing unique & highly designed items and made with impeccable quality in the states at prices that are lower than expected. if you're not looking for furniture then come stay at 421 because, trust me, this home is not like yours. it will be available as a vacation rental starting june 1. be sure to check out my favorite part.....the wood around the fireplace and ceiling beams. they are made of strips of wood from the original homes foundation. so beautiful! there is every shade and type of wood imaginable and yet has a cool, open, spacious & airy vibe. you will love it. their showroom and store is 2 blocks away so you'll need to see that as well. more photos to follow.