the souchi story

Monday, July 6, 2009

natural or corridor? huh?

foot on left: cori williams
foot on right: yours truly

ok, i am not crazy.......well maybe, but not about this.

while running crazy and excited in tunisia we decided to go to the hotel spa and have pedicures. i also, got a massage (or was it? more on that later). 
cori went first while i was getting my massage. i ran into her in the hall and she was saying 'oh i'm so relaxed' so i, of course was looking forward to it especially after the 'massage experience'. i sat down in the chair, and the woman was seated on a normal size chair which forced her to be bent over so far that it looked uncomfortable and had me thinking, wow my hunched over self at the looms isn't so bad. she proceeded to sigh and breath very deeply. which, left me feeling like i was living the seinfeld episode where elaine swears they are talking about her and making fun of her feet. so i'm thinking, well my feet are nice, clean, what could possibly be the problem. she gets up, she leaves, she comes back, she sits, she sighs, all the while smiling so i'm thinking she's tired. turns out she's pregnant and working in a spa with scents, fumes, and hunched over is taking it's toll on her. i feel bad so close my eyes to try and drift away. near the end she asks, 'natural or color'? then smiles knowingly and says choose so i pick my color...tunisia's version of vamp. i'm watching her and listening to the sighs and thinking this is very different. she is painting my nails horizontally! and very carefully going around the nail in a weird curve but certainly avoiding the edges. i'm thinking, why? so as the first coat dries i still have only a square painted on my toes! i'm thinking, 'she can't just leave it like that, can she'? and it turns out, yes she can! i didn't know what to say since she was so careful & meticulous. but, now i had super short toe nails that were painted in even shorter squares. huh? so i leave the room and head back to the lockers to change out of my spa robe....i'm very confused. i was not 'massaged but more caressed and now i have short square nails. what was lost in translation? both the manicurist & masseuse were so sweet and smiling that i couldn't ask.

i walk outside to meet cori and say, 'cori, let me see your toes' yep....she's got the same paint style!! at least i know i'm not elaine bennis!

later that evening, i see the ever fashionable sophie who lives in vienna & tunis and was responsible in getting me to tunisia. i ask her, sophie, i got this pedicure and they didn't paint the edges so i show her. and she says, 'oh, you got the corridor! i love that and always have it done in france!' who knew i now had hip toes? turns out, the manicurist asked, 'natural or corridor' not 'natural or color'. 

i hope you enjoy the latest in toe nail fashions


Anne Zimmerman said...

I painted my toenails last night (a rocking 80s pink) if only I had known about the corridor!!

Whit said...

I was planning to go to the dinky little pedicure joint in McMinnville sometime this week so my toes are at least presentable for the big wine weekend. I'm fairly certain they aren't privy to THE corridor. I'll just have to be content with my not-so-hip country girl toes!