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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

rc cola girl = summer icon

it was the 70's and i was and quite possibly still am OBSESSED with the rc cola girl! you know the one: 
blonde california girl
cut off 501's
white t-shirt (maybe a tank top?)
and roller skates

she was delivering pizza on roller skates! i LOVED how cool (wheels, not walking) and how casual (cut offs still rule...and i don't mean daisy dukes! that name alone should be enough of a hinderance)
no make-up (though now i realize there must have been some for the cameras) and great smile and a simple bottle of rc cola.
yes, true perfection.

so, i wanted to be this girl...well another version of this girl. after all, i had short brown (at 9 you didn't know about brunette) hair and brown eyes and i was too young to get a job delivering pizza. so......i cut off my jordache (since little girls didn't wear levis because they would have to be your boyfriends), put on a white t-shirt and grabbed my skateboard and headed out the door. now, i knew that i was now the rc cola girl because i was cool! my 'board' had a hawaii 5-0 decal and i was fast which made the short dorthy hamil hair cut blow in the wind like rc. 

for years, i varied this look....doc martins, converse, finally the 501 cut off, tank tops, etc. you name it....the rc cola look always worked...for decades. i still think of that commercial, in fact tried to find it to post, but impossible. fyi, there is a great australian rc commercial on utube!!

so, i was reading the blog and came across this girl from amsterdam. it's the 2009 version of the rc cola girl! she's traded in the roller skates for the cool bike and she's no longer bleaching her hair. 

to me, this is the most perfect summer look. now i would probably swap out the scarf for one of my organic bottega wraps for texture and light as a feather. though, for those legs and tan.... free sweaters for life time.

thank you garance for the photo and the memories of my summer icon.



Ruth Costello said...

I remember you with this look...even the bike Do you remember the sunburn?

suzi said...

it is very hard to remember that specific sunburn as there were many. as a mom who was laying out with me on aluminum foil with a can of crisco!!!