the souchi story

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

want a new drug

is it bad to start an addiction early? am i going to acrylic and synthetic hell for starting off adorable tots on an addiction? or, am i going to a soft, fluffy, cashmere lined heaven for sharing good deeds and helping others develop fine taste at an early age? you decide.

this is dear sweet auggie, learning to walk, run and grab to get his souchi blankets! ok, a little creative licensing never hurt anyone!

here's to fabulous taste at all ages!!


Anne Zimmerman said...

I was wondering who that ADORABLE kid was in the Metier promo poster. Kind of makes me want one -- a small souchi sweater, of course, not a kid. :)

suzi said...

now had you bought a souchi hoodie circa 1998 the xs was probably auggies size!!!