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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

lesson in knits: tried, true, sexy and timeless

 SO, i am in the process of designing my fall 2011 collection and decided to google knits, hollywood, film, etc. incredible to go thru decades of stylish women to see what is tried and true. the verdict? knits are sexy, cozy & timeless. oh, and side bar, hollywood test shot photographers & stylists love a fox in a sweater worn as a dress or a lil sweater shown with undies. 

here are some of my favorite found searches. what do you think? which are your favorites? others, that i missed? 

stunning!! truly, this knit cap with the awesome roll collar, fantastic glasses & don't even get me started on sophia's face: perfection!

short sleeve cashmere crew.....check.
side tie silk scarf....check.  
flawless brows, lips & hair....check.
weapon? not necessary with the above but she is putting it away.

navajo inspired wool tie cardi with pockets
and a bleached marilyn on the beach. 
my favorite series of shots of marilyn monroe. so pretty.

fitted high crew neck accessorized with perky brows, breasts and a smirk. forever cool.

an oversized mens sweater to lounge or dance around in. comfy, playful.

irish cable sweater with a huge roll neck and narrow sleeves. my idea of timeless.

fairisle cardi, jeans tucked into 70's style boots and great hair. tried & true.

all you need with a perfect high turtleneck is lip balm, mascara and a messy pony tail. effortless!

super size it! ribbed cashmere enormous pullover and boyfriend jeans. lounge.

chunky ivory sweater coat with hood accessorized with toned body, tan and laughter. luxurious.

 skinny narrow rolled edge neck and sleeve. modern gamine.

waffle weave cashmere cardi, mens shirt & a gorgeous baby. love.

off shoulder long sleeve cotton sweater worn with bikini bottom, great shoulders and lip balm. sexy.

tights, fishnet sweater & great hair. america's version of parisian chic. yes.

the male version of the 50's sweater girl meets cheerleader! unforgettable.

i love all things knit. so many styles. so many textures. so many reasons.
they NEVER go out of style!


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