the souchi story

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


we have all seen the images so there is no need to add any here. i've just heard on the news that possibly 100,000+ people may have died in the earthquake yesterday. 800 doctors are missing from doctors beyond borders. a 13 yr old girl, after 18 hours trapped was pulled out alive and put on a cart, to find she is sitting next to the body of her aunt who died. devastating.

in honor of those who have died, are lost or wounded souchi will be donating 20% of it's sales from january 13-31 to aid the relief efforts.

i welcome any suggestions to you from your favorite organization.

please send good thoughts for haiti.



Anne Zimmerman said...

you have such a kind heart suz!!!

suzi said...

thank you but truly whoever shops will be helping. this is just to sad and money is needed asap