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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


yes, this is one of our favorites..... for many many reasons. mostly, it's because this photo was taken this past sunday...yes that would mean JUNE 2!! now, maybe you don't notice the reason this is in bold and with 2 exclamations? nor why i'm typing in charcoal? was a very grey, rainy, wet, cold day in JUNE and tara is wearing a 10 ply cashmere cardi w/ hood, christina lehr scarf (we love clehr!), genetics AND she has a huge smile on our face despite NEEDING to wear chunky cashmere in june because it is 50 degrees and rainy! many people (including a few souchi girls) are NOT happy with this weather so to see a smile is lovely.

what is also great about this photo is that earlier that day, i had stopped by the store, wearing the same julia hooded cardi, wool leggings, souchi mens sweater, wellies and a smile.

yes, kids a typical portland day.

the moral of today's blog is a 10 ply cashmere hoodie will always make you smile.

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