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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

inspiration from my weekend in and around portland.............

as many of you know, this past weekend my mom and danny were in town.
so finally, after 6 years of living in portland, i had a reason to be a tourist.
so, tillamook cheese factory, pittock mansion, rockaway beach, domaine drouhin, farm to fork, powells, skin by marywynn, souchi (duh!!), japanese gardens, rose garden..........

i've always been inspired by the colors and shapes in nature as many people are. i like the juxtaposition of crude and soft, dark & light, dead & alive that are all so much a part of nature.
this weekend i took pictures of things that i'll use in future collections.

this gorgeous flower was shot at the japanese gardens and it truly perfect. i love the mix of lavender and yellow w/ lilac pinstripes.

this tree with 'knobby knees' and moss was also shot at the japanese gardens. i love how uneven and rough it is. yet, it lives within the most pristine environment. plus i love how the lower left patch of moss looks like a hand :)

the grounds of the domaine drouhin winery are absolutely beautiful: rolling hills, tons of color & shadows and scents and sounds.

oregon coastline is so serene. i think that because growing up in southern california the beaches are always packed with people, music & cars. so to be at the coast in late june when the weather is 78 and only see 7 people and one dog is serene. i love it! you can really take in the natural sounds, smells and beauty. and if you're my mom you can take many, many, many rocks.

pittock mansion! we got here too late, but the view and this side door is worth the trip. i was in love with this oak door made in france in the 1800's. it was so solid and virtually seamless. then, the bronze metalwork covering the door & the handle with the beautiful patina. this kind of beauty, simplicity and perfection is always an inspiration to me. i believe in the luxury of simplicity whether clean or crude. fuss and clutter has never had a place in my life or souchi's.

where are your favorite portland sites?

happy almost july


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Anne said...

It all looks so pretty. I have never been to pittock mansion either, next time! We loved wandering the pearl and finishing with dinner at navarre. Rose outside on a hot sunday... le sigh.