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Friday, June 18, 2010

what questions do i get asked most often?

1. where would i wear that? usually in reference to our cashmere bikinis, briefs, bandeaus & lil booty shorts.

2. i can't wear that, can i? usually referring to bamboo pants, cashmere leggings or fitted dresses.

my responses are both honest & humorous.  i don't think fashion should have rules that dictate what you should or shouldn't wear, when you should wear it, when you should 'give away' or 'put away'.  i believe if you like it & want it then it you should have it. that being said, it is also up to you to know your body and how to best wear the items you love. example: i love the cashmere them! however, you will not see me sporting it with an open cardi as i don't have the abs to rock that look except in my dreams. instead, i designed the monica slvless wrap cardi so i can wear the bandeau and look cute.

so where does one wear a cashmere bikini? cashmere briefs? i love love love them for beach and pool parties with a lil sweater or christina lehr tank. i think, beyonce on a yacht would rock a cashmere bikini.
when i'm not channeling beyonce on a yacht i am usually running around the house in the summer w/ a christina tank reading a book. in the winter, briefs with a great sweater, socks and a good book.

bamboo leggings, cashmere pants or crop bamboo pants? well truly the most comfortable lounge pant. dinner party, vacation (no wrinkles!!), the most luxurious pj's, and out shopping w/ a tank and rondini's.
again, if your butt isn't hard as a rock or pretty close to perfect then wear a lean tank to cover the bum or a tunic.

the moral: buy what you love. wear what makes you happy. make it work for you. xo

here are some of my favorites:

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