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Monday, February 28, 2011

ok.............halle berry..............just a few thoughts.............

ok, so i posted on facebook that i was bored by her look at the oscars and WOW the comments are still pouring in. so let me start by saying:

halle berry has beautiful skin, an incredible body & access to amazing fashion. so the thing i'm most envious about is the access to fashion on hollywoods biggest night! yes, her dress was pretty, yes she looked nice....BUT......she always looks nice and her dresses are always (well mostly) pretty. BUT, enough already....with your skin & that body & poise....LIVE! give me something that makes me say wow. i keep hearing, she looked stunning and i just don't get it. yeah, i said it! stunning, is jaw dropping. stunning, is surprise. stunning, is incredible. stunning is NOT expected.

so, i say....mix it up halle. you are happy, healthy and entering a new phase in your life so try something different. experiment. play.'s fashion! and you are somewhere, many people would have enjoyed getting dressed up for and have their choice of dresses. here are a few things i saw that i thought would be amazing on her and unexpectedly STUNNING.

what do you think? am i right or wrong? thoughts?

ok, if you need to start about this? different color, a bit more edgy with hair and makeup

and with this i picture all her hair slicked back with a deep side part a la josephine baker. LOVE

 ok, yes, the length is short for the oscars but with all the incredible crystal shoes (did you see anne hathaways with the lanvin tux....this couture chanel would be awesome for the oscars with her flawless skin.....but i'm feeling big hair for her...big big hair

 ok, this alexander mcqueen dress is flawless, angelic with a hint of devil! this would be beautiful on her. simple clean hair with a cool hair accessory...maybe black diamonds and silk???

this bottega veneta would satisfy her need for strapless and pouf but an incredible splash of color, modern and oscars!

 ok, and since she was doing a lena horne memorial, how incredible would this jean paul gaultier couture piece have been? so 1940's joan crawford!! ok, i'd lose the head piece for something smaller so it's not as costumey and just go severe side part & go with that natural beauty, fierce body and oooze confidence....and bronze/copper on her skin!!

see why i want more from halle? i saw live, indulge, entice & have fun!!


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